Any plan to go on a long bike ride today went out the window when I arrived home last night at 11:15pm. It was a long day of hashing, drinking, and having fun.

It was a good way to end my birthday month and put my hashing days to rest for awhile.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was DRAPE

July Summary

07/01 – ?, V, nothing ????
07/02 – ?, V, cycling ????
07/03 – ?, V, hiking ????
07/04 – ?, V, cycling ????
07/05 – ?, M, cycling ????
07/06 – ?, V, yard work ????
07/07 – ?, M, walking ????
07/08 – ?, V, walking ????
07/09 – ?, V, nothing ????
07/10 – ?, V, trainer, yard work ????
07/11 – ?, M, cycling ????????
07/12 – 185.4, V, cycling ????
07/13 – ?, V, nothing ????
07/14 – ?, M, nothing ????
07/15 – ?, V, walking ????
07/16 – ?, V, walking, running ????
07/17 – ?, V, walking ????, chafing ????
07/18 – ?, V, yard work ????
07/19 – 185.8, V, walking ????
07/20 – ?, V, nothing ????
07/21 – ?, V, nothing ????
07/22 – ?, M, nothing ????
07/23 – ?, V, walking ????
07/24 – ?, V, hiking ????
07/25 – ?, V, walking ????????
07/26 – 186.6, V, yard work, cycling ????
07/27 – ?, V, cycling ????
07/28 – ?, M, reccying ????
07/29 – ?, V, yard work ????
07/30 – ?, V, walking ????
07/31 – ?, M, walking, cycling, hiking ????

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28 Responses to 2022-08-01

  1. WordPress still misinterprets Apple emoji. This still bothers me.

    NYT Mini Crossword in 35 seconds.

    Heardle in the first second.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5, Mini in 2.

    Glad the hash went well.

    I rode Saturday morning, but really wasn’t feeling it and was back home after less than 15 miles. My plan of riding the scooter was also foiled by a significant amount of rain. Sometime in the evening or early Sunday, I let the dogs out and heard the beginning of World War 3. They discovered an armadillo and had it cornered by the front porch. Peace was restored when I dragged them both inside.

    Sunday’s scooter ride was postponed when Debbie decided Tanner’s eye looked bad enough to require Vet care. We took him to the hospital, where he will be for a couple nights while they get it under control.

    Happy Monday!


  3. Went back to sleep and slept until 8am. Just made a near-perfect fried egg for breakfast. Still struggling, so I am lounging on the couch watching tv.

    Also poly/Paulie tunnel is now supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I still have my doubts that it will be since according to Amazon it has yet to be shipped. Frustrating.

    • Trunk is finally unloaded, hash clothes are hanging to dry. I think it will be advisable to visit the Waschsalon tomorrow to clean the bell out of them and then pack them away for awhile.

  4. Barb says:

    where did you go after the hash? staying out inti 11:15 pm? Who are you?

    • I forgot my sunglasses and hat at the end, so after driving to the start I turned around, picked up the beer stop, and returned to the end. I went to Lasiter’s (my first time) where I ate dinner, and then poorly shot pool and threw darts.

      Seriously, I am paying for it now. All my shit is still in the car. Eventually I will have to get up and clean it all out.

      • Barb says:

        Did you get Trusseled last night?

        Lassiters – that’s a blast from the past.
        I say very often when I’m over at the bike shop with Allan – we ought to go there someday.

      • Steve says:

        Pool AND darts? Wow… I haven’t thrown darts in… a really long time. It’s good to be out of the house.

        • Well, we wanted to throw darts but the bar only had one set which some guys had claimed and had just started playing. So, we switched to pool and struggled through two games and were chatted up by a guy name Bobby who was sitting near the table. By the time we finished two games of pool the dart throwers were gone.

  5. Barb says:

    busy weekend for us.
    Friday night Brewery Road played at Schoolhouse – got conflicting info about a food truck being there – so we picked up some Bamboo Fish from TC & some wings from another place. And of course, the food truck showed up. (but our food was better!)

    Saturday went camper shopping – new campers are a hell of a lot of money. Got a better idea of what brands, etc. we want – now to start the used search even more seriously. Trying to find a full size queen bed is a challenge – no idea why the camping world thinks a short bed is a good idea.

    Sunday did a morning walk around Marietta with a breakfast stop, then went to the start of the BS hash. I knew it would be long and uphill – so a couple of us did an alternate (more level) walk. Stopped by the end of the hash, but wasn’t really in the mood to drink beer, so a quick change of plans happened, and went shoe shopping with Kevin. Of course found other things to buy too. I’m a horrible shopper, I’m a buyer.

  6. David says:

    Wordle in 4 for a change, starting with CRANE. Mini in 31 seconds. Flamed out on Heardle, knew the band but couldn’t place it.

    • Barb says:

      there are too many words that end in those 3 letters – Wordle took me 5.
      Mini in 1:30 – I really need to proofread my typing better.
      Heardle- should have know it – didn’t do all that great on the others as well, my brain wasn’t working, as I knew the 70s & 80s, but didn’t. Got the 2000s – that was too easy.

      • Stumped by 80s and 90s today, though not surprised since the latter is the solo artist’s work, from the band who is today’s 80s answer.

        • David says:

          I knew the 70s, it took me 5 seconds though. 80s #1 Heardle I whiffed on, but that is completely OK. The Heardle 80s (www.heardle80s.com) was a fail because I had completely the wrong band. Made me feel like my memory is going a little. I was surprised I new the Heardle 2000s, as I don’t think I have every listened to a full song by that artist.

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 staring with QUIRK – good day to pull that one out of thin air. Mini in 44 seconds – it would’ve been quicker if I hadn’t fumbled so much typing on my iPhone.

    So so weekend. I kept threatening to do some work, but never did, so this week will be a push week to finish up a project by Friday.

    Good report from the vet this morning on Tanner’s eye. Horse’s eyes can develop issues very quickly that can require removal, so I’m erring on the side of caution, and he’s a brat to medicate so I’m okay paying someone to do it.

    Here’s to a good week for everyone!

  8. I am really struggling to give a flying fuck today. It’s already too warm to work outside, and I should probably put away the rest of my hashing shit, but all I want to do is lie on the couch and eat.

    • David says:

      I think that’s exactly what you should do then. Seriously. I base this on the approach when I come down with a cold or something. I’ve found that if I come down with something, if I just stop and be sick for a day, I generally get over it much faster than if I try to push through. So, take a sick day, if you will. A mental health day. I think you may find it’s more productive than trying to will yourself through. There’s only so much of that any of us can do in life before it turns into self-flagellation.

      • I think that is the direction I am heading.

        Just ate an early lunch, even by my standards, of a vegetable fry up with rice. Sadly I waited too long to use the two baseball-sized eggplant I harvested last week. Did have plenty of WLF-produced vegetables, however.

        • David says:

          Bummer on the eggplant, but hey, kudos on your high vegetable intake. I could do way better on that front.

  9. Steve says:

    Having internet issues through the office connection. This is a test.

  10. Steve says:

    Paulie’s blog just diagnosed the internet issue! Good work Paulie!

  11. Puttered in WLF. Continue to be underwhelmed by my potato yield. Planted some beet, turnip, and cabbage seeds into the containers that were used for potatoes.

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