Geez, the weekend is gone already? Thankfully for me today is a paid holiday, though there is no rest for the weary. Already this morning I have washed and hung a load of laundry, washed all of my dirty dishes, reorganized much of my hashing gear, and have eaten breakfast. Before I can have any fun today I need to bang out my daily Swift learning, for which I am a day behind, and do some German homework.

Though the weekend whizzed by it was incredibly fun.

Friday? I have no recollection of what I did on Friday. Oh, I attempted to make seitan, with moderate success.

On Saturday I did a long morning walk with Betsy. Along the way I bought a pound of coffee at Joe’s Coffee Shop, and a five-pound bag of peaches from a popup farm stand that was in the neighborhood. In the afternoon I met up with Bonnie and we did a bike ride out to Avondale Estates and back, stopping for our first visit to Sceptre Brewing Arts where we picked up some beer that we consumed in a nearby park.

Yesterday I returned to hashing. It was Bonnie’s (aka “Glory Mole”) 50th Black Sheep! It was a good trail, even if I did get a little testy toward the end and boxed to the end. In my defense I was on trail for over six miles and two hours, so I was ready to be done. It was good to see my knucklehead friends again, even if it was when masked. 🙂 The normal weekend ended in my carport drinking a beer and sharing an Impossible burger and fried cauliflower from Flat Iron with Bonnie.

Hope your weekend was fun and that your Memorial Day is enjoyable.

Keep staying healthy friends.

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4 Responses to 2020-05-25

  1. Steve says:

    Friday was a little ride out towards Alvaton where I managed to get pretty well drenched on the ride home. It’s not like I wasn’t prepared but I’ve looked at the gap in the radar and thought I could get my ride in. The storm had a completely different idea but it wasn’t too bad.

    Saturday we had a graduation party for one of Debbie’s former coworkers sons who is Who is Who is lucky to have gotten out of high school in one piece. It was touching go there for several years and his future plans involve dealing d out of high school in one piece. It was touching go there for several years and his future plans involve dealing drugs, so it should be interesting. Saturday evening had us gathering with the fox hunt crowd at our spot in the woods basically. They built a party house essentially in the woods with the kitchen and the TV and music and everything so. We were appropriately masked or socially distance as was necessary and as was requested.

    Sunday I got out on my scooter and ran a few errands. I attempted to go shopping at Best Buy however they do not permit people in the store. I think they’ve lost my business for the moment. My afternoon plan for a bicycle ride turned in to 40 minutes of trainer time as the skies opened up about the time I was ready to leave. While I may be prepared to get caught in the rain the days of me starting in the rain are long past.

    Today has some bicycle time, pool time, house cleaning time and packing time budgeted as we leave for Florida in the morning.


  2. Steve says:

    And Bonnie- get a life, life, life!

    • Bonnie says:

      🙂. I still would have preferred it happened at the Table Rock campout in March as planned, but hey, I’ll take it!

    • You know, every girl dreams of her Black Sheep mugging day, and while this wasn’t how Bonnie planned hers, it did bring tears to one’s eyes. 😀

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