Starting anew today.

Funny story from last night. One of the guys, who is about my age, was talking about the Adidas shirts worn in the 1980s. He was trying to remember exactly how they looked. And then it hit me… “You mean a shirt like this?” I said, showing him my phone.

ITP @ 13 or 14 (Skinny Me)
Yours truly, as an early teenager, posing on a dock near Clearwater Beach which no longer exists.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was NIGHT

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 1:13; not my best effort.

    Heardle fail.

  2. David says:

    Shout out to young Paulie! You’re a savant to be able to literally pull that picture up out of your pocket.

    Wordle in 5. NYT Mini in 1:20. The puzzle was a bit too clever today.

    Big fat Heardle fail, better luck on the 70s and one of the 80s. The 70s was a groaner for me once I realized the song.

    A sizeable group ride rolled by my house at 6:15 this morning. I much prefer to ride solo or with one other person.

    Regarding your musing yesterday, if you don’t make a big move, what will you do instead? Continue to marinate in your sorrows? Deciding not to decide (even unconsciously) is a decision too, and a way of abdicating control over your future. My favorite line from the Shawshank Redemption is “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”, which seems apropos here.

  3. Sal says:

    Wordle in 3 using your word night. NYT mini in 1:20 just because I haven’t got the hang of it yet and not quick on the keyboard. Love the young Paulie! I have Whiskey Shots this week as her parental units are in Oregon…where I would like to be right about now. :). Heading to Red Top State Park this morning to map out the new Red Top Rumble race course. Then, if it doesn’t rain this afternoon, I will attempt to mow my grass. My exciting life. :). Looked at gravel bikes….why are they so expensive?????

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5, mini we won’t talk about. Too clever, for sure.

    I’m not sure I understand just HOW you happened to have that picture on your phone. Did you scan it in or take a picture of it? Seems pretty high quality.

    Games meeting would be a reasonable length if the prez would just conduct business and not just pontificate. Home by 9:45. Ugh.

    Sal, I think rain this afternoon is pretty likely. I’m supposed to walk with my now retired friend Mary, but I’m afraid we will get rained out.


  5. Getting out of the shower I saw that the breakout from the poison ivy I was pulling last Wednesday has migrated to my waistline. Fuck I hate that shit! Off to a doc-in-a-box this morning.

    • Yowza, $75 co-pay today because I am a walk-in patient. I was nearly a walk-out patient, but want to know this fucking poison ivy out of my system.

    • Shot in the ass, waiting ten minutes to ensure I don’t have a bad reaction…

      • David says:

        Well, that’s a literal pain in the ass on several levels. Given my past experiences with poison ivy I would gladly pay a lot more than $75 to clear it up. My eyes swelled almost shut once as a kid from having poison ivy on my face. I’ve had it over huge swaths of my body too. You can bet I have avoided that shit like the plague. I somehow am less sensitive now. Dunno how I pulled that off.

  6. Jenka says:

    Super cute pic! What happened?! 🙂

    Didn’t do Wordle again. It’s basically all I can do to get Duolingo done. Speaking of which, it looks the same to me? They made a change about 3-ish months ago (to Super Duolingo) but nothing since.

    We had dinner at Ticonderoga Club last night. That place is wildly under-rated for food. It’s ridiculously hipster-y with their cocktails and ironic mustaches, but the food is amazing. I would not suggest going there, though, because it’s commensurately pricey. That was a bit steep for a Tuesday night dinner.

    David, we had planned to go to the cabin this weekend but when I reminded Kevin that it was Summer Shade he wanted to go to that instead.

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with AISLE, Mini in 1:24. I’ve never heard the Lost in the ___ slang before.

    Look at handsome young Paulie! I need to start scanning family photos and sharing them around. I think I have the vast majority of my folks’ photo collection.

    The farrier was scheduled at 9:30 this morning and just as he was pulling into our driveway, he got a call that a delivery, that was supposed to come after lunch, was at his place. He had to turn around and go meet him. Now we’re on for 10:30. No skin off my nose, since I had already caught the ponies and they can hang out for an hour, but I bet it’s jacked his day up big time.

    Speaking of deliveries, our Gobble box arrives today after a couple of weeks’ hiatus. It sure makes life easier. I compensated by picking up a couple of Home Chef meals at Kroger, but one of them took 50 minutes to make which is way too long for us. 20 minutes max is the sweet spot and most Gobble meals are 15 or less.

    The lady that was coming to look at Ceili on Friday backed out. I’m going to investigate sending her off to someone on consignment. Dealing with horse shoppers is hellish.

    George is currently doing zoomies around the house at a high rate of speed. Glad he’s getting some of his energy out. He’s a wild boy.

  8. Barb says:

    busy morning work wise -and I’m back to the periodontist at 1130.
    I think this is just a cleaning & a check up to see when the implants are ready for crowns.

    Got a shot for PI? that’s no fun. Allan has a bottle of prednisone that we take when the PI is just starting, it usually slows it down enough that it isn’t a super horrible experience.

    No times for all the games yet today -maybe this afternoon

    • I’ve never gotten a shot before, we’ll see how it works. I also have a scrip for Prednisone that I need to pick up tomorrow.

      • David says:

        I wouldn’t think you’d need a shot and the pills, but it won’t hurt to have them around for future incidents. I would have thought the shot would be sufficient, or at least it was for me back in the day. The pred can give you some really fun ‘roid rage, so be ready.

  9. Don’t be envious, but I am now an Ingles Advantage member!

    Yes, I had to go to a store and fill out a form in pen, then the woman told me that it will take about ten months (!) for my data to get entered into their computer system. I have a wallet card and key ring tags that I can use in the meantime.

    • Debbie says:

      Welcome to the land of Laura Lynn house brands, which I don’t actually partake of, but they’re an option. Ingles has a better meat counter than our other options and it’s easy to get in and out so it’s my default for quick grocery runs.

    • David says:

      Dude! You’re roaming around back in 1985 again!

  10. Steve says:

    While I like Ingles generally, they have never impressed me in the technology department- case in point. Hire a small service bureau to put up a little website so you can do your own data entry. No big security risk and it’s done and you can be tracked to your hearts content. My Kroger number is our old house phone on Gordon Rd. Track that, MF!

    • Jenka says:

      I’m pretty sure that our Ingles card is tied to Kevin’s ex-wife’s cell phone. She set up the Ingles account when they bought our cabin in Ellijay back in 2004. HAH!

  11. Sal says:

    But Ingles does carry the Seltzer Lebanon Bologna and has pretty good pimento cheese!!

  12. I don’t think I mentioned that the Ingles cars will be exercised when I go camping/visiting we’ll OTP where Ingles are the predominant stores.

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