On Saturday night, after securing my third annual Georgia Beer Day glass, I returned home and made myself a Beyond burger, with a piece of lettuce from WLF. Lettuce from WLF? It’s a miracle!

My first brewery stop, an obscure location called Local Ties Brewing in Carrollton, Georgia was sold out of glasses by the time I arrived, but I was able to score one at Cochran Mill Brewing later in the day. I nearly stopped at another new-to-me brewery, Awkward Brewing in Fayetteville, Georgia, until I saw their beer offerings on Google; not for me…

Add raccoon to the list of critters in WLF. Yesterday morning I went outside to do a bit of seed sowing, and at one point heard a grunt and saw “something” racing toward the back of my yard. At first I thought large cat, or small dog, until I got a look at it and realized that it was a raccoon. Thankfully its thoughts turned to fleeing rather than attacking because I would have been completely outmatched.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was BROIL

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  1. Going to give my ailing knees a test today with a bike ride on the Silver Comet later. I am bummed that I seem to continually experience pain in my knees, especially since I have not been doing anything strenuous. I miss the days when they didn’t hurt daily.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with GRAIN.

    A great weekend. Went to the 3 Star competition in Aiken. Imagine 5 adjacent soccer fields and running a cross country jump course through them. Calculated time was just over 4 minutes. You were up close most of the time and it was great to watch. Prior to starting the competition, there was a course walk led by a couple of the top riders. It was fascinating to hear the thought process of approaching a jump, setting up and preparing for the next. There was also a demonstration of combined driving- single horse pulling a driver and “navigator” (counterweight). Really cool and another way to spend a lot of money with horses. Sadly, we were unprepared, having never been before, with no sunscreen, no chairs and no cooler. Epic fail- I’m burnt to a crisp. We will go back.

    Sunday was a 20 mile road bike ride and a nice ride on the scooter. Was planning to ride the CX bike but started to put on the new brake hoods and realized I was unprepared to finish the work, since it needed new cable.


  3. It appears that the trash panda got its revenge last night by destroying some plastic trays that were in WLF. They were torn apart and littered with teeth marks!

  4. Jenka says:

    Totally boring weekend which is fine with me. Saturday we took my car to Midtown Tire because it’s had a slow leak for years, then we replaced the tire, that didn’t work, so they wanted to replace the wheel. It turns out they don’t do that in-house anymore, they would have to send it out. Since I don’t have a spare wheel (!) I am just going to take it to the dealer.

    That area of midtown on a sunny Saturday afternoon is a complete clusterfuck. Avoid!

    • steve says:

      The wheel is leaking? Sounds like a job for Fix-a-flat!

      • Jenka says:

        HAH! Good one. Yeah, they think the wheel is somehow biting into the tire. Although it could also be that the TMPS sensor is malfunctioning. All I know is the TPMS comes one every three weeks and replacing the tire did not work.

  5. Barb says:

    Good morning from AZ!
    Saturday was travel day & just hung out here at my sister’s house. She invited some friends over, it was a fun evening.

    Yesterday we started with a little hike at South Mountain, very busy place, but scored a great parking place near the trailhead. Since it was the 1st nice day in a while, lots of people outside everywhere.
    Then headed to Scottsdale, met up with a high school friend that lives in WA, she just happened to be in AZ visiting her dad. We hadn’t seen each other in at least 30 years. Next was Jammies, Vero & their 2 (college aged) kids to show up. So, we got the local friend meet up done. Went to a tiny bar called the Rusty Spur, guy with guitar was rocking the place.
    Finally decided we’d done enough drinking, needed food, so went to AZ Wilderness brewery for burgers. Long fun day.

    Today we head to Sedona. Need to get some road-trip provisions this morning & then we will be on our way. There’s a few wineries on the way.

    • steve says:

      Old HS friend, living in WA and you meet in AZ? How cool is that??

      Sedona is on the short list to return to- enjoy it!

      • Barb says:

        It was pretty crazy, she’s here visiting her dad, and we realized we were 30 minutes apart. Someday I’ll get to the Seattle area, but this was a crazy meetup.

  6. 35 on Silver Comet done. Good Day!

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE.

    Really fun weekend, but now my knee is jacked up. It’s been feeling wonky for a couple of weeks, but being on it all day Saturday pushed it into straight-up painful. Looking for an in-network ortho now. Fortunately, riding doesn’t aggravate it further.

    Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. I gave both horses baths and puttered around with them. Now that my project is mostly done, I working on getting them in a regular routine. I’m going to get the baby going out and about on trail rides leading him off Phinney. I think that will entertain him. He’s definitely eager for something to do.

  8. Barb says:

    Driving to Sedona. But need to stop at a winery or 2 on the way.
    Going to the winery we visited on one of our hash trails during the Phoenix interAm

  9. David says:

    Busy day, therapy session this morning, and then teeth whitening ahead of some restorative dental work. I am shocked at the change in my teeth. In a good way. I took a ballet class on Saturday as part of the dance workshop. I was the only dude in a room full of 10 women, but I wasn’t self-conscious one bit. And I liked the barre class a lot, and will probably do more of that in the future. There’s a lot of things I like about it, and the instructor helped make some parts of dance make sense for me. My swimming lessons are going slow and steady as well. I did a qi gong and meditation class on Sunday morning that was even better than the first class I did last month.

  10. Home from ride followed by a Mexican lunch at La Parrilla in Powder Springs. I need a shower, and would love a nap.

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