Good Friday. No seriously, it’s Good Friday. For some reason that I shall never argue “XYZ Corp” observes Good Friday as a paid holiday, so I’m not working today! 🥳

I thought I’d be starting this Friday as I have many in the past twelve months by paying a visit to Lowe’s. However, the freezing temperatures and a demanding stomach convinced me to crank up the oven instead; I am currently baking a breakfast casserole while concurrently heating the house.

Later I will be going to Edgewood Retail District to pick up my new A/V receiver from Best Buy, so I always have the opportunity to visit Lowe’s then. While at ERD I will also be going inside Office Depot to use their FedEx service to send out a package, and I may also have to pop into Kroger and/or Target.

I was supposed to go to Kroger yesterday, but yesterday’s drivers drove me to cursing (twice), so I returned home instead of stopping at Kroger in order to avoid actual verbal combat. Much of this conflict probably would have been avoided had I not have to turn around and return home to pick up a mask. For some reason (vaccine? hope?) I left the house without bringing a mask. The conflict would have certainly been avoided if the other drivers had a sliver of courtesy and adherence to the law.

Yesterday I dismantled my broken television. Initially I was going to open it up to look at the area most people claim causes my issue to see if I would have the skill to attempt to fix it, but then one thing led to another, and it’s now completely in pieces. I should say that it’s completely in piles, some of which will be headed to CHaRM, some of which will be repurposed, and some of which will head to the landfill.

I made the decision of dismantling the broken television when I bought a new television to be delivered by Best Buy and they wanted $30 to take away the broken one. Best Buy has won the Paulie electronics lottery! Why? Because they had the same products and prices as Amazon, and I could schedule delivery of the television. I chose the free delivery option when I started to doubt whether or not I could fit a boxed 55″ television into the M6. I probably could, but I would hate to find out otherwise when I went to pick it up.

This weekend? I will be walking with Betsy and Bella tomorrow. I have to do a lot of chores, some for WLF, some for the rest of the ITP Estate. And, though it will be cold, I am planning to do a Silver Comet Easter Ride. *Somebody* needs to get his but in the saddle a few times before Spring Tune Up…

Have a wonderful and healthy Easter weekend, even if the holiday means nothing to you other than gorging on Cadbury Cream Eggs.

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7 Responses to 2021-04-02

  1. Steve says:

    It’s a very sad day here. Brown had a tough day yesterday and is not showing signs of improvement this morning. We will take him for his last vet visit this afternoon and I am crushed.

    If there are no dogs in heaven then I don’t want to go.


  2. Many hours in the backyard, minor progress made. More progress will be made tomorrow.

    Still waiting for Best Buy to tell me that I can pick up my receiver.

  3. Gambled that my Best Buy pickup would be ready by 3pm. I’ve lost this bet. Poop! I’ve already completed all other tasks I have in ERD and want to go home.

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