Early to rise, early to sleep. Well, that’s my take on the old adage.

As days go yesterday won’t go down into my personal record book. I baked a breakfast casserole, worked, made and put up two more experimental jars of bread and butter pickles, puttered in WLF, cooked dinner, and then watched many tv shows prior to falling asleep.

For dinner last night I was going to make pasta with pesto (sadly store bought pesto since I cannot seem to grow basil) with zucchini. In the kitchen I had the last two products of my first zucchini plantings, however when I cut into the big one, it had a hollow core. I felt uncomfortable eating this one, so into the compost it went. I’ll save the smaller one for something I make today or tomorrow.

It’s currently 5:15am. I’m awake, have done some chores in the house, and soon I will make a quick run to Lowe’s for more compost. My need for more compost is driven by my purchase of additional grow bags for squash plants, as well as the glacial conversion of my homemade raw composted waste to useable broken down compost. Ah Nature…

You all have fun at George’s, I will do the same at Betsy’s watching an episode of last year’s “Top Chef”.

Until tomorrow — have fun, remain healthy.

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20 Responses to 2021-06-30

  1. Trip to Lowe’s completed. On my drive there I realized that I should stop at Kroger on the way home to buy gas using my June discount. Of course Glenwood Kroger was completely sold out of gas, either that or the gas pumps were not yet open? Regardless, I drove to Moreland Kroger and filled up.

    Eating a quick breakfast before going out for thirty minutes of WLF choring.

  2. Bonnie says:

    My product testing assignment from Monday and Tuesday is complete. I get paid $275(!) in July. “Paid” meaning I get a Tango gift card that I in turn redeem for other gift cards. We shall see. Today I still have a lot of chores related to camping that I need to finish up.

  3. Steve says:

    In the orifice. Fully loaded for a ride this evening. Nothing major, ’cause it’s gonna be hot.

    The 811 guy showed up yesterday and was easily able to mark both power and phone (it’s in the same trench). That allowed me to walk the last of what needed to be laid out for the fence guys. Our idea of a neat, 5 ‘ lane of grass along the sides of the driveway was shot down when the marked power line wandered as close as 2’. So as not to risk locating it with a auger, we have an 11′ lane on both sides of the drive.

    Traffic is picking up… and a regular, in office schedule is about to be discussed. Likely 2 days on my short week and 3 days on my long week. This will take some adjusting.


    • I don’t know if I can go back, never mind the fact that the office in which I used to work is no longer leased by the people cutting my paychecks. Speaking of paychecks, today I received my final one cut officially by “XYZ Corp”.

    • Bonnie says:

      Steve—As long as the weather is decent I will see you at George’s. I will probably bag if it’s raining (or perhaps walk instead and meet up just for dinner; less gear to get wet / deal with). Still haven’t decided which bike to ride.

  4. Morning chores done, nothing major — fertilizing, watering, inspecting, and transplanting one seedling from its pot into the ground. Somehow thirty minutes turned into over an hour. 🙄

  5. Another wet day in France for the ITT today. I recall watching it one Düsseldorf in similar conditions and watching some riders wipe out.

    • Steve says:

      So I picked a good day not to have to watch. Yesterday’s finish with Cav taking the win was pretty special. Seemed almost everyone congratulated him.

    • I was rooting for the breakaway kid, but Cav put in a Cav-like effort to win his 31st stage of the TdF.

      • Steve says:

        At about 5km, I thought to myself he’d get caught at 200m… turned out I was about 50m off. I looked at him at 1km and knew he was toast.

  6. Barb says:

    Got up early & went for a walk with Sal at 0700am. I had eggs for her from my neighbor.
    I think I’ll try to get my tags paid today.
    I forgot until I was reminded last night, I’m having lunch with Yassir today, he wants company at Red Eyed Mule. Who am I to say no.

    Hoping I can convince myself to drive into town tonight with my bike….

  7. Forgot to mention that when I went into Lowe’s I failed to put on the mask I had put into my pocket. It’s as if I have forgotten about COVID.

    Also, bummed that Germany got bounced from Euros 2020 by England yesterday.

  8. If you are wondering if it’s hot out, the answer is YES. I went out to look for ripe tomatoes, and sadly the four beautiful yellow cherry ones had all split open. While out there I transplanted my last four small tomato plants into the ground, and in the process broke out in a massive amount of sweat.

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