Today I will play a game called “Negatives and Positives”.

Negative: forgetting to pack more than one pair of pants because you are so focused on packing warm shirts and sweaters.
Positive: realizing this error near a Target, having the savings to buy pants, and now having pants that are my correct waist size.

Negative: a drive that should have taken no more than four hours taking six, thanks to my Target stop as well as encountering route-altering construction and accidents.
Positive: living in a GPS age, not being involved in any of the accidents and therefore arriving at my destination safely.

Negative: renting a house whose HVAC was not designed to handle sub-freezing temperatures.
Positive: being a paying adult who chose a bedroom with a comfortable bed with a warm blanket.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Inconceivable!

Stay warm, happy, and healthy.

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5 Responses to 2021-11-24

  1. Steve says:

    So where are you?

    GEEK Warning:
    Yesterday’s challenge was to help troubleshoot the new network we cut over on Sunday. The user support folks decided they didn’t need to be there Sunday and I moved the last of the devices over on Monday, and suddenly things stopped working on one of the networks. We worked for 3 hours or so on various scenarios, but I noticed on my Wireshark there was a bogus network showing up and it had it’s own DHCP server. When it was on the old equipment, since that wasn’t using DHCP, the requests were ignored, but now they are a problem. Once we got that device set properly, all were happy. The wire don’t lie!

    I located 20 chairs of various types and we are about ready to host the invasion tomorrow. I think the total number will be 23, but we’ll see who shows up. There will be one big turkey in the oven! We discussed cooking the bird today, but that didn’t seem like a sound idea. Thoughts?

    There will be pie making tonight!


  2. Bonnie says:

    *Hugs* Paulie. Yesterday I stayed home by myself the entire day. It. Was. Fantastic. Some chores, some pure laziness catching up on TV. Today however, I have a ton of choring to still do. I had planned to go on a hike but I think I’ll have to choose to adult. I still have Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a chance of fun.

  3. Sitting at the rental listening to Chatham County Line on the tv. Bonnie, you can see them live on Friday night if you wish as they are playing in Atlanta that night.

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