This morning finds me in a surprisingly popular ghetto laundromat. I arrived at 5:30am, believing that I would be the only customer. Wrong. I have just put in my AirPods because the inane local news cycle on the television has finally forced me to do so.

Yesterday was another boring day around the ITP Estate. I continued the turnover of crops in WLF, pulling some okra which may produce more pods in drips and drabs, replacing it with sickly looking seedlings of cold-tolerant crops like lettuce, spinach, and swiss chard.

The other accomplishment of yesterday was wiping out, and reinstalling macOS on my old laptop in anticipation of giving the computer to my brother. Perhaps I should start using my new laptop which has now been in my possession since April?

Last night I watched some YouTube and then remembered that I had not yet watched the latest episode of “The Great British Bake Off”.

Once I am done with laundry this morning I will be headed home to eat breakfast, and follow that with gassing up the M6.

Today will be the last warm day for the week, so my goal is to pull more of the crops that won’t thrive in cold from WLF.

Tonight is my turn to cook for Top Chef night. My plan is to bring over some tofu and veggies from WLF and whip up a stir fry at Betsy’s.

I’m still suffering with my poison ivy, but each day it seems to slowly be getting better.

Hope that you are doing well and remaining healthy.

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15 Responses to 2021-11-10

  1. WLF has paid off in the form of a free cup of coffee today. After gassing up the M6 at Glenwood Kroger I swung by Joe’s to see if they had any bags of spent coffee grounds (they did) and to buy a coffee. Someone had put money on a gift card, so anyone getting anything for Joe’s while there was still money on the gift card got their coffee for free. Woot! 🥳

  2. Steve says:

    Free coffee is the best coffee!

    A long day in the orifice, a haircut, and the final big Games meeting of the year made for a long night. Many kudos from the committee, some good suggestions on tweaks and overall, a good evening. As I set WAZE to lead me home, it said 2 hours and 20 minutes!! WTF? I apparently had switched it to “avoid highways” mode and it was taking me the scenic route. Must have been planning my trip to Savannah…

    Thursday does look a bit dampish. Riding and lunch Friday? Who’s in? Comet at 9:30? Make a suggestion.

    Paulie, still no word on your plans yet? (you eluded to the other day…)


    • Funny, I did the same thing in Apple Maps earlier this year.

      Tomorrow I will reveal why I am unable to play in your reindeer games.

      Still finding new ways to suffer. My body’s inability to fend off poison ivy, or at least what I still believe is poison ivy, amazes and saddens me greatly.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’ll tag along for whatever on Friday.

  3. Oh wow, I just saw in Instagram that the gazebo in Grant Park burned down last night. 😢

    • Bonnie says:

      Oh no! I’m guessing it could be the (accidental) result of the homeless that hang out there? But I haven’t seen any coverage.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I heard it burn down, including a couple of beams that exploded like gun shots. So much weird shit happens in the park that I just stayed in my bed. I’m sure it was too far gone by the time I started hearing the noise. I haven’t read anything but I would bet my house that it was homeless.

      Oh, and I totally LOL’d when I read that you might just now start using the new laptop that you purchased in April. That is exactly the time table I operate on. I need to replace both of my laptops but I keep nursing them along because the transition is so painful.

      Steve, if I were living my live properly I’d join you on the Comet on Friday. Unfortunately I am absolute snowed under. But I’ll keep an eye out here as these rides do come around from time to time. My new favorite lunch place on the Comet is Knucklehead Cafe in Rockmart. I ride from mile 11 to make it a 50 mile ride, but you can start at Rambo and make it a 30 mile spin.

    • When we ran through on Monday night there were people sitting under one of the gazebos, though I don’t think it was one that burned. I’d be willing to be that someone started a fire to stay warm last night and accidentally burned down the gazebo. If fire can melt an interstate, anything is possible.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        It wasn’t one of the big ones, it was the little wooden one that is up the hill from the big ones. And yes I had exactly the same thought about the interstate.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Off on a day’s adventure to North Georgia…

  5. Okay, time to change into choring clothes.

  6. Last zucchini of the year was picked, at which point I discovered that zucchini (squash) worms had already beaten me to eating it. Fuckers!

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