Yesterday I spent a few hours puttering around WLF, mostly surveying wilting plants and burning brush to clean up and generate some ash.

Because I’d not gotten sufficient exercise and I was feeling very antsy, I went out for an hour-long walk in the afternoon. The weather was perfect for the activity and I counted four Christmas trees, all too far from the ITP Estate to be dragged. I considered walking to a grocery store to buy some carrots, but in the end just made a large figure eight that went nowhere in particular.

Last night’s dinner was a stew concoction. At first I was going to follow the recipe Instant Pot Quinoa and Butternut Squash Stew verbatim but then, well, I wanted to use some of the vegetables still remaining in WLF. Remarkably the butternut squash used in recipe was from WLF! It was one of two small ones I successfully grew. In addition to the squash WLF supplied gnarly small carrots, a daikon radish, and about five broad bean pods.

Jackson Associates is on my shit list again. I assumed that I would be a shoe in for surveys after they took away my $60 gig a few weeks ago. Last night I got all the way to the last question on a desserts when they bumped me from participating. Dangen! I also seem to get fewer opportunities to earn money from them than Bonnie. I know, completely different demographic, but still.

Because I haven’t been thrilled with the ghetto laundromat I am trying to return to the Waschsalon in midtown. I thought I had learned my lesson, arriving fifteen minutes after the posted opening time, but alas have arrived to find it dark. Having seen the erosion of the quality at this place wants me to give up on it completely and if I could find another laundromat nearby that accepts credit cards I’d stop coming here forever. 7:25am opening, the attendant was apologetic, but we all know that this of far from his first offense.

I have a busy day ahead today. After I get my laundry I will be calling the mysterious Bill/Ronnie to talk about some family stuff.

My attempt at returning to the coding lifestyle went poorly yesterday, so I need to push myself harder on that front.

And tonight is a Betsy night; at least it’s her turn to cook.

Hope you are remaining healthy and happy, and that you find all of your businesses open when you arrive.

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9 Responses to 2022-01-19

  1. Bonnie says:

    Make sure you enjoy some of the weather today, it starts to get colder and shittier as the week goes on. I am planning on a hike, but don’t yet know where.

    Just like the Curion website states, don’t take it personally, it’s all part of this game. I very rarely get Curion invitations, so you’re up on me on that one.

  2. Steve says:

    I had several successes yesterday. I’ve been in a shrimp mood and had picked up some frozen raw at the last grocery run. That, along with a jar of pesto and some fresh pasta combined for a lovely meal which Debbie and I enjoyed last night.

    My sick motorcycle may be on the mend. I finally found time to start diagnosing the issues and found no spark on one side. Troubleshooting that led me to find the spark plug boot has failed, as I was able to get spark by swapping out the boot from the other side. A new set of wires is on the way.

    A 2 mile walk at a brisk pace yesterday to start getting back to running shape. Also caught up on some podcasts while doing it. All good.


  3. Home from laundry, but it’s not yet put away. Later…

    I should have run more errands while I was out, but decided to head straight home instead.

  4. Barb says:

    We cooked up some salmon last night with a bag of Aldi risotto – that risotto is pretty tasty.

    Starting to finally do some real work, I think this job is going to be ok. The boss is so laid back, and he is actually doing some training. I may be able to survive here for 5 years or so. We will see………

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