Well, that was a heck of a weekend.

On Friday I picked up Bonnie and we went to Painful Member. A small group of us assembled and ran a three-mile, mostly road trail, before gathering for circle outside Colony Square. There was a little too much non-COVID-times behavior, and we around too many muggles for my liking, so we bolted after circle ended.

Saturday morning was an early gathering for the Peachtree Rogue Race. We departed Phipps Plaza around 8:30am running (!), or at least my best approximation of that activity. There was a beer stop at mile one, and then off again running (!). The next beer stop was at mile three, and that was the last time my feet moved faster than an amble. Another beer stop occurred between miles five and six (right next to “XYZ Corp’s” office building), and Bonnie and I nearly brought up the rear. I was told the intent was to keep a sub-eleven-minute-mile pace; news flash: I am no longer a runner. Bonnie and I walked from Piedmont Park back to her car at the Inman Park Marta station.

Her car?

Yep, apparently on Friday or Saturday the M6 picked up a sheet metal screw that was (one of four it turns out) kindly left behind by the HVAC crew on Monday. Why I didn’t think to scan the driveway after their departure still confounds me.

Yesterday Bonnie drove us out to Black Sheep on Thornton Road. It was a decent, six-mile trail, with only one spot that concerned me when I swore I heard someone shoot a shotgun. Everyone told me that I was wrong, it was a firework, I still have my doubts about that.

This morning I have an 8:00am cardiologist appointment, followed by a stop into a tire show near Piedmont Hospital to see about getting the screw extracted from the tire and having it patched.

Hope your weekend was fun, and of course safe.

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  1. Steve Brady says:

    The pics from the PRR looked like fun. Little Willie’s sign of “Stay back I only have 8 lives left” cracked us both up.

    Friday night we supported our favorite sushi bar with take out. Saturday morning, I got up early and rode over to Bear Creek, thinking the hound walk would start at 8. I later found out they typically start at 7 (!!). I went on to ride 33 on the CX. The rest of the day was pretty well lost.

    Sunday, I dusted off the scooter and visited a cemetery I had never noticed before on Saturday (a road I rarely ride), then one I pass on most of my rides- the Strickland Cemetery on Stricklandtown Road. Imagine, there were lots of Stricklands buried at that location. Oldest grave marker I found was a “Born 1774”. Wow, I had no idea the white folks have been in the neighborhood that long. Maybe this person “bought” from the Indians?

    Hopefully a quiet week… hope the cardiologist doesn’t find any trouble.


    • Bonnie says:

      Steve, you probably saw this on AH4’s Facebook page or elsewhere, but I also liked Shiggy Pitts’ sign that read something like “Don’t breathe on Shiggy Pitts so he can hare a trail in September.”

      Good CX ride, *fist hump*. I love cemeteries. I hope to ride some this week if the weather cooperates when I need it to.

      • Steve Brady says:

        Friday is my off day and currently, my calendar is open.

      • Steve, I meant to put this into the blog post… Would you (and any other ITP readers) want to get together for a ride this weekend? Silk Sheets? Dirty Sheets? Silver Comet?

        • Steve Brady says:

          I would be interested. My evening project from last week is also both days this coming weekend, but I can throw my partner Sam under the bus for one of those- or if you are not going at the crack of dawn, I may be able to do both.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Lurker, did you go to Red’s Saturday? Paulie and I both had every intention to, but we were both tired from running/walking nearly 10 miles in the heat and had already consumed a decent amount of beer, and the thought of fetching our bikes and biking over there (and back) was a bit too much to ask. Heh.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Bonnie, I didn’t make it either although I thought about it. We’ve been in quarantine through tomorrow due to a co-worker of my wife’s coming down with COVID, so I couldn’t really justify Red’s. Fortunately my wife had a negative test so we seem to have dodged a bullet.

      I did ride 25 miles Saturday that included Eastside and Westside Beltlines and the Proctor Creek Trail. Had I not taken a somewhat circuitous trail I would have struck out for the Silver Comet Trail from Proctor Creek. I did find an easy route to Proctor Creek from the Westside Beltline. I’ll ride to SCT soon on a Sunday morning.

      I rode to Stone Mountain yesterday. 34 miles in one sitting seems to be my current outside limit.

      • Good on ya!

        Bonnie and I found “a” route from Westside Beltline to Proctor Creek a few weeks ago, but it may not be optimal as it went through a couple of neighborhoods that have seen better days.

  3. Back from my morning journey with two bits of good news:
    – no bad news from the cardiologist, though I’ll get blood test results soon
    – because I fasted I was hungry post doctor so I did a Dunkin Donuts drive thru and got coffee and a Beyond sausage muffin. 😋 My intent was to go to Goodyear on Howell Mill but there was not a parking space to be had, so I retreated and went to the Firestone (next to DD) on Howell Mill where, the guy yanked the sheet metal screw out and determined that it had not actually punctured the tire! 😮😁 No charge for service!

    I popped into Kroger and somehow found more food I wanted. Note to self: How’s about cooking meals again…

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