Who has two thumbs and is consistently disappointed by the Waschsalon’s inability to be open during its published hours? This guy.

I’m sitting outside the Waschsalon waiting for the attendant to arrive. I have come here this morning in hopes to get my laundry done prior to go getting a haircut at Ansley Mall today.

Today, the Waschsalon does not have hot water. 😔

Yesterday was a good day of working outside in WLF. I transported many seedlings and winterized another half-dozen pepper plants.

After I cleaned up from choring I headed over to Betsy’s for her Day of the Dead gathering. I sat around a campfire and drank a few beers… it was a lovely night.

Today is going to be another busy day for this unemployed guy. How am I going to manage when I am working again?

As I mentioned at the top, I am doing laundry and then getting a haircut. From there I will attempt to vote, before going to buy some supplies that I will need this weekend.

Once those chores are done I will be headed into WLF to continue the work I want to get done while the weather cooperates.

Tonight will be a quiet night at home alone. I will be eating leftovers, watching YouTube, and probably going to sleep early to rest for another busy day tomorrow.

Hope you are doing well.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 185.8 pounds (+1.2 from last week’s weigh-in); up, but not horrific.

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8 Responses to 2021-11-02

  1. Steve says:

    While you city folk get to vote today, I was unable to find anything Meriwether County has on ANY ballot. Of course, the Ga SoS website doesn’t make that task easy, because why would they want every citizen to exercise their right to vote!! F’ers.

    We have wanted to borrow Good Neighbor Steve’s tractor and disc to loosen up the soil before seeding. As we’re getting close to the end of the window to plant the seed, I texted him and asked if he was around. He wasn’t but said the tractor was there and I could go get it. I finally realized while the front gate is locked, there is still access via the long way round- through various gates and cow pastures. I battled that device for almost an hour, finally succeeding in connecting the tractor and disc, but by then I was going to be running out of light soon. I think today will be the day!

    Dinner last night at our “Local” Johnnie’s pizza. Not enough staff to run the whole place, so only the bar area was open. Wow. I know it was Monday night and all, but damn.


  2. Barb says:

    I don’t know if we are going to Hankook now. I’m at yoga without Allan. He bailed on the class.

  3. Steve says:

    I’m taking the week of the 15th off. Maybe we need to have a bike ride and meetup at OKC?

  4. It appears that I encountered poison ivy working in the front yard, or at least something that has provided me with itchy numbs on my wrists. 😢

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