For the majority of yesterday I was feeling half-dilly, tired all day but never feeling ill. I took a couple of power naps throughout the day to attempt to rebound, but never quite felt myself.

The highlight of my productivity was transplanting a bunch of seedlings, many of which may not take given their appearance, into my new raised garden bed. I transplanted some cabbage, Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, and sorrel. I will consider the effort successful if half of the vegetable plants I put into the soil produce edible food.

I was able to go over to Betsy’s for Top Chef dinner. Betsy made a delicious Indian chicken dish served over basmati rice, with a salad.

Today is going to be a busy day. I am getting picked up by Bonnie to go to Sandy Springs. She’s going to do a short paid survey, and then we are going to hike somewhere.

I need to take questionnaire answering lessons from someone as I was kicked out of two potential paid surveys last night from two different companies. Bummer!

Tonight will see a return to an indoor activity I have not experienced since pre-COVID — the theatre. Tonight Bonnie and I are going to see a performance of “Baskerville” at Theatrical Outfit downtown.

I hope that your week is going well and that you are remaining healthy.

Aldi Beer Advent Calendar

Day 1: Kristoffel Belgian White from Brouwerij Martens
Day 2: Kristoffel Blonde from Brouwerij Martens
Day 3: Deadly Brewing Hazy India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 4: Key Lime Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 5: O’Shea’s India Pale Ale from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 6: Deadly Brewing East Coast Style India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 7: Deadly Brewing Amber Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 8: Dry Hopped Sour from Prestige Beer Group

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11 Responses to 2021-12-09

  1. Steve says:

    After a long day of meetings, I made a quick run for a fresh round bale. The horses were quite pleased. After a solid 45 minutes on the trainer, I made one of our Home Chef meals- shrimp, rice, and slaw- baked for 20 minutes. Add the “Boom Boom” sauce and serve. The sauce was pretty spicy, but quite tasty overall.

    We awoke this morning to no heat. The unit seems to be cycling on, but no fan is working. I’ve already been in touch with our HAVC guy Mark and he’ll be over this afternoon. His normal charge is “buy me a drink at the next hunt”, so hopefully it will be around that cost.

    We will be in the wilds of Decatur tomorrow morning for our somewhat annual eye exams. Debbie wants to have breakfast at “First Watch”, which is a national chain she loves, but I’m looking for other suggestions.


  2. HamWithCam says:

    Many Decatur favorites are currently hit and miss.
    Staffing shortages.

    No recent experience with Folk Art, Sun in My Belly.
    We have eaten at both in the Before Times.

    There is a Revolution Donuts (College Ave) near Sun in My Belly.

    We have been to First Watch, nice enough.

    Our breakfast go to is Pastries A-Go Go (same parking lot as the CVS). but (due to staffing shortages) service there can be…uneven.

    There is a J. Christophers (across from the First Methodist Church), and Waffle House (on the Square).

    Make it a Dilly day.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  3. Barb says:

    Had lunch with my uncle from TN, got more details on getting a visa for Australia. He had to submit birth certificates & wedding license info (name change) to prove he is related to his daughter. Didn’t used to have to do that. The physical with 1 of 20 doctors in the US is done. He thinks he has it all in order, flight is in 3 weeks.

    I booked our Barcelona plane tickets yesterday. Had a “fun” phone call with Delta, but got the eCredits applied. We will be there for our 20th anniversary! Still have a little less then $300 left in Allan’s name, so we will have to fly somewhere else before the end of the year. Decided to spend the money on Comfort+ seats, it’s a direct flight overnight, the legroom will be nice. Now to get a hotel reservation, and figure out what to do for a few days. I think we will head to Girona after 3 nights in Barcelona.

    • Steve says:

      Barb, what’s the current Covid restriction for that travel? Have a test within 72 hours or some such?

      Thanks for the info, HwC!

      • Barb says:

        Im sure he will need a Covid test right before, this is all the crazy stuff just to get the visa approved. They have stopped the quarantine requirement, if you pass all the other things.

  4. David says:

    I had a shot and a chaser this morning, got my COVID booster and flu shot together. I’ve had significant responses to both on the past, so I figured I’d double-down on the fun. Other than a 2 hour teaching gig this afternoon my day is clear and tomorrow too, so I’m all set if any dilliness sets in.

    • Steve says:

      Debbie had the sore arm and felt puny yesterday all day, but is out at the moment running errands and stopping for lunch at the cafe- it’s chicken and dressing day!

      • David says:

        Cool! This is my third Moderna shot. It’s put me on my ass the two previous times, but that just means that I haven’t been getting the placebo.

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