Ah the new (temporary?) normal. For me it hasn’t been too bad, but the cancellation of all hashes until at least April 26 is a bit jarring. I’m returning to the life that I had prior to meeting Bonnie and returning to a life of hashing.

Speaking of Bonnie, we did a little walkabout on Saturday, and yesterday ate some to-go veggie corn dogs and beer in my newly-leafblown carport.

I didn’t accomplish much else this weekend because I was a very sleepy lad for some reason; could be the pollen (or as I’ve started calling it “POLLONA-20”), or it could be that sitting on your ass watching tv isn’t conducive to being active.

Supposedly at 10am I will have someone come out to look at my roofing/fascia problem with the intent on providing me with an estimate to fix it. I hope that it’s not too expensive, given the financial outlook of the world and all, but know that I have to get this done regardless.

With no hash tonight I think that I will try to reverse my lazy trend by getting on my trainer.

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  1. Steve says:

    I was somewhat productive this weekend. Finished off clearing where the tree had laid in the pasture. Connected the bush hog to the tractor and attached the drag to that so I could at least break up the old roots a bit.

    Finally got moving Sunday with a little rode on the MTB. After my ride on the CX bike last week, noticed the next day the front tire was flat. WTF, O? Maybe I can get that repaired and ride it this week.

    Debbie got the bad news Friday. No new job for her. We knew it was always a possibility, but it was also such a good fit, we had more than just our fingers crossed.

    While it sucks, the hash is being strangely responsible by cancelling events. This discussion by the IOC about Tokyo just goes to prove how much money is at stake. Never mind the athletes… what with travel restrictions and whole teams deciding not to participate (thank you, Canada) it’s only a matter of time before they see the light.


    • It’s strange to have the hash be responsible about this, I am assuming Sani has a lot to do with this.

      Sorry to hear about Debbie’s job hope. (I may have been ghosted by a company recently, not that I’m admitting this in public in these days when keeping a job is paramount.)

      Good on you for getting shit done. Today I *hope* to clear out my office, ridding myself of things that have not been used in ages. Some day soon I want to figure out where I can donate the things I am culling…

    • Bonnie says:

      Sorry Steve and Debbie. Hmph. 😕

      I joined a women’s gravel riding group on Facebook and have had fun stalking them and thinking more about gravel riding 😁. Perhaps when the weather clears up my allergies/sinuses will be better enough so I can get out and ride.

      • Steve Brady says:

        The county regraded our road Friday, making it fairly useless for a road bike. And I guess it was a bit much for the CX bike, too as is evidenced by the flat. Sal rode Dirty Sheets last week and that sounded like fun. I abused her and said if she had waited a day, I could have joined her on Friday.

        • Bonnie says:

          I will ride using my mountain bike. I am interested in learning more about Dirty Sheets, mainly how hard and long it is. I’ll put research on my to-do list for later this week.

    • barb says:

      well Bummer for Debbie…….. that does suck after the long drawn out hiring process they had.
      Allan put a new chain I think on my mountain bike – not sure why – but he did. We had to go to Atlanta Cycling Saturday before the hash – they were BUSY. I guess everyone is trying to ride bikes again.

  2. Also, I failed to mention that the corn dogs and beer where bought at Midway Pub. Kudos to them for being open, and the prices of the to-g0 beer were rather reasonable.

    • Steve says:

      While we haven’t yet used the takeout option for some of our regular restaurants, we have discussed it, or at least thought about it. Debbie went grocery shopping Friday, so we are working our way through those. I ruined a perfectly good pizza by putting too much cheese on (wrong kind) and not enough pepperoni. FAIL!

      And we may have just made a slight schedule change and I’ll be back in the orifice this Friday as well as today.

    • The village has many takeout options now — Grant Central East pizza, Midway Pub, Flat Iron, Elder Tree Public House, Gaga, and Thai & Sushi that I know of. I believe Cantina Blu, Glenwood, and Holy Taco are or will be offering something also. And, I know Joe’s Coffee Shop and Emerald City bagels have ways to but their products too. Of course the fast food options on Moreland are there too, not that I enjoyed eating their food in better days… 🙂

      I’m still eating home-cooked leftovers today. Later this afternoon I intend to make a meal plan for the week.

    • Bonnie says:

      You know what a great diet is? Stuffing your face with fried foods and drinking beer starting at 10am! I lost a pound yesterday. 🤣

  3. Rain is imminent, at least if the roof guy shows up as scheduled I can show him where it’s leaking.

  4. barb says:

    We did go to the “last hash” as Banana named it on Saturday.
    we had I’d guess 15 people?
    Shiggy & I definitely were social distanced – we got a little behind – and then the people behind us disappeared. When we got back to Moreland – we saw hashers across the road going up a power line cut – we decided we’d hashed enough & would go back to the start. There was a turkey/eagle split right there that we didn’t see – so we were FRBs on Turkey without even trying.
    Everyone was really good about not getting to close to each other – and that Constitution Lakes park was packed with people. Cockpit brought a big bag of individual sized snacks – that was a great idea. Only Tripod & Ouch (who shouldn’t be out in public anyway) didn’t read it was a BYOE hash – they brought no beer.

