Starting this Friday very slowly, not that my hurting knee allows me to do anything quickly these days. It’s nearly 8am and I have been awake and gone back to sleep at least three times this morning, with a break in that process to cook and eat some eggs (which have inexplicably given me a stomach ache), and could easily shut my eyes and return to slumber. What will get me out of bed in a few minutes however is the knowledge that I have registered to attend this morning’s Creative Mornings session that starts at 9am.

To break the monotony of yesterday I drove down to Aldi, completely forgetting that it is under renovation. Fortunately, the store reopened Wednesday and I must say that my little ghetto Aldi has been completely revamped and looks nice. Hopefully it will stay that way… On my way out of the store I saw Martha Screw It, which is always nice. After exchanging pleasantries we went our separate ways and I realized that we shall see each other again camping next weekend. Oh to have this weekend’s weather repeated next weekend… 🤞🏼

I’ll be hanging at the ITP Estate today after work, going out into the backyard to continue my cleanup and organizing. In addition to branch/tree work I may attempt to either rake/blow some leaves (seemingly pointless task this early in the Fall), or restart my efforts to rid more of the English ivy from the backyard. Until I get the trees in the backyard taken down I can’t set up my new garden beds because they are destined for the area into which the trees will be felled (someday).

This weekend will most likely involve no hashing for me, in part because of my knee, and in part because I want to take the opportunity to work outside during this beautiful weather. Oh yeah, don’t forget that we turn our clocks back an hour Sunday to enter Standard Time.

Well, it’s now past 8am EDT so I should attempt to get my day started. Hope all is going okay with you, and that you are remaining healthy.

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13 Responses to 2020-10-30

  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Day 2 of no power, Georgia Power says Sunday at 11:00 PM for restoration. 3 poles need to be replaced so I can see them picking low hanging fruit ahead of us.

  2. Steve says:

    Off to the cardiologist to make sure my heart is still beating. More later.

  3. Dropped off Creative Mornings because they want to do Zoom breakout rooms during it. This introvert has no time for such nonsense!

  4. barb says:

    last night was weird with no power – found a bunch of candles we hadn’t used in a while, didn’t feel like cooking by candlelight – so we went & picked up a pizza.

    Showering by flashlight candlelight was weird this morning, manually opening & closing the garage door was fun (its 9 ft – so a ladder is involved.)

    Rumor has it we got power back -but I’ll check at lunch time.
    then since Allan is at work, I get to figure out shutting off the generator & plugging everything back in.

  5. Steve says:

    Cardiologist says all good. Increasing cholesterol med- if you can tolerate the current dose, more is better, so have some more!. Changing the other med to avoid the shortness of breath. Come back in a year.

    Saw yesterday’s sprint relegation on the lead in to today’s Vuelta. Not one big shoulder check, but two! Yeah, you go to the back and pay a big fine.

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