I am struggling to get motivated this morning, neither breakfast nor coffee has helped thus far.

Due to weather and my own malaise it was a fairly uneventful weekend.

On Friday night I brought beers over to Bonnie’s and she cooked us a chili dinner. It was nice and relaxing.

Saturday morning saw me bundling up to walk with Betsy and Bella in the freezing temperatures. After making our rounds I returned home and bunkered for many hours, uninspired to do little more than read and nap. Along my walk home I was going to claim a discarded Christmas tree. As I approached the house I saw the homeowner outside clearing gutters, so I thought rather than just take the tree, I’d ask permission. After all who’d say “No.”? He did. Well, to be fair he said yes, and then quickly retracted that telling me that they had promised the tree to the Boy Scouts. Fair. Fucking olive drab do-gooders… On Saturday evening Bonnie and I walked up to East Atlanta Village and had a few beers with my buddy Shelby and his girlfriend at Hippin Hops and Sabbath Brewing.

Yesterday’s weather threw me for a loop. It’s going to rain all day. No, it’s going to rain late afternoon. No, it’s going to start raining, stop raining, and then rain with a vengeance! Because of this I spent 45 minutes on the trainer, only to see sunshine when I was done. 🤔 A check of the weather convinced me to ask Bonnie if she wanted to walk, which we did, 4.5 miles worth! 🙌🏻 However, along the way it started to spit rain. We stopped at 3 Taverns Imaginarium for a beer but when I saw the storm front headed our way we made the quick decision to buy beer to go and walk to her house prior to the deluge; it was a wise decision. We drank beer and ate more of her delicious chili.

Today? Unsure. I doubt I will be hashing tonight. My goal is to put my head in the sand while all of the testosterone of Alabama and Georgia fans swells. I should probably swing down to Home Depot to pick up some LED light bulbs, and perhaps stop at a grocery store to pick up two items needed for Wednesday night’s meal at Betsy’s.

I should also spend a lot of time writing/studying code. Now that we are in 2022 I really need to step up my game.

Hope that you had a healthy and happy weekend.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Today I venture north for a Jackson Associates taste test (protein powder). I plan to walk and take MARTA so I will get in some steps. This week I need to try and get back to an real exercise regiment, as I allowed the holidays (and beyond) to take their toll.

  2. Steve says:

    A 3 day weekend, interrupted by a day of work! I guess that’s really a 2 day weekend.

    I tried to find my new prescription for lenses to drop at the optometrist’s but was unsuccessful. I called the doctor and asked it to be emailed- sorry, either mail or FAX?!? Wow, welcome to the 1990’s. Mail it is.

    Saturday had me in the orifice at 0800 and our changes went quickly in. Then we tried to reach a management channel to another network and were unsuccessful. 3 hours later and a reboot of a couple firewalls, we were in- unfortunately too late to make the changes there.

    Saturday night had us in our finery for Nicole’s 50th birthday celebration. Open bar, seated dinner, 6 piece band and party favors for 40 guests. I need to either get another tux (that fits) or lose about 20! I could have easily worn my kilt as there were several present, including a piper playing at the entrance! Who knew?

    Sunday was a slow day with some chores and some exercise. Had I known it was so warm I should have ridden outside, but by the time I realized it, the rain was too close for comfort. 55 minutes on the trainer, though. Finished watching “Clarkson’s Farm” and the first episode of the new “Top Gear” on Amazon. They can’t call it that, but it’s the same guys and more cars. Not sure this will make the cut.

    I may watch some football later tonight!!


  3. Barb says:

    busy enough weekend.
    Went to hash happy hour Friday night, good crowd.
    Saturday we hashed, very basic trail laid by Sani – ended at High Card brewing, which shares space with Blue Tarp brewing. Decent size crowd. Someone did mention next week’s trail is going to be laid by Wee Little Bit & Glory Mole.
    Sunday went & walked up in Alpharetta, about 5 miles, then beers at Jekyll.
    Watched plenty of football.
    we may (or may not) watch the football game tonight.

  4. Well that was nice, I just did an impromptu walk with Betsy and Bella. And I scored another Christmas tree on the way home!

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