Yesterday was another day in my life where I ate too much and drank too much beer.

Today is another day where I am disappointed in my Wordle play.

And just when I thought my knee was improving, I tweaked it again this morning. Dangen!

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was HEART

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  1. David says:

    Happy Friday! I’m starting it right with a massage this morning. I actually slept through the night again, second time this week. Maybe I’m on to something here with this separation from my wife. She’s taking our bed away tomorrow, with my blessing. I tbink this stupid temperpedic mattress we’ve had has been contributing to my shitty sleep pattern as well.

    It’s a weird time. I’ve spent more of my life with her than without her, so there’s lots to process. After she moves out tomorrow I will he attacking what’s left in the house with a vengeance to eliminate clutter. I’m thinking about renting a dumpster again, but I’m not sure that I have enough stuff the warrant that. I did fill my first dumpster to the brim a year or two ago. That sure was satisfying.

    It’s the last day of school for my kids, so I sure will be glad for the break in driving them to/from.

    Wordle in 4 starting with SLACK. I got caught up on the Mini last night. Today’s took almost 2 minutes because I couldn’t figure out the last letter of a drag queen’s name to save my life and finally Googled it to end my misery

    • I fell asleep and spent the entire night on the futon in my den. Did I mention that I had too much to drink yesterday? Lol

      Lately my Wordle luck/skill has been bad. I’d like to get a three or two soon to improve my feelings about playing it. Perhaps I will write the Wordle clone app I set out to write earlier this year, and that will pique my interest again.

      Happy Friday, Happy Decluttering!

      • David says:

        Happy Friday, indeed! I realized a while back that I was investing way too much energy into Wordle, and found it crazy-making. Changing my perspective on it, and only working it when I have the headspace has changed things a lot. I used to feel like I had to do it every morning. I still start it, but if I’m not feeling it, I let it marinate for later.

    • Jenka says:

      I used to have a tempurpedic and I loved it! I am thinking about getting another when we replace our current mattress next year.

    • Debbie Brady says:

      I need to look and see what kind of mattress we have. It has been life-changing in a great way. If you’re going to be shopping, you should try one out. I particularly love the adjustable base. We don’t do anything crazy with it, but having the head lifted a little bit makes me much more comfortable than laying flat.

      Even the very best kind of change has its challenging moments. I know you’ll handle them with grace.

      • Jenka says:

        I totally want an adjustable bed. Kevin would never use it but I would keep it inclined permanently. I’d love to know what brand you have!

  2. This morning I watched a YouTube video of a guy taking Amtrack from Raleigh, NC to Sebring, FL. I didn’t think such travel was available these days. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how, but the video made me want to ride Amtrack, and not want to ride Amtrack simultaneously.

    • Jenka says:

      I looooooove trains! I am already planning my 50th birthday which will involve a luxury train through Scotland.

    • David says:

      I had never ridden Amtrak and took the train from my brother’s town in Indiana to Chicago. It was a very cool experience, and I’d like to do it again. Amtrak has a lot on common with MARTA, the damn trains don’t go anywhere I’d like to go. It’s pretty easy to take bikes on Amtrak, so I’m thinking of taking the train to New Orleans with my bike and riding around town sometime.

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with SAINT, which did me no good except eliminating choices.

    After review of my yearly PTO, I was still 17 hours over the carry over point of 80, so I’m “off” today and the last Friday of the year. Yet here I am on the company laptop and dutifully checking email. I did just get up and will carry this thing with me as I run errands…

    More tinkering with my car’s headlight, which I think I have isolated to the actually wiring connector. And in moving the car out of the man cave and the scooter back in, I realized the scooter needs a new headlight as well. It’s “on” on low beam, but I could not use it on the road. That seems to be a simple repair, so 2 things to buy at the auto parts.

    David, continued good luck on your progress. You seem to have made every effort to try and resolve/repair/save the marriage. When there was no further chance to reconcile, you moved on. Having been there and done that, I think that’s really important for your mental health. There will likely still be mixed feelings at times.

    A great weekend, everyone.


    • David says:

      Thank you for that, Steve, truly. Yes, I definitely tried everything possible. The fact that I’m making the right decision becomes ever more clear with each day that passes. I greatly appreciate your support.

  4. Jenka says:

    I could get used to a 2 day work week!

    Tonight is Kevin’s office holiday party, after which we will go for fancy dinner at C. Ellet’s in the Battery. No plans the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow we get Finn for the week.

    • David says:

      Jenka, if I can ask, what custody schedule are you guys on? Week/week off? We’ve discussed the 5-2-2-5 arrangement, 5 days at say my house, 2 at the other, 2 days at my house, 5 at the other. That shakes out to something like I’d have them every Wednesday/Thursday, and then alternating weekends. I’m not really hung up on any particular schedule so long as I maintain equal access to my kids.

      • Jenka says:

        That is exactly the custody arrangement we have. His mother has every Monday/Tuesday, we have every Wednesday/Thursday, and we switch off weekends. When it’s our weekend, we have him Wednesday through Monday morning. When it’s his mother’s weekend, she has him Friday through Wednesday. It sounds confusing at first but it really isn’t. It works best if both parents live in the same school system (or close to it). Before Molly went to college she would just ride her bike between our houses according to the schedule.

        For holidays we have a list, and we switch off years. I’m happy to share our holiday list with you if you’re interested.

        • David says:

          It definitely sounded confusing at first but quickly made sense. I like the predictability of it. My wife and I will definitely in close proximity, in a year I’ll get an apartment in Candler Park with walking distance to their school, and Fellini’s! 🙂

          I’d love to hear your holiday schedule. Paulie has my contact info if you don’t want to post it here. Thank you, this is helpful information.

    • Debbie Brady says:

      Jenka, how old is Finn?

      Enjoy your fancy dinner!

      • Jenka says:

        He’s 17, but he is autistic and developmentally he is approximately about 7 and he’ll never grow beyond that. He’s fairly emotionally intelligent but he can’t read or take care of himself, and he can’t be left alone.

  5. David says:

    By the way, you can get 4 more COVID tests for free at https://www.covid.gov/tests. The government is offering a new round of tests.

  6. Debbie Brady says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with LOSER. I guessed one letter wrong on 3 that pisses me off every time.

    It’s my last workweek Friday! WOOT! The next two are holidays. Not that I’ve actually worked today. I’m way past quiet quitting and into aggressive quitting. I want to finish one last project before I ride off into the sunset, but I’m at the mercy of a contractor on getting the video I need. If it doesn’t happen, I will not lose a wink of sleep.

    I’m still gluten-free, but the pain is back. I’m so annoyed and concerned. My appointment with the gastroenterologist is Tuesday morning and as Steve said it will be nice to get intel from an actual MD vs Dr. Google.

    In keeping with my no work today, I’m going to go ride a horse shortly. It’s been way too long since I enjoyed myself with these beasts that rule my life.

    Speaking of beasts … George letting himself in appears to be a one-off. He opens the door, but won’t walk through it. He’s a quirky little dude.

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