It’s hard to imagine that I could put on weight after walking over seventeen miles yesterday, but I think that I may have.

I walked five miles in the morning, laying the Eagle and Turkey SLUT trails.
I then walked to meet Davey at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Memorial.
Davey and I walked up the Beltline and over to Biggerstaff Brewing on Edgewood.
From Biggerstaff Davey and I walked back down the Beltline to Three Taverns Imaginarium on Memorial.
From Three Taverns I walked home.
I then walked/ran my Turkey trail again, making sure that all of my marks were still there.

In total, over seventeen miles.
But I drank five beers, ate three big meals, and had a little dessert when I arrived home, so who knows.

A big thanks to all who came out and did my trail, even if the real reason was to eat delicious tacos at the end. *grin* I received compliments for marking the trail well, and people seemed to enjoy the shiggy I worked into the Eagle trail.

My weekend plans are scant, with nothing on my calendar for tonight or tomorrow afternoon/evening. I may ride to Stone Mountain this morning. However my feet and legs are trashed, and rain is predicted to arrive early this afternoon, so I may bag the ride and chore in WLF instead. Though I may ride since I seem to enjoy beating myself up.

Of course I will be picking up garbage and then meeting up with Betsy and Bella tomorrow morning for our Saturday coffee walk, one of the best things to come about during the past couple of years.

I am skipping Black Sheep on Sunday. Initially I was going to do a solo long bike ride up at Sosebee, but Stan can’t hash on Sunday so he and I are going to ride, to Stone Mountain and back.

By BRAG Lite I expect to be in nearly the best shape of my life. Anger can have also have positive side effects if focused properly.

I have decided that my 200th Black Sheep will occur on Sunday, May 22nd. It is highly likely that this will be my last hash until July 31st when I am scheduled to co-hare Black Sheep. I could quit at 201, ahead of Wilma and behind MC Hasher, but far from what I expected for 2022. I really don’t want to give up hashing, but it’s no longer a happy space for me since I can’t deal with the way my life has changed, and it seems like the only option I have to keep me from being depressed. Depression rarely has positive side effects.

As of today the rest of my year is in flux. All of the big hash camping events — Red Top Mountain, Lake Hartwell, Hard Labor — that would have been automatically added to my calendar no longer appeal to me. At least I have BRAG Lite, and will try to enjoy some of the events like Porchfest I used to look forward to attending.

Of course life could change again, though never reverting back to what I had before April, and I could participate and find joy in it all. Time will tell.

Hope that you have a fun-filled weekend, and that you remain healthy.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was TRAPS

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 35 seconds.

    • Barb says:

      thought I’d break 1 minute on the Mini, but as usual, I can’t type. But – 1:03.

  2. Barb says:

    Today’s cheesy song of the morning – “Have you never been mellow” by Olivia Newton John.

    Last night’s hash was fun, caught up with Head Nurse & got to hear about her old neighborhood & piano teacher’s house we went past. Tacos were tasty too.

    Just heard a good thunderboom – maybe my tomatoes will get some rain so I don’t have to water. and I definitely want a volunteer or 2, lets meet up one of these days – maybe Hankook one day next week?

    • Weather forecast was wrong, shocker. Rain started to fall at 9:00am and I was in Decatur. Heard some booms during the last two miles, but nothing close enough to give me concern.

      I feel as if I have gone swimming…

  3. Barb says:

    And – I’d think Hard Labor campout would be your event……..

    Took me 6 on Wordle – I do suck at that game.

  4. Steve says:

    At the cafe for breakfast.

    A day of Manuel labor yesterday. The driveway has rocks on either side at the road and its weed filled, so i started digging it all out. Oddly, only my back hurts a bit today.

    Changed oil and filter in the scooter and tinkered with syncing the carbs, which as far as i can tell are on the money.

    Wordle is a work in progress. Im figuring out im a visual speller, so need a secondary scribble pad to be most efficient.


  5. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE. Steve accused me of cheating by looking over his shoulder since we both had the same second and third words. No peeking just a freaky coincidence on choosing the same second word.

    I coerced him into the cafe visit so I could download some files on faster wifi. The biscuits and endless supply of unsweet tea were bonuses.

    I had 3 hours on the tractor mowing down the worst of the weeds in the pastures and moving the M-10, ie stone dust, around the dry lot before the rain comes and washes some of it away. Using the drag is like having a super-sized zen garden – very rewarding.

    Happy Friday! Looking forward to some pony time and more farm chores this weekend.

    • Barb says:

      we got invited to a Derby party tomorrow evening, any hints as to which horse I should pick?

      • Steve says:

        The fastest one…

        It was odd to see Debbie getting the same guesses I had, but we did both start with my word, which really wasn’t a big help. Great minds, I suppose…

      • Debbie says:

        I would go with Mo Donegal or Smile Happy because I don’t like picking the favorites on the betting board at parties.

      • Derby time already? I guess it makes sense.

  6. After taking an involuntary nap, I have just eaten lunch.
    Now what to do…

    My legs are starting to bark from today’s ride.

    Also, it’s been two weeks since I injured my right thumb and it still hurts. Bummer.

  7. I’ve hit one of those blocks when I am thinking too much about things, and my anger and depression rise. I wonder when these times will end? In addition to keeping away from situations that set me off, I am contemplating professional help.

    • Steve says:

      Never a bad thing, the pros can give you tools to deal with your issues.

      Been there, done that. Would go back again.

      I think we both have a case of involuntary nap today. Of course I haven’t earned mine yet.

      Going out to shovel rocks.

    • Barb says:

      Professional help could help, I know David has said it has been a big help for him.
      Trying to decide to do something, or nothing this evening.
      Allan is at the bike shop, and of course its up to me to decide if we want to do anything. If we stay in, I guess I need to figure out something to make for dinner. Suck 1st world problems I have today.

      • Yeah, though I am a bit clueless about finding someone (boy, that statement rings so true and is the basis die my need) and am worried about the expense.

        Not sure of my plans tonight. Looking at traffic makes me think about staying in, no matter how painful it may be.

  8. Damn, thought I was getting into a Curion taste test and an extra interview on Wednesday and then I was denied.

  9. Roasting some turnips for dinner. Sadly upon inspecting the turnip bed it looks as if I have a bunch of great plants with greens, but that have next to no turnip bulbs.

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