  5. barb says:

    Bonnie – what is the husband’s work schedule like now that Delta has grounded so many planes?

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Thanks, Barb, this explains so much! 🙂

    • Bonnie says:

      Barb—It’s a hot mess… he was supposed to have a 4-day trip Sat.-Tues. and before it’s done he will have walked in and out of the door 3 of the 4 days, some days more than once! Good thing we live close-ish to the airport. They constantly have to keep changing schedules and crew. I had to scramble this morning to clean up the house before he got home 🤣. While it’s stressful on him for sure, all we really care about is keeping a paycheck coming in and of course doing our best not to catch COVID. I’m not thrilled about his choice of profession right about now, and I’m trying not to drive him *too* crazy with my OCD tendencies. He just walked in the door and I’ve already irritated him… 🙄

      • barb says:

        I can imagine how crazy it is for him. I hope Delta keeps paying everyone –
        Good luck!
        Allan said they had another meeting about patient care – basically, unless someone is critical, they don’t have to get too close. Grady will do all the patient care.

  6. Speaking of bikes, I keep fighting the urge to buy a cheap <$250 city bike for commuting, running short errands, etc. Something so ugly that no *sshole would steal it.

  7. Ham, if you read this do you know if the tree service you recommended (and I used once) is still in business? I may be contacting them this week if they are. Thanks.

  8. Not boding well for roofing repair company. They are 15 minutes late for our appointment and have not heard a peep out of them. 😐

  9. Dough for next loaf of bread, a beer bread, is now proofing. It will be baked tomorrow. 😋😁

  10. Bonnie says:

    Great, besides taking my temperature daily, I can now add making sure I can still smell and taste to the list. I just licked salt. Next I guess I’ll go stick my head in the litter box.

  11. Roofing guy has come and gone. He’ll send in the photos he took, and they will send me an estimate. I imagine this will cost me twice as much as I with that it would. Oh, home ownership…

    Also, it’s very hard to maintain “safe distances” when you need to have a conversation with people.

  12. ITP Lurker says:

    Bell Street Burritos is doing something brilliant, they’ve set up a Market section for their online ordering and have an array of fresh groceries available. Available for delivery or curbside pick-up.


    • Oh I remember how happy I was when I thought Bell Street was opening where the bank was. That fell through, it was Tomatillos (which I liked), and now it’s Cantina Blu, which did not impress me.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I agree, I tried Cantina Blu once, won’t ever go back. I’m blanking on the name, but I miss the burrito place that was in EAV way back in the day. They had a location in Buckhead too. They had a meatloaf burrito that I was absolutely addicted to.

      • The one next to Gravity Pub? If so, Burrito Art.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Yep, that’s it. Thank you, I couldn’t dredge the name up. No other burrito place has come close to their offerings, at least for me.

  13. I just realized with the cancelation of Black Sheep’s Table Rock campout I am due to get $65 refunded. That should cover a little more than half of the money I’ve donated to local bars/restaurants so far.

  14. Steve says:

    Did the roofer climb up or use a drone?

    • Climbed up. In fact, he did something I’ve never seen before — he climbed up the front of his van, onto the ladder which was strapped horizontally to his truck’s roof rack, and then stepped onto my roof. This man had cajones, a word I picked specifically for him. 😉 Kids, don’t try this at home.

      Tomorrow I need to arrange an appointment with an HVAC person to come out and check out my floundering A/C. I’m assuming I’ll need more “freon”, but I also need for this person to understand why my new(ish) A/C is not acting like the closed system it should be.

      Mo Money. Mo Money.

      I have a feeling this visit will also cause me to have other work done.

      Mo Money. Mo Money.

      then there’s the yard/jungle.

      Mo Money. Mo Money.

      and perhaps some day the plumbing, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

      Mo Money. Mo Money.

      Wait, how much “value” has my house lost in the last three weeks?

      • barb says:

        I bet your house hasn’t lost all that much value – unless your roof leak is really bad.
        there still isn’t that much inventory on the market.

      • I’m going to assume demand is going to plummet over the next year and we will experience another “2007-2008 correction”.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          House prices and stock market values are always completely hypothetical until you exit the market by selling. Regardless, what goes down also goes back up. We will get on the other side of this thing, and even more people will have an appreciation for wanting to live close to their work and other amenities. They’re not making any more land ITP.

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