Today is the day for which I have been waiting for four, miserable years. And yet, I will live this day in dread for fear that America’s disgraceful Groundhog Day will continue for four more years. To ease my angst I will completely ignore all political media today; I will not repeat my actions of four years ago.

Today is the day for which I have not been waiting for one, painful month. Today I will visit an orthopedic doctor to examine my left knee/MCL. My discomfort is too great, and my mobility too limited, so I need to take action.

Somehow forgetting that Election Day occurs on a Tuesday I screwed up and have already eaten breakfast before stepping onto the scale, so I will postpone my weekly weigh-in until tomorrow.

Miraculously “XYZ Corp” announced that its employees should have the day off to vote, and seeing that I have already accomplished this chore, I will spend my post-doctor-visit day attempting to put my world in order. Hopefully I can do a good bit of cleaning/organizing/minimizing, as well as learning some coding skills for my future. Yesterday I invested in myself by purchasing access to a video course to learn “Combine”, a coding paradigm that has gained popularity over the last handful of years. Work on my coding portfolio has begun, this skill can enhance that work.

Take care of yourself, be happy and healthy.

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7 Responses to 2020-11-03

  1. At the doctor’s office, awaiting my appointed time.

    I scheduled this prior to finding out that I would have the day off, but at least I am out of the house early so I can attempt to be productive afterward.

  2. Steve says:

    Hoping for good news on your knee.

    After running to Debbie’s office last night to mount some acoustic tiles around her “studio”, she went to move the truck to unload the feed she had picked up at lunch. The truck showed a code and wouldn’t start. I looked at the battery and it appeared to have seen better days, so I threw the charger on it and went to bed. Low and behold, the damn thing still won’t start this morning. It still may be the battery, but I called the sled to take him to the doctor.

    Go vote. Knowing this group as I do, doubtful anyone hasn’t already accomplished this task, but just the same…


  3. Well the news is not great. If my insurance company approves, I am scheduled for a MRI on Thursday morning.

  4. 28% humidity? In Atlanta? 🤯

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