Happy New Year!

Well, today’s weather is certainly different than yesterday’s; by my rough calculations we dropped about 35°F overnight. Rain and high winds make for a terrible night of sleeping for yours truly. Even though I slept late (for me) I have to get a leg shaking this morning to get to my 10:30am eye appointment at Colony Square on time.

I stayed at home along on New Year’s Eve. I was in bed by 10:00pm, only to be awakened a few time by fireworks, and my neighbors singing “Piano Man” some time after 3:00am.

The rest of the weekend was good.

With Cheddarhead canceled I sought out other fun on Saturday. It was strange, because it being New Year’s Day meant that both coffee shops I hit on my morning walk with Betsy and Bella were closed. Undaunted, Bonnie’s Coffee House pop up shop opened for us. As I normally do I picked up trash as I wandered to the village, waving at my doppelgänger out doing the same before dropping my bag into a City trash can and continuing on to Bonnie’s. After coffee Bonnie, Betsy, Bella, and I went for a little stroll and go rained upon in the process.

Not knowing there was a “Plan B” hash to replace Cheddarhead, Bonnie and I walked to the ITP Estate where I made us some veggie burgers and we share some beers. Our time together ended with a walk up to the village, no litter pickup this time, to have a couple of beers outside at Hippin Hops.

With the weather gods smiling upon us yesterday I drove out to Lithonia for Black Sheep. Out there we strutted around the old quarry before returning to the start for circle.

I got home and intended to watch the football game last night, but passed out hard on the futon, and slept for almost three hours. Perhaps that’s another reason I slept so poorly after midnight…

Today, after my eye appointment, I will most like look around WLF to see if the wind/rain/cold has done any damage other than scattering things about, and then get in the house to do some coding. I doubt you will find me at the Moonlite Hash tonight.

Hope you had a good weekend and are remaining healthy.

December Summary

12/01 – ?, V, yard work 😐
12/02 – ?, M, yard work, hashing 😁
12/03 – ?, V, yard work 😅😁
12/04 – ?, V, walking, hashing 😁
12/05 – ?, V, yard work, hashing 😁
12/06 – ?, V, yard work, hashing 😁
12/07 – 187.0, V, 💉nothing 😐
12/08 – ?, M, nothing 😢
12/09 – ?, V, hiking 😁
12/10 – ?, V, nothing 😐
12/11 – ?, V, walking 🙂
12/12 – ?, V, cycling 😐
12/13 – ?, V, walking 😐
12/14 – 189.6, V, nothing 😢
12/15 – ?, V, yard work 🙂
12/16 – ?, V, yard work 😐
12/17 – ?, V, yard work 😐
12/18 – ?, V, walking 🙂
12/19 – ?, V, hashing 🙂
12/20 – ?, V, nothing 😢
12/21 – 186.8, V, nothing 😢
12/22 – ?, M, trainer (30:00) 😐
12/23 – ?, V, walking 😐
12/24 – ?, V, yard work 😐
12/25 – ?, V, nothing 😢
12/26 – ?, V, nothing 😢
12/27 – ?, V, yard work, walking 😀
12/28 – 188.6, V, walking 🙂
12/29 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😁
12/30 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😁
12/31 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😀

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26 Responses to 2022-01-03

  1. Steve says:

    This weekend threw me off. Maybe because I could do very little but sit around Sunday, as the vertigo showed up with a vengeance.

    I watched the expected national champion Crimson Tide take it to poor Cincinnati. I didn’t want to be a doubter about their undefeated season, and the did play some well known teams, but… I had hoped Michigan would have given UGA a run for their money, but that wasn’t happening either. So we’ll see AL and GA in the championship game, very likely with the same result.

    Saturday, I made NYD breakfast. My first attempt at hash browns in the air fryer was a fail. I looked up the time and temperature recommendations and followed them- they came out nearly burnt. But it’s a starting point… I rode 15 in the afternoon and DAMN it was hot. But I’m glad I did it…

    We’ve started watching “Ted Lasso” and it’s really cute. Apparently, Debbie binged it while she was in the bedroom under quarantine and now is re-watching it with me.


    • Air fryer? Oh, I am interested to see your results as I have been contemplating buying one since Black Friday.

      I will be rolling for the Tide when the time comes.

      Just wait until you get to the last episode of “Ted Lasso” where the stadium collapses and everyone of killed. Whoops, I may have said too much… 🙄😂😂😂

      • Steve says:

        This was one of our first experiments at really “cooking” with it. It defrosts well and reheats pizza fantastically. I throw fish sticks in it (for fish tacos- don’t judge) and the occasional hot dog or braut.

        We also tried some potato chips last week- a lot of work for minimum return. The quality was good, though.

  2. Oh yeah, Dan Reeves died on Saturday. The NFL lost two of its best coaches in the past week.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Today may find me going to Lenscrafters to pick up my new glasses and also hit Ross with a couple returns. Or, if the weather is too gross, those chores may be pushed out until tomorrow. Last I heard, the plan was to find a recording of and watch the Fiesta Bowl today.

  4. Well, from by bedroom window I can see a large(ish) branch on the ground. Hopefully it fell without hitting my roof.

    • Bonnie says:

      You probably would have heard it. Once I woke up from the wind and rain the first time, it was hard to go back to sleep because of my fear of the trees behind my house. *Sigh*

    • You’re right. A quick survey saw that the branch wasn’t as large as I feared so it probably don’t get close enough to hit the house. There is a smaller branch down too. I’ll get my revenge by burning them both some day!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday I discovered Free Food Commune, a Freegan-based cooperative. I saw they had 96 bags of organic russet potatoes available so I talked Paulie into swinging by on the way to the hash and we each grabbed a couple bags. I now follow their Facebook page so we’ll see what happens next… https://www.freefoodcommune.us/

  6. Bonnie says:

    Today is Willow cat’s 10th birthday! Her grandmommy mailed her a card and a birthday party will occur tonight.

  7. Another reason for skipping tonight, not that I need one, is that I tweaked my knee yesterday and am a bit tender today.

  8. Bob says:

    Happy New Year ITP peeps!
    The last few weeks of 2021 was rough, looking forward to see what 2022 has to offer 🙂

  9. My hands would be nice and toasty now had I remembered to pack the gloves I put on the bed next to the sweater I put on. 🤨

  10. Barb says:

    1st day of work, watching videos on Microsoft Teams (I’m familiar enough it’s mainly refresher). Email program called Front, a little different from Outlook, I think it will work well once I learn all the ins & outs.

    I slept through whatever weather last night, I think. I wake up a lot, so no idea if it was the weather or just my weird sleep issues.

  11. Back from the eye doc. All is about the same, slightly worse due to aging.

    • Steve says:

      My eyes are actually getting better!! My prescription has been getting less and less for the last few years (not that it was ever courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company).

      Which reminds me I have a new script from our visit last month and need to get it filled.

  12. Saw some discarded Christmas trees today. If they are there tomorrow morning they may also join the burn pile.

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