Is there such a thing as Good Wednesday? Nope! I’m back at work today and thankfully my two extra days off wasn’t a rouse to disable my login…

Though I didn’t get as much done as I hoped yesterday, I’ll explain, I did manage to get some much-needed chores done / further along. I spent about two hours dismantling and then chunking branches, mostly privet and some thorny things, which were lying in the back yard. A lot of these were made “debris” when I had the pine tree taken down in January (?). I spread the chips/shreds/chunks around non-planting parts of WLF. At a certain point I just get tired of doing certain chores, and two hours was my branch cleanup limit. While milling about WLF I was hoping to come up with a bean trellis; I did not, but need to before the beans I planted actually come out of the ground.

One of the other chores that I wanted to accomplish yesterday was blowing leaves and pollen from the carport and driveway. However, I also had another task which needed to be accomplished first — gutter cleaning — since it would create more crap which would require cleanup when completed. When it rained last week I discovered that the gutters were covered with those pollen-forming tassels from the trees, and that the rainwater washed over the gutters and dripped along the side of the house instead. Figuring that Best Buy would arrive at the end of their delivery window I popped onto the roof and carefully did the best I could to blow the tassels off using the leaf blower. I then finished the blowing job by doing the carport and driveway.

With the extension cord already out, I took that opportunity to use my little chainsaw to take down a couple of small trees which have popped up in the berry planting area. In the process I created more branches that need to be fed through the chipper/shredder…

After a quick lunch of a salad which had some lettuce and radish grown in WLF, in addition to store-bought lettuces, I sat around awaiting Best Buy’s arrival, which happened around 1:30pm.

With the TV inside the house, I took a shower and gave myself “a few minutes” to relax; “a few minutes” turned into a couple of hours including a nap.

I baked a pizza and drank a beer for my reward dinner.

My brother and I had a nice chat on the phone.

And finally, for my last trick, I set up the TV and confirmed that over-the-air programming is complete shit. The TV itself seems okay, though it has one feature that I don’t much appreciate — an always-on white light that is in the middle of the bottom of the frame. Normally I’d cover such annoyances with gaffer tape, but I believe this is also the area for infrared communication between the remote control and the TV. I expect that I shan’t use the TV again until I acquire some 4k HDMI cables this week and can hook up the stereo receiver and AppleTV box.

I expected to sleep solidly last night but had quite the opposite experience. I have been awake since 4:30am.

Have a good and healthy Wednesday, friends.

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5 Responses to 2021-04-07

  1. Well, my day just went south. I went to the basement to check on the clothes in the dryer only to find that the dryer no longer spins. Apparently the belt broke? Probably, but don’t know. 2021, the year of technology failure at the ITP Estate… DANGEN!

    • More technology failures are frustrating me! More details when I return from laundromat where I am drying clothes.

    • One problem resolved, clothes are now dry. Now dealing with another technology failure — my alarm system. The alarm system took forever to arm when going to laundromat and is taking equally long to disarm. 😡

  2. Steve says:

    Look at you getting the stuff done. And we were all bad about not wishing Barb and Allan a happy anniversary. You will be off the hook today as I will remind you it’s Debbie’s and my 15th. As she was up and at it early, as she left horses in the barn last night- the first time for Momma Daisy, she was up and let everyone out.

    Yesterday, the land guys were at it early- burying an additional 20 feet of culvert that connects to the driveway culvert. Now in retrospect, the only problem was the old culvert wasn’t clean to begin with. Tried as I might yesterday, there is still quite a bit of dirt in there. Hope is if we can keep any additional from getting in, the rest will wash out. HA!

    The old AP is connected to the T-mobile hotspot. So far, the “hook it all together, cross your fingers and hope it works” has failed. Troubleshoot will be an evening affair, as I have too many chores to do to burn daylight on it.


    • Steve says:

      Well foo.

      If you can hear the motto running, then it’s likely a belt. Shouldn’t be a hard fix. YouTube is your friend.

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