It wasn’t the most productive day in my life yesterday. As far as WLF is concerned I managed to repot fifteen seedlings, as well as eight fig tree cuttings. I was quite disappointed at the lack of rooting by the fig trees. According to the YouTube video I watched, which I followed as closely as I could, I should have seen a lot of strong roots emerging from the cuttings after a month. I started my cuttings on 2/21 and while some of the cuttings had some roots, none had anything like what I saw in the YouTube video. I hope that the transplanted fig branches make it, only time will tell. I have also started looking at the pepper plants I have been over-wintering, and it appears that all but two have died. I have killed so many plants that I am starting to feel like Wee Little Kevorkian.

I walked about three miles, probably very little of which will be used for my trail, before hearing from Steve that he was unable to meet for lunch after all. I decided to use this setback as an opportunity to check out two of my potential endings. I first went to JR Crickets. In all of the years that I have lived in Atlanta, I don’t think I have ever eaten at JR Crickets. The parking lot was smaller than I expected, and when I walked inside the man told me that I needed to order before sitting down, and that they were only accepting cash; I turned and walked out. I have still never eaten at JR Crickets. My second stop, which was my initial idea for the ending, was Torched Hops. I soured on Torched Hops last week when I saw how expensive their food has gotten, but I decided to try it nonetheless. My tater tots poutine were $14 and completely disappointing. The amount of greasy, fatty food on the small platter, which is what I expected for poutine, made me sick to my stomach for hours. I have two more places to investigate before making my decision.

Dinner at Betsy’s was perhaps the best part of my day. Even though I had eaten bacon at lunch, the burrito order I placed from Bell Street Burritos was vegetarian. It was delicious. And with dinner Betsy and I each drank a non-alcoholic beer. Mine was an American IPA from “Rightside Brewing” which was apparently brewed and canned by Big Kettle Brewing in Lawrenceville, which Ham With Cam will also know is owned by our buddy Dave. This was perhaps the best N/A IPA I have consumed. We watched some short Netflix documentaries about Asian street food, which much like the show about African food a few weeks ago, was really more about the hardship of the cooks rather than the food.

Today I have a busy day planned, and it’s already almost 7am as I complete this post. This afternoon I have a haircut appointment, and after which I will stop into one of my Monday night ending candidates. From there I will swing by Atlanta Cycling to buy some new rim tape for my mountain bike rim since I am not confident that the rim tape I have on hand is the right size for the rim.

Later this afternoon I will be meeting some my old work friends and drinking buddies at the Po Boy shop in Decatur. Long time readers may know that one of our favorite bartenders used to work at Benchwarmers, at least until recently. She now works at the Po Boy shop. Unfortunately she wasn’t working the night the hash ended there, it would have been a riot to run into her out of the blue.

May you have a healthy and enjoyable day.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was ALTER, an obvious spin on yesterday’s quip about Steve abandoning me at the altar.

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  1. Steve says:

    Yuck, yuck yuck… AISLE did me well this morning, as I got the Wordle in 3. Mini in just over 1 minute.

    Yesterday’s reason for leaving you at the altar was a quite long tour of the vault and the needed camera upgrades. Don’t get your hopes up, there are plenty of cameras in the vault, but they need to be upgraded. It’s not possible to break away from the “tour” as we had to be escorted since we’re not Cash staff. And I think even Cash staff can’t be in there alone. Imagine.

    I attempted a run/walk last night and was out for 40 minutes. Almost 4 miles and while my heart rate was up, I didn’t have the wind like I normally do. Maybe it’s still pollen, or just old and out of shape.

    Debbie bought a coffin sized garden box/bench/storage unit to store her horse blankets and keep them from being kitty beds. That was only slightly frustrating to put together- the icon in the directions was a screwdriver, but how/why you wouldn’t use a screw gun, I don’t know. No left over parts!! Win.


    • Sorry, I had to joke about it even though I know your hands were figuratively tied, at least they weren’t literally tied were they?

      Good on ya for the exercise and assembly skills.

  2. Bonnie says:

    My only real highlight yesterday was a leisurely hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park. I had asked the husband to move his gym day from yesterday to today so that we could go hike somewhere “good” / northward but he “couldn’t” change his schedule. Whatever. I ended up skipping the gym yesterday so I’ll have to go today. I think. Ha! Wasn’t it supposed to be raining today?

    • It was supposedly to rain, and it’s 95% humidity currently, so it may feel like it’s raining out there…

      Still hoping Monday’s forecast improves. There is a chance of rain, and it will be the coolest day of the next week by far. Dangen!

      • Bonnie says:

        I haven’t been outside yet. I haven’t even been out of bed for more than 45 minutes. *eye roll*

  3. Just failed at Duolingo for the day, will have to wait until my hearts are renewed. Lucking I completed at least one task so ,y stream remains. Check in tomorrow for an update.

    • Barb says:

      It’s 5pm in Girona, we went to Tossa De Mar (part of Costa Brava) for the day. Beautiful day, especially after yesterdays

      Katrina says for Duolingo, if you do a practice level 5, you can regain a heart. She is working on her Spanish. She’s at 791 day streak.

  4. Bonnie says:

    For those not on the hash happy hour page, it is at The Elder Tree on Friday. Of course it is. Every time it’s in my ‘hood I have a prior commitment. Every. Time.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Wordle in 4 using Paulie’s word. I really can’t believe I am solving these things…

  6. Putting a lot of faith in the weather forecast as I set out on foot to do errands without a change of clothing if I get soaked.

  7. Barb says:

    Ok, that 1st post was acting weird.

    Weather yesterday rainy & cold.
    Today, sunny & windy. Beach in Tossa de Mar was beautiful, but the water was cold & rough. Costa Brava coast is gorgeous. It’s about 69 degrees, but can’t say 69 with 2 teenage boys. They are hilarious.
    Saw lots of cyclists, cars font seem to mind them on the windy hilly roads here.
    Had another tapas lunch, and walked around & up & down lots of stairs in some more very old places.

    Heading out to get our Covid antigen tests soon. Then I will upload the info so I can check in on Delta. Flight leaves 11am ish, and we land 3:30. My body has adapted to this time zone, so hopefully we can stay awake until into the evening.

  8. Barb says:

    Whoooo hoooo. Mini in 33 seconds. Got all the across words right 1st try, so never even read the down clues.
    Wordle in 6.

  9. Well, one thing hasn’t changed, I didn’t get into a Curion survey… poop

  10. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 after poaching Steve’s starting word.

    The best neighbor in the world just came and spread the M10 that his guys delivered yesterday. Tanner was an obnoxious baby horse and in the way the whole time, trying to roll in the stone dust WHILE it was being spread. He managed to knock a chunk out of his face and get his cheek covered with grease. He was standing with both front feet in the bucket of the skidsteer while we chatted when Steve finished. If he ever spooks at anything when I start riding him, I’m going to call bullshit. He’s fearless and a busybody.

  11. Having credit at Amazon is dangerous. Bought some things for WLF, and some rim tape since Atlanta Cycling didn’t have the size I needed.

    At least I didn’t buy something like an air fryer…

  12. Barb says:

    Covid tests negative, we have to come home tomorrow.
    Antigen tests are accepted & results in an hour or less. Only 25€ each.
    One last walk down the hills into town.
    I’d be in much better shape if I lived here.
    Saw tons of cyclists today, I guess the Girona to Tossa de Mar is a popular hilly route.
    I thin’ it’s about 60 miles round trip.

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