Knocking out a quickie today because it’s going to be a jam-packed day, ahead of a non-normal week, for yours truly.

I spent most of the weekend avoiding real exercise, which is absolutely terrible for my expanding waistline, but good for my ailing body.

On Friday night Bonnie and I went to The Masquerade for our first indoor concert since late 2019.
My First Concert Since 2019
While not drinking beer we wore masks, but were in the minority.
COVID is gone, Mission Accomplished!

The show, which was headlined by The Beths, was fun. Bonnie and I saw the band perform in 2019 at The Earl.

After my Betsy and Bella walk I picked Bonnie up in the M6 and we went to a new Atlanta brewery. *mind blowing emoji* Yes, you read that right, there is another new brewery in town, Atlantucky Brewing, started by someone called “Nappy Roots”. The beer was good, and due to parking limitations (I didn’t want to feed more money into the virtual meter), we headed out after a couple of beers. From Atlantucky we went down to Lee&White where we had one more beer at Monday Night Garage. On Saturday night Bonnie baked us a frozen pizza. Yum!

Yesterday I opted out of riding Wheelhopper, in part to protect my body from further damage, and in part to do some much-needed choring. There is more choring to be done, but I managed to do some compost maintenance, trench digging with my new shovel, seed sowing, and harvesting. Harvesting? In February? Yes! I pulled in a large bin of greens — kale, spinach, bok choy, and lettuces — that I stir fried with red bell pepper and baked tofu. Served over rice and covered with a store-bought orange ginger sauce, the meal was delicious. I didn’t have to eat alone either, because I returned the favor of Saturday night’s cooking by feeding Bonnie last night.

My participation in tonight’s Moonlite Hash will be weather dependent. Regardless I shan’t be running today.

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend, and that you are feeling happy and well.

I solved today’s Wordle in four tries.

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17 Responses to 2022-02-21

  1. Steve says:

    Good morning and happy Presidents’ Day.

    Highlights of the weekend_ going to Fitzpatrick, AL and staying with the hunt master and his wife in their estate (not kidding).Though Ceili pulled up early (we think she stepped on something) it was a good time.

    Sunday, I got 22 on the CX bike. I thought about WH but am not crazy about Yellow River. Maybe it wasn’t there, but that’s what I assumed.

    Outback in Hapeville is having a Presidents’ Day sale and I was thinking of stopping in. Other than that, I got nothing else planned today.


    • Bonnie says:

      I was wondering if you’d make it… Yes Wheelhopper was at yellow river, mostly in the park but a good bit of road also. I don’t love trying to navigate the trails on my own as I find them extremely confusing, even with GPS, but from a Wheelhopper standpoint I liked it a lot. The trails we rode were mostly within my skill set, but we did shortcut a bit and missed some of the harder stuff I think.

      • Steve says:

        I’ve ridden those trails many times and they just weren’t all that fun. I did my thing and my legs feel it today.

        • Barb says:

          Yellow River is very, very confusing, but the trails are fun. In the terminology of 20+ years ago, the river side is much flatter than the creekside. I’m so out of biking shape, the creekside was kicking my ass. there is more trail out there than I remembered, especially on the creekside. ACF said he ran 13+ miles, I’m pretty sure he did most of the trail. I did 9+, skipping a little in the middle, and a little at the very end.

  2. Greetings from WLF.

    I’ve walked up the road and taken some fig tree snippets, and have planted them hoping they will root. I’ve also sowed some bean seeds, as well as the seeds fro last night’s red bell pepper.

    I even started earlier than the tree service in the street behind mine, which started making a racket at 8:00am.

  3. David says:

    I had my first and last experience mountain biking on Saturday. I reflexively hit the brakes at the wrong moment, went over the handlebars, and broke my right arm. I’ll have surgery this week or next. No regrets, I was living life, and this is what it looks like. I’ll stick with road biking and just hike if I want to be in the woods. Things happen way too fast on a mountain bike. I knew those brakes where tricky when I first handled the bike. We had been practicing on grass most of the class, and that’s where my crash happened. I picked up just a bit too much speed when practicing trying to jump over an obstacle (pool noodles in this case) and my hands went for the brakes and that was all she wrote.

    • Aw shit, that really sucks. Heal quickly!

    • Steve says:

      Damn! That sucks. Hope your back to “normal” quickly.

    • My Herby Curby tried breaking my forearm today. I was reaching in it to fetch the trash bag I tossed into it this morning, and the lid came down on my forearms as I was pulling the bag out. Fortunately, only going to be bruised.

      Good luck with the surgery.

    • Bonnie says:

      OMG! That’s definitely one of the things that scares me about mountain biking in particular. I think I would ride better if I didn’t have so much fear of injury. But then again, less fear could also mean I’d probably get injured…. *Sigh*

      • David says:

        I have no regrets. I do know I would have completely killed myself if I’d just bought a mountain bike and freestyled it. So I got hurt, but not nearly as hurt as I could have been. It all worked out as well as something like this can.

  4. In from WLF, today’s chores are done which is good because it will be the only day I can do farm choring. After I eat and then shower I will be doing some coding.

  5. Barb says:

    OMG DAVID!!!!
    where did you have your class?
    I fractured my arm (near my elbow) at Sope Creek, I hit the brakes and my bike stopped, but my body did not. I was lucky to not need surgery. Ortho doc was so helpful (but I liked his truthfulness – “its gonna hurt, then it will hurt less, and eventually it won’t hurt. Then you will know its healed.” it was a weird fracture that I just had to deal with it for a few months while it healed.

    • David says:

      I was at Fort Yargo. I was in the grass. I was being careful on the trail, but got a little too enthusiastic learning the final move. I tried to handle the mountain bike like a road bike. Huge mistake. No regrets though. I would have regretted not trying mountain biking. I could have just as easily tripped over a cat at home. This is gonna suck, and as you noted it’ll suck less, and then not at all. I’m glad you dodged surgery.

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