Well, that was literally a rude awakening. I am writing this paragraph at 3:20am, 25 minutes after being awoken by the tornado warning weather alert on my phone. This came hours after I assured Bonnie via text that the National Weather Service had no mention of tornadic activity predicted overnight for the metro Atlanta area. NONE! Note to self: never go head-to-head about tornadoes with a person who grew up in Oklahoma. 🙄 Now to try to go back to sleep…

Much like the food in all of a Justin Wilson’s latter episodes here is something that I prepared for you earlier.

I had a decent weekend.

On Saturday I walked with Betsy and her dog Bella, at a safe distance, each of us wearing bandanas to cover our faces. After I walked home I forced myself to do some yard work; I mowed and edged the front yard. Later I jumped on a hasher Zoom call before making dinner and crashing early.

Sunday, Easter Sunday, would normally find me riding Silver Comet or hashing Black Sheep. Nope, not this year. Instead I did a smidgeon of cleaning, 45 minutes on the trainer, and cooked a butternut squash and sweet potato soup for dinner. I am finding that during this quarantine that I am making, and having to clean, a lot of kitchenware. 🤨 I was hoping to “Marie Kondo the fuck out of my bedroom”, but alas that never happened.

As I enter my fourth year as an employee of “XYZ Corp” I need to become a better employee this week. Wish me well!

Tonight was supposed to be the third annual Moonlite trail for “Wee Is Risen”. Needless to say, it has been canceled because of Covid-19. Dangen!

Cheers all.

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  1. Managed to go back to sleep and get about two hours before my alarm went off at 6:30am reminding me that I had to take out the trash and recycling this morning.

    Oh yeah, in the bizarre world of technology the HDMI port to which my AppleTV is connected stopped working yesterday — the entire screen was pink and no number of different reboots would fix the issue. Luckily there are multiple HDMI ports on my TV, so a switch to another fixed the issue. 😅

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hehe 😁. I was fully prepared for “tornado night.” I’m glad I didn’t have to take shelter in my (tiny) coat closet after all. I am currently functioning on very little sleep and my coffee syrup-less coffee isn’t helping. I know, first world problems… I need to figure out my coffee syrup situation since Ross is closed and my stash ran out. It’s too expensive to buy at Kroger (though I’ve caved a couple times). I saw some on Amazon but I need to do some math.

    Yeah, yet another weekend of looking longingly at canceled events on my calendar that should have made for a fun weekend. And then I peeked at next weekend—#%@$!!! 😢😢😢

    • Sorry you are out of coffee syrup. I was going to walk up Joe’s this morning but that’ll have to wait.

      Yeah, that sucks! I might even been “prepared” to ride this year, not “in shape” mind you because I’d have to lose at least 25 pounds to be in decent riding shape.

  3. I see that I am supposed to get an Easter card from my mother delivered today, way early for 2021, no?

    Also due to to arrive is something from the “National Response Center” which sounds about as made up as an agency name can be, I hope that I am right.

  4. I may have to lay an invisible trail today, not that I have one reccy’d and ready to be laid.

  5. Steve Brady says:

    All quiet on the southern front this morning. I’m not sure why the NWS didn’t say anything about storms last night, but we knew they were coming and went to bed prepared. It hit about 1:30 and lasted until 3. Never heard any wind and there isn’t much debris this morning. Never lost power. The county called about 1 with a severe thunderstorm warning (duh).

    A pretty good weekend. 125 miles Saturday on the scooter. Met up with Debbie’s riding buds after they rode and inspected the friends newly fenced property. No buildings yet, but power is run and the barn footprint is graded.

    Sunday was a lazy day, but I did watch Paris-Roubaix (1990) for an hour + on the trainer. Nice LSD ride. HR in the 130’s. Apparently, all the cool kids on Zwift rode yesterday with Team Ineos- 15,000 of them. I’m missing something about that…


    • Yep, nary a word about twisters, only wind gusts up to 35mph. Nothing but leaves and sticks in the front yard. I’d never know if anything fell in the back yard since it’s such an overgrown mess. 😮🤣 I do need to either get on my roof to clean the gutters or have it done professionally soon. The task has been made harder since I had leave screens installed permanently in order to keep the critters out of the attic.

      I’ve known about Zwift for some time, but have never had the equipment — power meter, cadence monitor, etc — to make it worth my while to join.

  6. I get frustrated with everyone who says “Now that you have all this extra free time…” I don’t, I am just as busy, if not busier, than I was before!

    As if I needed more things on my plate, at least this is constructive, today I am starting the tutorial programs “100 Days of Swift” and “100 Days of SwiftUI”. Oh nice, one hundred days from today is July 22nd, hmmm that day rings a bell…

  7. Finding it’s easy to be vegetarian when you don’t have meat in the house. Sure, I still have some andouille sausage stew in the freezer but other than that the house is currently meat free.

  8. Whew, just had a “1 on 1” and thought it was going to be video. Thankfully it wasn’t as I yet to shower or shave this morning!

  9. barb says:

    Allan told me to grab the flashlight before I went to bed (he was at the firehouse).
    I slept thru whatever storm happened. I managed to shut off the phone alerts somehow – no idea how I did that, but I’m happy I did.

    Nothing too exciting all weekend – long walk Saturday morning – my knee hurts – no idea why- we walked on pavement.

    finally got some yeast – we will see tonight if the bread is any good – it was a no knead recipe…….. it is sitting on the counter rising, waiting for me to come home & bake it.

  10. Just looked into my refrigerator for lunch. After cooking tonight I am going to have to eat leftovers for the remainder of this week. If I don’t I will continue eating too much at one sitting because my recipes generate so much food and aren’t very conducive to cutting in half. I probably won’t go grocery shopping until next week!

  11. Just went outside to fetch my trashcan and recycling bin, and while it may be too breezy for great cycling, the weather outside right now is incredible!

    • Bonnie says:

      I wanted to cycle today as well, but opted to wait until perhaps tomorrow due to the wind. I just had a pretty lame jog instead. I ran 5K and when I used to walk 5Ks it took about the same time! The sad thing is, my average heart rate was 85% and I couldn’t have run any slower!

    • Poop!

      I just got back from a 4.28 mile (AppleWatch) walk, probably should have gone to the end of the block and back to make it 4.3 mile. 😂 I wasn’t being productive and tried to clear my head of some problems, but unfortunately failed. Now all I want to do is drink beer and/or eat fudge brownies that I made on Friday; I will do neither for now.

      • barb says:

        my apple health was 3000-4000 more steps than my suunto watch – on Saturday morning- I think my watch was ripping me off steps wise.

      • As Bonnie can attest, my AppleWatch rarely agrees with my iPhone, and neither of those are usually close to what Bonnie’s device captures. Ah, technology!

  12. Steve Brady says:

    Scrounging around for lunch, found some pasta and sauce, but Debbie pointed out she had made it when her mom was still with us- 4 weeks ago? I found something else that didn’t look suspect and had that for lunch. She said that it was only slightly newer than what I had thrown out. If I don’t make it through the night, you’ll know why!!

    • barb says:

      btw Steve – we bought the store version of frozen Skyline (just for a taste test) – Allan said the cans are better of the 2. In case you were ever wondering.
      Of course the TJ Grove version straight from Cincy is the best.

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