Aw, back to work… 😢

It was a wonderful two weeks of vacation, even if it was filled with physical therapy sessions and chores.

Saturday I joined the “Overachievers” group for a trip down to Cochran Mill Park. Everyone except yours truly did the Dirty Sheets bile ride, while I did a 5+ mile hike through the woods. After our exercise most of us headed to Cochran Mill Brewing for a celebratory beer or two. As an added “bonus”, the brewery was also the On-After for Saturday’s hash which was laid in Fairburn.

On early Sunday morning I confirmed that one block is about as far as I want to drag a Christmas tree. Before sunrise a made three trips to drag four discarded Christmas trees back to the ITP Estate to become fuels for future fire pit fires, and perhaps organic material for the future garden. It was a vigorous fifteen minute of exercise before my day really started.

After lugging Christmas trees to the way back of the yard I once again took shovel in hand and put in a third day of mud shoveling and root pulling in an effort to clear the brick path. I am not sure Woodstock was as muddy as my backyard was yesterday. 😂 I have at least a few more hours of labor ahead of me to finish this task. And then, I need to level the ground next to it where I plan to put my raised garden beds; I’m sure I’ll hit a ton of roots in that ground as well. 🙁

Sunday afternoon’s fun was walking around taking photos of the old Presidential Hotel (at I-85/I-285 aka “Spaghetti Junction”) while the real hashers did trail. It was a chilly day.

My early rising combined with manual labor knocked me out very early last night.

Hope that your 2021 has gotten off to a happy and healthy start.

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14 Responses to 2021-01-04

  1. Sweet! In taking out my trash this morning I scored another Christmas tree for a few houses down the street!

  2. Huh, did I just “invent” “Casserole Cake”? I made a breakfast casserole this morning using a biscuit/pancake mix (like Bisquick) and the bread section is more like cake than biscuit. It’s not “bad” but it is a weird mouthful when your are expecting bread and get cake.

    Now that I have eaten a few more bites, the consistency is more like cornbread than cake.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Steve—I should’ve invited you on Saturday. I guess I wasn’t thinking. Sorry!!!

    • I figured you’d have pre-birthday festivities going on, so… And, it wasn’t my event so who was I to invite people? And, I wasn’t riding, so there’s that. And, I really have no other excuse.

  4. Steve says:

    Gladly, the rain NYE put a damper on those around us that shoot- fireworks and otherwise, in celebration. I prepared schnitzel and kept the theme going with red cabbage and German potato salad. I think we were in bed by 11.

    Friday had us emptying our Netflix queue.

    Saturday was a nice day to dust off the scooter and run some errands. Would have been a nice day to ride Dirty Sheets, but whatever!!

    Sunday, we visited Mickey at his training camp on the BF other side of Newnan. He’s a big boy (part Friesian) but has an incredibly steady gate. He still has trust issues (considering he was feral 2 months ago, to be expected) but is working through them. He will be home at the end of the month. Guess I better get the fence done!


  5. Oh yeah, I keep meaning to mention that now is a good time to back up all of your valuable data. Just in case 2021 is as bad as 2020 was. 😉

  6. Bob says:

    Happy New Year ITP peeps!

    Paulie for your yard project pick up a digging bar, it will make a world of difference going through the roots.

  7. Steve says:

    My new iPad is doing quite well, but as hard as I tried, the old iPad wouldn’t back up to the cloud. I will start keeping the new one up to date there.

    Mickey isn’t quite human. Part Friesian, part Connamara (Irish) and part Thoroughbred.

  8. barb says:

    hey everyone!

    good long weekend- got some walks in, a few ‘hooligans came over to help with our downed tree & fence repair Sunday, but it wasn’t all that huge of a deal, so it didn’t take long. that mean all afternoon was open for beer drinking…………

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