I should have remembered my hotel last night sits one block from two Mexican restaurants before eating Mexican for lunch yesterday. So, instead I crossed the busy road to the new Mobil station and picked up some beer (from a horrible-for-me selection), beef jerky, and popcorn for dinner.

I considered watching last night’s Monday Night Football Game until I realized that it was yet another NFL game being played internationally. I am far from the most patriotic person, but I think it’s a major disservice to season ticket holders to continually play games abroad. So far there have been at least four international games (two? in England, one each in Germany and Mexico)? Meh, I probably would have turned it off after the first five commercial breaks anyway.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was BEAST

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  1. Barb says:

    We were productive yesterday afternoon & put up the outside Christmas lights yesterday, it was nice enough outside, so figured why not.

    I think we have most everything set up for Thanksgiving, I do have to go to the grocery store & grab a couple things we forgot. Looking like we will have 24 people – yikes! Collecting an extra 2 tables & some chairs later today.

  2. Steve says:

    Server issues…

  3. Steve says:

    Someday I will learn what characters you use to give commands to your server that I occasionally use…

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with SAINT.

    • Barb says:

      wordle in 4 – had 2 choices for my 2rd word, picked the wrong one.
      Mini – over 2 minutes – had no quick idea on some of the answers

  5. Jenka says:

    I think there were actually three in the UK. I think it’s great to share American football with the world, but I definitely agree that it’s wrong to shortchange season ticket holders, AKA their loyal fanbase.

    Steve and Debbie, I am so sorry again about Izzy. I would be devastated. Hugs!

    Today hopefully the things I kept from my parents’ house will be delivered. It’s weird that I will never see the house again, it has been “home” for my entire life.

    I could eat Mexican twice in one day (and have).

    • I could, but I didn’t want to.

      • Jenka says:

        I *almost* had popcorn for dinner last night. But Kevin insisted on ordering salads instead. Spoilsport.

        • David says:

          I miss popcorn. I haven’t had any since at least August of 2021 due to having adult braces. Hopefully in January I can have a popcorn fest of sorts.

    • Barb says:

      I know what you mean about “home”. My parents have lived in their house for almost 60 years. It will be so crazy someday when they don’t live their anymore.
      My crazy hoarder brother (that lives in the basement) “thinks” we will let him have the house someday, but I seriously do not want to do that to the neighbors. Plus, he can’t afford to buy us out.
      Luckily for us it isn’t a huge house, so the clean out someday will be (but not be) that overwhelming.
      My sister & I subtly mess with closets when we are home, slowly making some of the crap go away.

      • Jenka says:

        We paid someone to get rid of a lot of the stuff. We went through and chose what we wanted, my Dad went ahead and moved, and then the rest we taken care of by the moving company. I’ve experienced both sides, we physically filled 4 dumpsters worth of junk from Kevin’s parents house and packed up the rest. Option 1 is definitely the better method.

    • David says:

      I am here for “all Mexican, all the time.” Ole!

      Jalisco in Peachtree Battle has been my sanctuary for over three decades now.

  6. Hello from Asheboro NC where I have finally stopped for breakfast. Taking the backroads from Charlotte to Raleigh.

    My left eyelid appears a bit irritated, I’m seriously hoping not to repeat the inflammation and bother it caused me during my last trip up here in June. It would be wonderful to be “completely healthy” again some day, but I am starting to believe that is out of the realm of possibility.

    • Steve says:

      It only gets worse as you get older. AMHIK.

      Gave up trying to send my blog report. A sad day for sure, yesterday.

      The family owned the house in EP from 1969 until whenever we sold it a few years back. I hope the folks who own it now enjoy it. I’ve driven passed and it’s well lived in, with basketball goals and other fun things.

  7. Sorry about the issues, folks. Other than writing this nonsense I have no admin input.

    Hello from Raleigh NC, btw. Just pulled in at the home of the Raleigh Royalty, after stopping at my favorite package store beforehand. Don’t want to be a bad houseguest and arrive empty handed, you know…

  8. This is for Jenka: Interview with ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Phil

    Btw, are you going to the December 7th event?

    • Jenka says:

      Oh please, oh please, oh please let there be more seasons!

      I think his event is on Dec 3? We will be at the cabin that weekend. Also, we know our babysitter is unavailable because she can’t watch Finn while we go to a 50th birthday party on Dec 3. So instead we’re going to the cabin.

  9. Debbie Brady says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with WAFER.

    Looking forward to having the rest of the week off. It looks like I will no longer be employed by my current company in 2023. It’s a relief in many ways, but a complete swing from a few months ago when I was looking at a promotion and company car. Oh well, such is life – which is too short for any more of the political shitstorm!

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