When one door closes, another one opens.
Sadly, that’s not always a good thing.

Yesterday I was pleased with myself for submitting all of my tax paperwork to my tax preparer. This task had been looming and nagging me since the beginning of February; door closed. And then late in the afternoon I received a phone call from the orthopedist office telling me that my insurance company has still not paid them even though weeks ago I had to spend time clarifying to the insurance company that my surgery was not related to an accident. And now the patient has to spend more time helping a doctor get paid by an insurance company; for fuck’s sake, door open.

While in the Greater Decatur area I popped into a couple of thrift stores, but came away with nothing. Surprisingly I was not the only one who made time on a Tuesday for thrift store shopping as both places were buzzing with activity.

The impending cold weather, as well as the showering pollen, has slowed my desire to do much with WLF. I did manage to spend a small amount of time planting some seeds which shouldn’t start germinating until after the frost pasts and checking on the current crops. I also added some twine to my pea poles in an effort to give them something up which they can climb.

To be honest I have no idea what I did last night, obviously it was nothing spectacular. I should have cleaned up and organized all of the gardening flotsam and jetsam that now inhabits the dining room and basement.

More of the same today, adding in a bit of cooking tonight and virtual Top Chef watching with Betsy.

Have a healthy and happy Hump Day.

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5 Responses to 2021-03-31

  1. More time spent trying to get insurance to pay doctor — perhaps this is the last time I have to do this regarding my last surgery? Now, if I could only get my knee to stop bothering me…

  2. Bonnie says:

    Took my turn with the tax man this morning. As expected, I owe the man quite a hefty sum… Oh, well. I usually have a celebratory lunch out afterward but on a rainy day in COVID times that doesn’t work out.

  3. This is the reason that I didn’t WLF yesterday, it’s pissing down rain at the moment.

    • My rain water collection, as well as rain water management, have been compromised by the frilly pollen-laden droppings which apparently are clogging the top of the leaf guards and allowing the water to drip out over the gutters’ edges.

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