I may never get to say “I do”, but here is something I will get to say at least once in my life — “I received notice that I have paid off my mortgage.”

Not all is swell in Camelot, however. Family drama has reared its ugly head again.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was SWEAT

Oh yeah, yesterday’s Wordle tidbit. When I was away spending days at Jill’s (Supersuck) cabin in NC a few weeks ago we played an analog version of Wordle since we had no internet nor cell service. We’d write a word on a slip of paper and then create a board; the other person then had up to six guesses. For one turn Jill told me that she was going to give me FLUFF but thought that was too mean. FLUFF was yesterday’s word, and strangely I started yesterday with CABIN.

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 43 seconds.

    Heardle fail. Never heard of song, nor artist/band.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5, starting with AISLE!! Cabin/fluff, obscure, but funny.

    An amazing stage of the TdF yesterday. Nelson Powless (American riding for EF Education) was in the break all day and was the virtual leader for a while. Had he been able to keep the break moving instead of screwing around, he would be in yellow, but for the moment, is 2nd at 13 seconds (or there abouts). I’m not aware of anyone crashing out, but I’m still not a big fan of cobbles at the TdF. Too much random chance of something bad happening.

    Debbie joined Nicole on a return trip to Auburn and the horses look much better and will be coming home Sunday. Fur children… what’s a mother to do? I stayed home and cut the grass.


    • I thought yesterday’s stage was incredible. The dust kicked up on the cobble stages was insane.

      • Steve says:

        The TV bikes have to get close to get a good shot, but then kick up the dust in front of the riders. That can’t be good to breathe.

        No penalties for pacing behind cars or anything odd yesterday. Just the routine “peeing in public” and throwing bottles out in the wrong place. The TdF produces the results and only uses English where really needed. The jury decisions I have to translate from French. At least the Giro puts the results up in 3 languages (Italian, French, and English).

  3. David says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with SLANT. It was looking questionable if I’d figure it out but a Hail Mary word on my 4th attempt made another piece fall into place. NYT Mini in 45 seconds, no chance in hell on the Heardle.

  4. Barb says:

    Paulie – you have family drama, we have family drama.
    Mary got bent out of shape because Kaleb (the oldest at 17) wanted to sleep over here, he’d have his own bed. They only have 2 beds for guests across the street, and all the kids are teenagers, they don’t want to sleep together. So, when they went to get the rest of the gang (flight got in at 930pm) TJ unloaded all the luggage & said they were all sleeping over here. Allan is PO’d at his mom. Weird passive/aggressive behavior & TJ is going along with it. We got it all worked out eventually (sort of), the 2 younger ones are sleeping over there.
    Katrina tried to explain that Kaleb wasn’t even supposed to be here this trip, he wasn’t in the original plan. I’m pretty sure Allan will suck it up while they are here, but once they leave to go back home, he will have a very uncomfortable discussion with his mother. We might be out of the will once that happens.

  5. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with BLOAT

    I’m sorry about everyone’s family drama; that’s always tough.

    My injury from Monday’s fall is getting worse instead of better. I may have to break down and go see a doctor.

    My tomatoes are full of fruit, but it isn’t ripening. I read that can happen when it’s too hot. If that’s the case, they’ll never ripen – I don’t see it cooling off any time soon. I’ve been cutting back branches and culling some of the fruit to see if I can encourage them to ripen. This gardening business is stressful! I just want to eat tomatoes dammit!!

    • Ugh, hope your recover soon.

      I am glad I am not trying to make a living gardening. Tomatoes are heat finicky, especially with pollination. Hopefully yours will start to turn, and then you can let them fully ripen on a windowsill.

  6. Tried to do some tidying up of WLF but heat and family drama updates kept me from getting a lot done. It’s a jungle out there and I want to get it back to a condition where I won’t be ashamed if people come over.

    Now back inside. Lunch today was cherries and grapes I purchased at Publix this morning.

  7. Steve says:

    The rain is marching SE. If we get it, it will be later this afternoon.

    An interesting report from Google Maps for the month of June. I can tell you just how much gas I burned by counting all the service station stops on my trip. A lot.

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