Staying out of contact is the hardest thing that I have had to do in a very long time; it’s incredibly painful. Trying to weigh the great times against the suffering I have had since the start of April, and the sacrifices I will need to make in the future to keep my sanity, is as well. Serenity can’t come soon enough.

I attempted running last night, which turned into jogging, which turned into jogging and walking. My knees were not amused.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 183.2 pounds (+0.6 from last week’s weigh-in); rats, I was hoping to be below 182.0 today…

I FAILED to solve today’s Wordle; my starter today was SHORT; my second Wordle failure because I did not employ my own non-failure strategy and went for the gusto (which my be my starting word tomorrow).

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  1. David says:

    Focusing on your breath when you feel out of control can be a helpful centering exercise. Just notice your breath going in and out for a couple of minutes. Also naming what you’re feeling, as you’re doing, steals some of it’s fire. There’s no quick fixes but every little thing is a step toward being on the other side of this.

    I has some serious writers block with my book that I finally broke free of on two chapters and now the 9th chapter is flowing like water. 3 more to draft after that. I love momentum so much, I just chafe whenever I’m in a space where I can’t move.

    Wordle in 5 today, NYT Mini is 36 seconds. Heardle is a slam dunk from 1976, I didn’t need the whole second, just a couple of notes.

  2. Good to know. Thank you.

    Well done breaking through your writer’s block!

    Don’t know why I didn’t get today’s Wordle, too much lateral thinking. I am banking CHAFE as a future starting word.

    With my Wordle streak broken I am off to do my Duolingo to keep that streak alive.

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 6 and that was sketchy at best. After getting just one letter with my opener, my second word was my normal opener and that was no help whatsoever. Mini in 2 minutes.

    I added an additional little windshield to the scooter last night and took it out for a test ride. I can’t decide if I’ll keep it or not. It does seem to improve the noise, but it’s exactly in my sightline and is a bit annoying.

    In the orifice today and tomorrow. Games meeting tonight.

    A bidness trip to Miami next weekend was on then off and is now pending again. If they can get me some more power pulled, I can go down and help them install equipment. Might be pushed into June.


  4. At the dealership getting maintenance done on the M6 ahead of my impending journey.

  5. Apparently my Wordle browser tab is still “old”. My Wordle word today was different than Betsy’s

    • Barb says:

      is yours the NYT ? my wordle used to be a different one, then it switched to this a little while back. https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html

      • Yes, but apparently the NYT has changed a handful of answers, like removing FETUS as yesterday’s answer. I didn’t refresh my browser tab because I never expected today’s answer to also be changed. Also, I tend to do Wordle between 4:00-5:00am, so I might beat their change?

        • Barb says:

          maybe you are in a different time zone, I remember Katrina got different words than I got when we were in Spain. But wait- it was the next days word for me. Never mind.

  6. Barb says:

    got Wordle in 4, with a little help from google with words ending in O. I know, I cheat.
    Mimi in 1:21 today, got lucky there. (and my typing in the correct boxes is slowly getting better)

    Allan was in yard work mode yesterday afternoon, after mowing, edging, etc, he decided to trim back bushes & cut down some limbs & small trees. Our burn pile that can’t be burned until fall is pretty large, but it will be better once all the leaves die. That pole pruner little chainsaw attachment we bought for the Stihl was a great investment.

    Tonight we go see Dr Strange for the $6 movie night (damn inflation, it used to be $5).
    Invited some friends to join us, we now have 11 people going. I had a crazy dream last night about the disaster of having a bunch of people to herd (not enough tickets, people not wanting to sit next to certain people), but I think I incorporated hashing mismanagement into that dream, as there were giveaways that weren’t the right sizes, etc. I guess I’m over being the organizer?

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 5, but I cheated with the 3 letters that I had had since word 2, but couldn’t make sense of with my foggy brain.

    Our gun-happy new neighbors were at it again last night, but when we got home from dinner and grocery shopping, they were chatting with 3 of Meriwether’s finest. Don’t know who called the police, but welcome to the neighborhood.

    The only law governing their hobby is proximity to other houses, property lines, etc. Steve saw the deputy headed into the woods with them, so I’m guessing they were checking those things. Good that they are on the sheriff’s radar nonetheless. Those are not hunting weapons.

    Fixing the two legit errors in my project and setting it loose in the world.

    David do you use Captivate for your projects? The learning curve on it is kicking my butt.

    • David says:

      Debbie, I use Camtasia. I don’t have any experience with Captivate. Video editing is such a MASSIVE time suck! Good for you to fix those two things and move on. My previous perfectionism kept me from shipping anything, it’s such a blessing to have shed that particular skin.

  8. Note to Future Paulie: schedule maintenance at least a week prior road trips. This way there is time to rectify any problems that may arise.

  9. I’ve eaten a large lunch, “meat”loaf, in anticipation of doing a twenty mile bike ride tonight.

  10. Barb says:

    got a bag of Peanut Puffs at Aldi since its German week to try something new – its like a puffy Cheetos but tastes like peanuts. Pretty interesting for a snack – I kind of like it.

    Went to Tai Chi class for my lunch break today – maybe someday I’ll get it -but its something zen to do – and I know i need more zen in my life.

    • Good on ya!

      I know I could use some zen these days. There is only so much cleaning and reorganizing I can do today to chase away the demons.

      Riding tonight will thankfully kick my ass.

      I am going to have to get a therapist soon.

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