Again, after a Tuesday spent home alone I don’t have much to say today.

I spent my day doing various chores. I mentioned getting and delimbing Christmas trees. I packed up my scant Christmas decorations. I spent 45 minutes on the trainer yesterday afternoon. I read for pleasure and for professional training. I baked some of the potatoes Bonnie and I scored over the weekend, and ate two while watching YouTube videos. I was in bed by 9:00pm.

A winding road of internet links informed me of the death of one of my high school contemporaries; her name was Lari White. I was not friends with Lari, acquaintances at best. Lari went on to have a singing career in Nashville. I discovered this by seeing her sing on TV about 25 years ago, it may have been a New Years Eve performance now that I think about it, proving that I knew who she was to my friends by correctly identifying her malformed pinky prior to it being shown on the screen. She apparently died of cancer nearly four years ago.

I am not feeling my best these days which, along with the removal of a large amount of money for health care, reminds me that I need to schedule a physical as well as a follow up with a cardiologist.

I intend on doing some coding practice this morning while the temperatures are cold, and venturing out for a little physical exercise in WLF and the front yard this afternoon. One of the WLF chores I need to suss out is now to keep the squirrels from eating my produce. I saw one sitting on the “protective” netting yesterday, gnawing away at the lettuce through it. 🤬

Whether or not I work up a good sweat today, I will shower this afternoon, put on some clean clothes, and head over to Betsy’s for dinner. It may not be a “Top Chef” dinner however as we have finally caught up on the franchise. What to watch next? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hopefully things are going swimmingly in your world.

HBD ITP-Reader Steve!

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29 Responses to 2022-01-05

  1. Steve says:

    Birthday wishes started rolling in from around the world yesterday. I think that’s kinda cool. Chad (TLS) in NZ and a Scottish friend (sister of the Games pres) in AUS.

    It was a pretty quiet birthday eve yesterday. I learned a national engineer had told the Fed to piss off, after he wouldn’t be a good boy and behave. Attitude and ego can be an issue and when you manage to piss off several districts, you can get in trouble.

    We watched the season finale of Yellowstone. They use the scenery very well, which makes me want to visit.

    Celebrating my birthday this afternoon by going to the podiatrist! Whoopee!!


  2. Bonnie says:

    I feel like Paulie, I am sitting in my car more than 35 minutes early for my Nielsen appointment. 😁 Once I get home I need to catch up on a LOT of chores. But I’m kind of in the mood. Hopefully that mood will remain once I get home. 😂 Yesterday I got the husband out to hike around the Arabia Mountain area and we put in about 6.5 miles. I figured I’d try for the “52 Hike Challenge” this year, as you can count just about anything as a hike. I love logging things. 😂 I’d rather do “real” hikes for each one but my life simply won’t allow that, as well as I have other physical activities I want to do regularly as well. We’ll see if I stick with it or not… This was hike #2, Black Sheep being #1. We finished “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix last night—I liked it.

  3. I’ve flipped the script this morning. I’m breaking in the new steel toed work boots by working in WLF this morning, mostly just clean up tasks.

  4. Barb says:

    day 3 of listening to my boss talk & watch his screens on Teams.
    He likes to talk, goes off on tangents.

    Made dinner to deliver to TJ & Mary last night, they are self quarantining since some of the Girona Groves had Covid while thy were there. They tested negative to come home, but they are still paranoid.

    Periodontist says my gums are healing just fine, we will meet again in April to see about the next stage.

  5. New boots are fine, but I tightened them too much around my ankles so I needed a break.

    Have taken the opportunity to eat a sweet snack, a Stroopwaffel, and was a handful of masks and hang them to dry. Silly me, I failed to bring them to the laundromat last week.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Nielsen study done, in and out within 45 minutes, Visa gift card in hand, woot! And driving downton is better than Sandy Springs. 😁 They said I can do a study once every 60 days, just watch my email.

  7. Neighbors two houses down out their Christmas tree out on the curb. About to process it before I break for lunch. 😁

  8. Well shit.

    Went into the kitchen to make lunch and one of the overhead lights was out. No big deal, I have changed bulbs often. Then, I noticed that the bulb exploded inside the fixture. Weird, that has never happened before. So, I put a new bulb in, but when I flip the light switch the light doesn’t come on. I’ll check the bulb in another lamp, but I am fairly certain that I will have to call an electrician now. Great… 😢

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