Man, what I’d do for a month, or even a full week, without suffering a new media all anomaly. This week’s suffering comes from an infected and swollen eyelid. I am hoping that I can nurse it back to health without seeking professional medical attention.

Other than that…

This weekend was really fun. I spent the weekend camping down at FD Roosevelt State Park in Powder Springs Pine Mountain. To my surprise I didn’t reserve the same pioneer campsite in which I have stayed in previous years, which made me scrap all of my tent location plans I had. On Saturday the group did a nice, 7.5 mile hike through the park, earning me some beers while sitting around the campfire.

Yesterday I packed up tent, finding three scorpions lurking beneath my tent’s footprint. Fortunately I had been alerted to their existence, so I kept an eye out for them while breaking down camp.

Rather than race out of Pine Mountain to drive up to Loganville for Black Sheep, a small group of us stopped at Wild Leap Brewing in La Grange. Unlike every other brewery, Wild Leap doesn’t currently allow patrons inside their (architecturally cool) building. Fortunately there is a huge brick patio, including a covered stage (foreshadowing) where we could consume some beer while eating some snacks. Once we popped a beer I checked the weather because of the gray skies I saw in the near distance. The covered stage proved to be a savior when the skies opened and dumped buckets of rain for a good fifteen minutes or so.

Today starts a busy week of adulting, including caring for the aforementioned eyelid problem. Tonight’s Moonlite Hash which starts in Brownwood Park in East Atlanta, so I will most likely be hashing tonight.

Hope you had a healthy and enjoyable weekend.

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  1. Oh yeah, the M6’s TPMS Alarm when off again while driving south on Friday. 😡

    • barb says:

      well – I got a oil light – stopped & added a quart – Allan took it to Subaru this morning. They looked it over, we need to go back in 2000 miles to look at it again. Last oil consumption test- they said it wasn’t missing any oil. this is perplexing – as I have no leaks.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    You confused me for a second placing FD Roosevelt State Park in Powder Springs, especially since I rode through Powder Springs on my bike just yesterday. 😉

    My summer of bicycle training culminated yesterday in my first century. A friend drove us to Rockmart, with the plan of riding from Rockmart to the state line, since we’ve ridden a little beyond Rockmart on Silver Comet Trail yet, but wanted to cover the final stretch. She was riding pretty slow, so by the time we covered the first 48 miles, I realized that a) I didn’t have a car to deal with and b) the distance from Rockmart to Grant Park is exactly what I needed to pull off a century. It was a very cool experience to ride the entire Silver Comet Trail in one sitting. We drove through rain getting to Rockmart, but then the skies cleared. Riding back I saw I had just missed a couple of rain storms based on the trail being soaked. My luck ran out 8 miles from home though, the absolute bottom dropped out. I kept going in the rain, which lasted about 5 miles and then stopped.

    I hadn’t planned to ride a century yesterday, but the plan was to ride one in October, so it was imminent anyway, and several things came together to make yesterday be the day. I’ll definitely ride a century again, but not for a while, since it does take up an entire day, especially if your riding companion on the first half is riding slow. But she also set me up for success, because 48 miles in I was still raring to go.

    As it would figure, I was at 97.4 miles when I got back to Grant Park, so I tacked on a ride up Georgia Avenue to Summerhill and back, and clocked in 100.34 miles for the day. Mission accomplished. I’m pleased that a number of actions I took over the summer collectively set me up to accomplish something that even back in June felt like a moon shot for me. Intention setting is a superpower in my book.

    The Chief Ladiga Trail from the Alabama state line to Anniston is on my radar next. I think it’s about 30 miles each way, so that’ll be an easy 60 miles to knock out at some point. I never dreamed I’d ride my bike from Alabama to Grant Park, but it’s pretty cool to have pulled it off.

    • Steve says:

      O U T S T A N D I N G!! Well done, Lurker.

      Saturday was blueberry pancakes for the birthday girl, a nice 25 on the road bike,
      and dinner with friends at Knife and Stone in Newnan.

      Sunday had me dust off the scooter. Sights included having to wait for a beaver to cross the road, a police escorted Harley ride of over 100 bikes, and being forced to stop and don rain gear to get home. That downpour in Lagrange made its way to Moreland and I knew I had no choice. I pulled over under the overpass at my exit and pulled out the never before used rain suit. Except for cooking in my own juices, I stayed pretty dry.

      I also got my 2nd shingles shot yesterday and I’m feeling a might puny today. Nothing unexpected…


      • ITP Lurker says:

        Thank you, Steve. I’m up to 1,500 bike miles since I started tracking on June 26. Previously it would have taken me some number of years to accumulate 1,500 miles.

    • Impressive!

      City fixed. I was thinking “Warm Springs” and then thought “No, that’s night right!” and typed “Powder Springs” for some reason. I blame my irritated eye…

    • Bob says:

      Much like Forest Gump, I have had rides like that where you just feel great and keep going. Great work on your century Lurker!

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Thanks, Bob! It’s been a great ride, so to speak, working up to this. The cooler weather definitely makes it much easier to ride forever. I wasn’t tapped out when I got home, and could have kept going, but you do have to call an end to the ride at some point. 🙁

    • Bonnie says:

      Fist bump! An accomplishment indeed!

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Thank you, Bonnie! I’ve been riding so much this summer that I’ve been wearing out parts on my bike. Now I see why it’s important to spend more on a bike rather than less, because you either spend up front, or you get a series of surprise repairs/replacements. But also the way I’m using my bike has changed radically since I first bought it.

  3. Today’s daily status email from USPS contains embedded advertising. Ugh.

    On a related note: I need to figure out what to eliminate receiving as much physical mail as possible.

  4. Bonnie says:

    It was a fun camping weekend indeed. 🙂

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