The weekend’s theme turned out to be drink and go to sleep early…

On Friday evening I went up to Bench Warmers to set up with some old friends I don’t see very often. After a few beers and some food I returned home to pass out in bed.

I puttered around on Saturday, doing my routine walk with Betsy and Bella before heading to Kroger to restock an already stocked freezer. To be fair, I had expiring coupons and fell prey to the “buy 5 and save $1 on each” ploy. On Saturday night I picked up Bonnie and we hung out at our friend Wendy’s house. Normally we’d hover around Wendy’s small fire pit, but like Friday night’s fog, the weather chased us indoors.

Yesterday was a hashing day, a bike hashing day. Bonnie picked me up and we drove to Kennesaw for the Wheelhopper Pub Crawl. The ride was nothing to write home about, but we did manage to hit two breweries — Burnt Hickory, Horned Owl — that are on Bonnie’s and my list of breweries to visit. Circle finished after sundown, so the short ride back to the car was rather chilly. It was my intention to watch the Bears v Packers game on TV last night, but I was asleep on the futon before kickoff. 🙄

I was supposed to be motivated to do laundry this morning, but a cold morning and a desire to sleep in has convinced me otherwise. Tomorrow, yeah, tomorrow.

I feel as if I have been neglecting WLF recently, so I will go out and toil for a couple of hours later this morning. I know I have been neglecting my future job interview training, so I am going to try and restart that today as well.

Tonight I will be attending the Moonlight Hash’s annual Tacky Light Tour, which starts in Lake Clare. You’ll recognize me as the person in the snowman ⛄️ costume; hey, at least I will be warm… 😂

Hope that you had a good weekend and that you are in good health.

Aldi Beer Advent Calendar

Day 1: Kristoffel Belgian White from Brouwerij Martens
Day 2: Kristoffel Blonde from Brouwerij Martens
Day 3: Deadly Brewing Hazy India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 4: Key Lime Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 5: O’Shea’s India Pale Ale from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 6: Deadly Brewing East Coast Style India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 7: Deadly Brewing Amber Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 8: Dry Hopped Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 9: O’Shea’s Celtic Wheat Beer from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 10: Cherry Kölsch from Prestige Beer Group
Day 11: White Tide from Brouwerij Martens
Day 12: O’Shea’s Irish Lager from Carlow Brewing Company

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21 Responses to 2021-12-13

  1. Steve says:

    I don’t recall a lot happening this weekend. A lot of napping, I recall.

    Breakfast Friday was at “First Watch”. I know it’s a chain, but it’s one of Debbie’s favorites. Friday evening we watched “Hidden Figures” about the black women who were so involved in the early space launches. Really well done…

    Saturday, we waited on the line of weather to move through and ran a few errands. After the storms in the midwest, I was a little concerned.

    Sunday, a scooter ride. I did consider the pub crawl, but that’s just too much for me anymore and add a lot of driving just means trouble.

    We looked into renting “No Time to Die”, the latest James Bond movie, but it’s only available for purchase, not rental, and I wasn’t going to shell out $20! Thanks, but I’ll wait…

    The highlight of the weekend was a local junior rider winning at CX Nationals. Really cool… his dad said he slept in the jersey Saturday night!! How cool is that?


  2. Barb says:

    Busy weekend it seemed, but not sure what all we did.
    Got our fire coffee table assembled for the deck, we figured out what the in-laws could get us for Christmas. Maybe tonight we will sit out there & see how it works.

    Sunday morning I went & did a walk with Davey, just wasn’t motivated to get my bike & shit together to go to Wheelhopper. Then Sal pinged me, she want to go find the crew. So, we drove to the 2nd & 3rd breweries, and no cold ride in the dark!

    Today I need to get my Christmas cards done & in the mail.

  3. David says:

    Minty and I rode to and around Stone Mountain yesterday, an excellent 42 mile route. I haven’t ridden to Stone Mountain in what feels like months now, so it was good to be back. For all of the decades I’ve lived in Atlanta I never dreamed I would ever be excited about going to Stone Mountain, but I really do like that bike route. Presently I’ve logged 2,200 cycling miles this year and 630 walking miles.

    • Steve says:

      You’re a beast! Congratulations on those numbers!

      • David says:

        Thanks, Steve! If I were left to my own devices, I’d probably have double that, but I’m good with that mileage.

    • Barb says:

      Someday I’ll ride my bike again……
      Those are some great numbers David.
      I’ve never tracked my numbers. (But they are not impressive)

      • David says:

        Thanks, Barb! I used to never track my numbers, but I started last year during the pandemic once I got serious about cycling. On the walking miles, I have a goal of walking at least 50 miles per month, which isn’t that much in the scheme of things, but it always takes more effort than I think to get those miles in. It’s easy for days to slide on by without exercising, and so working toward that goal each month keeps me on track. For what it’s worth, my numbers were never impressive until I started tracking. So I do think there’s a connection.

    • Bonnie says:

      *Fist bump*. I don’t want to know my sad number of miles this year…

    • Impressive! 🙌🏻

  4. Been out choring, planting some lettuce seeds, figuring out how to pull down a big branch that was hovering in another three, and finally using Wee Little Chipper to chew up some branches.

    Now, lunch.

  5. Bob says:

    Fun times at the pub crawl! Great seeing you all again.

    I have never tracked my annual mileage either. I have all the devices and technology to do it too. I may have to put forth an effort to do this next year.

    • Good to see you as well, Bob.

      At the rate I am riding I’d have to start a team to beat David/Lurker. 😂

      • Bob says:

        LOL, I like that idea! Let’s pool our mileage and we may have a chance 🙂

        • David says:

          You guys are funny. Bob, you should totally track your mileage. I never ever wanted to previously, but I partly was inspired by Paulie’s personal tracking. I think once I got serious about riding I just wanted to know how far I’d gone, and then things went from there. In any case now I can’t not track my cycling and walking miles.

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