Oh, it’s Monday, isn’t it? Guess I should knock out a blog post then…

This weekend was a lot of fun, and a little painful; the former providing most of the latter.

On Saturday Bonnie and I drove up to a strange place called “Canton”. Don’t go there looking for fantastic Chinese food, because it seems to have no connection to that Canton. I’ll say that the primary purpose of this journey was to get in a day of hiking, but you all know me well enough to know that beer was involved. She and I did nearly eight miles of hiking around Boling Park, and then proceeded to use our Hop Passports at two Reformation Brewing locations — Canton, and Woodstock. The day was capped with my first (ever?) night of relaxation on my brick patio enjoying a fire. I will say that sitting around fire made the many hours of hard labor feel worth it, and oh, there was that whole beneficial weight loss as well.

Yesterday both Glory Mole (aka Bonnie) and Wee Little Bit (aka me) misread the hashing tea leaves. The hares for yesterday’s Hog Mountain hash were Double Suck and Knight Stalker, both of whom have a recent history of laying trails that could, and perhaps should, be cut in half. Perhaps I thought that two wrongs would make a right. The start was the old Sports Authority on Northlake Parkway. After two hours of rough terrain and somewhat confusing marks, by this time we’d covered nearly 5.5 miles, we pulled the plug on the rest of trail and walked roads back to the start/end. My watch recorded 8.5 miles of moving, taking a little over three hours. The only hound to successfully finish trail was Aw Burned Out, who did over nine miles, which included the swamp that exists behind the cineplex (old I-85 Drive In) just north of Shallowford Road.

Each of these outings tested and further hurt my ailing left knee, the one that popped while bending down in REI last Tuesday. In other health news, there is still a bit of swelling in my left eyelid; I wish it would return to normal on its own.

Today I need to work, duh, and am considering going to the Moonlite hash that will start and end at Pancho’s on Buford Highway. The hare tonight is Knight Stalker, so I will attempt to read the tea leaves again, and see how my knee progresses, before making my final decision later. If I am to be honest I am considering going more for the Mexican food than the trail. 😂

The world of Wee Little Farm is literally being uprooted by goddamn squirrels. I pulled the remaining tiny carrot plants because they stood little chance of making it to full-sized carrots, and I had to replant some of my tiny lettuces and one basil plant, but don’t know if they will survive.

Hope you had a fun and healthy weekend.

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  1. Steve says:

    A fairly quiet weekend, all in all. Friday’s big yellow equipment work left the horses paddock full of uprooted stumps. Saturday morning, since I wasn’t sure they would do any work Saturday, I decided to clear a decent path for the horses to get to the barn. That took about 3 hours. Later, the equipment operators took about 2 hours and removed all the stumps to the burn pile- the right tool for the job always helps. During their work, they woke up a huge yellow jacket nest under one of the removed stumps. I still had my motorcycle clothes on yesterday evening and also donned my helmet as I went to do chemical warfare with them. Sadly, the area has no obvious hole entrance, and this morning already, I have attempted to give them a wake up call, but still not sure I have the right spot. I will likely have to mark the hole while they are active, putting myself at risk! Ugh.

    I have subscribed to a VPN that allows me to access the internet from another country. I hope to be able to watch the Giro without paying Fubo for an overpriced subscription. I may have to brush up on my Italian…


    • Ugh, sorry about the yellow jackets.

      I have a VPN but have never successfully spoofed services to get around location lockdowns. I was hoping the Girl was on a service to which I already subscribe, but alas it is not.

  2. Steve says:

    My Italian is getting better as we type!! Gerrant Thomas (in pink) is going backwards with less than 15km to go. He’s over a minute down and looks like it might have been a crash.

    This VPN gives me options of “where I want to come up” and I picked Milan. RAI is loud and clear.

  3. Steve says:

    Thomas wasn’t in pink, he was expected to take it today. except he crashed in the neutral zone! Ugh.

  4. I’m really tired of finding my vegetables uprooted by the fucking squirrels. They are very fortunate that I am not contemplating their demise… yet.

    I do need to figure out how to put a cage over my small plants so that they cannot get to them.

  5. Man, I understand the plight of the garbage man is not fun, but when they drop trash I to the street they should pick it up! I went out to get my empty can, and found two 2” paint brushes lying in the middle of the street.

  6. barb says:

    crazy day at work as always.
    Weekend was awesome- I went with some friends up to the Lula Lake Land Trust for a hike Saturday, stayed at an expensive, but beautiful Airbnb Saturday night.
    Sunday they stopped at an Antique Market out on the middle of nowhere on the way home, not too far from Lafayette, GA – those markets are my idea of hell. I refuse to buy any of the crap they sell. (and – at least it was outside, as almost no one was wearing a mask)
    Got home – Allan was just waking up.
    Actually went for a little road ride since it was such a nice day. got some Tasty China on the way home from the ride.

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