I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was STRAW

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7 Responses to 2022-10-13

  1. Steve says:

    Good morning from the luxurious Holiday Inn express in Stone Mountain.

    The week has been going very well. Yesterdays rain will only help keep the dust down and give everything a nice bath. We’ve had good crews and what has come out to the field has been hard-working as opposed to joy riding.

    No time for crosswords or Wordle. Maybe later today.


    • Looking as if the weather will be perfect for you this weekend at least.

      If everything in WLF weren’t so wet due to the early morning rain I’d be out there now pulling plants that won’t survive the coming cool weather.

  2. Jenka says:

    Yesterday’s Wordle in 3 using SALET which, if you remember, had NONE of the letters. Woot!

    Braves won last night after a 3 hour rain delay to tie the series 1-1.

  3. Barb says:

    Last visit to the periodontist this morning until next spring – my implants are good, now back to a dentist to get my crowns! (& spend a bunch more money)
    Ran into Karyn (aka Cooter Scooter) in the parking lot- she works in the same building. Nice 5 minute chat with her.

    Allan is out getting his colonoscopy this morning –

  4. Barb says:

    Final appt for a while with the periodontist this morning – I’m all clear to go to the dentist & get the crowns! More money to be spent!
    Ran into Karyn (aka Cooter Scooter) in the parking lot – she works in that building – had a nice quick 5 minute catch up conversation.

    Allan is off getting a colonoscopy this morning – I think the stuff he had to drink was much better tasting than the stuff I had years ago – he didn’t complain (& almost puke) like I did.

  5. Spent time cleaning out a small potion of WLF. In the process I created a bunch of garden waste for compost.

    As a fake farmer I have learned to make dishes using whatever bounty WLF provides. Todays lunch was couscous, with sautéed onion, shallot, um,triple types of peppers (all from WLF), and handfuls of marble-sized tomatoes (from WLF). Some day soon I am going to ensure the large squash I have been growing are human edible and will roast one to see no it tastes.

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