This is a placeholder while I run out to Lowe’s and Home Depot this morning. I’ve gotten a late-for-me start, so check back again after 10:00am.

What sucks most about my current injury is that I was finally starting to feel like running again. Okay, jogging, but something more than my normal slow walk. Sunday’s hash used a lot of the Big Creek Greenway so there was ample opportunity to run, so I did, until I didn’t think it advisable due to pain. Fuck. Since my knee still bugs me this morning, as of this moment I plan to curtail running for awhile in hopes of that it is a recoverable injury.

Speaking of hashes, yesterday I stumbled upon last Saturday’s trail while I was out walking around Jackson Associates in Sandy Springs before my paid survey. I earned $50 by drinking four samples of light raspberry hard iced tea, but that money has already been spent. Oops! I spent the dough at Harbor Freight, on an angle grinder and cutting wheels, this way I don’t have to rely on borrowing one again.

Speaking of spending money, I didn’t get to stop at Lowe’s or Home Depot yesterday because traffic fucking sucks (can I tell you how much I don’t miss commuting to/from Sandy Springs?). So, I went to both this morning. It was my intent to use up gift cards for my purchases, but the Fetch gift card for Lowe’s didn’t show a PIN, so the cashier couldn’t use it. Ugh. (well, I found the PIN in the email for the grift card, but it doesn’t show up in the app. How stupid!) Since I need the soil I made the purchase the old fashioned, via a physical credit card. I couldn’t be bothered to try at Home Depot today. I wish I had the gumption and health today to go out and dig the two shallow trenches for which I purchased my new trench shovel. WLF will have many uses for a trench shovel, so it was a warranted purchase.

Rain and wind are coming and before they do I need to batten down some of the WLF hatches. I have already lugged all of the soil I purchased to the back end of WLF. It’s amazing how gross 55°F and soaring humidity can feel.

Today has already started, and will continue to be a day of leftover consumption. Before the rain starts perhaps I will harvest a few greens from WLF to add color, flavor, and nutrition to whatever I eat.

Hope that you are healthy, wealthy, and wise

I solved today’s Wordle on my sixth, and final, guess.

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10 Responses to 2022-02-17

  1. Bonnie says:

    I wonder how Letterkenny Live was last night (at the Fox)? #FOMO.

  2. Guess I am giving up on Instagram because FB seems to be requiring a birthday. Currently when I go to the website on my iPad I get the message “Oops, an error has occurred.” Sure, I don’t have to enter my actual birthday, but it seems I have to download the app to enter one. What a pain in the ass FB is.

    • Barb says:

      Instagram makes you log into FB? or have a FB birthday? I’m confused.
      I keep thinking I’ll create an Instagram account, but then, I never get around to it.

      • FB owns IG. The other day the IG website started showing a pop up that told me to enter my birthday. I kept dismissing this and could see the IG website, until yesterday when it started showing me that error message. A Google search identified the problem as being the lack of birthday entry. I can’t even give a fake one now, because all I see is the error message.

  3. Barb says:

    I didn’t do much yesterday except went to the dentist for a cleaning & consult. My gums are healed, my bone grafts are growing, maybe someday I’ll be able to spend more money & get the implants. My new insurance (Aetna) is better than Anthem (BCBS) so maybe they will cover some of it.

    I also went to try to figure out why my friend house here (while they are in Vero Beach) has a high heat bill – we reset the thermostat again, I’ll go check it again maybe tonight.

    Ate leftovers all day – started watching a program called Women of the Movement – a 6 part mini series about the Emmett Till murder in MS in the 50s. Since we missed most of the “Critical Race Theory” teaching in Iowa, I try to familiarize myself with some of that sort of history.

    Allan is working on OT day, so I’m on my own again today.

  4. Steve says:

    Good morning from Stone Mountain park. Burt and I have some measurements to do on our proposed field changes for the coming year and we want to have them done before next weekend when Burt will meet with the Athletics director at a games in Jacksonville.
    I rode my mountain bike for 8 or so miles yesterday and it felt pretty good. It hasn’t been on the road at least a year. Yes, Bara, thats your old bike. I was thinking about usi g it next weekend.

    More later.

    – FP

  5. In from battening down the hatches in WLF. Save something disastrous, like tree or tree limbs crashing down, I think I will be okay. WLF is starting to shape up nicely for 2022 and I can’t wait to see what I can produce!

  6. Harvested a pak choi fromWLF and added it to my leftovers of dirty rice and fake sausage. Yum! Found a small slug living in the pak choi, hope it enjoys its new home in the compost bin…

  7. Steve says:

    Recorded the gold medal hockey game last night to watch today and sadly heard the result on NPR as I drove to SMP this morning.

    Made our field adjustments and as long as we can get power to a new stage location, everyone will be happy. In and out of the rain on the drive.

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