Good News: I’ve not seen nor heard the chipmunk since last Thursday. The trap I put in place has not been touched. I am hoping that it ran out when I went to buy the trap.

Bad News: I’ve not seen nor heard the robin since last Thursday. I am afraid that she saw me as a threat and has abandoned her nest.

I made a really good batch of fried tofu in the air fryer last night. I ate some tofu with noodles, and bitter greens that I harvested from WLF. Even though I continue to have setbacks and failures, I have had a fairly successful spring harvesting greens.

I solved today’s Wordle in two attempts; my starter today was CRUSH

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 193.2 pounds (-1.0 from last week’s weigh-in); good news: progress, bad news: slow progress

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 4, starting with AISLE.

    Some chores after work and George got a hose down after finding a deep puddle after all the rain. He was not amused.

    I went to see about a reservation for TC next weekend and learned the new Marietta location will be opening soon. I accused Barb of holding out that information, but Debbie said she had told us and I either forgot (unlikely) or didn’t hear (very likely). Sorry, Barb.
    I was thinking 8- us, you, Groves, Bob/Laura/Travis(?), David. Thoughts? 6:30?


  2. Debbie says:

    I also had Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE.

    Every time I think we’re making progress on potty training, she proves me wrong. At least she’s only getting me up once overnight. Puppies are cute for a reason!

    Our TMobile internet was giving us fits last night trying to stream. It’s unlimited data but I’ve noticed a consistent slow down as the billing cycle comes to an end. Steve and I debated whether it’s being throttled and had competing research efforts. I’m not sure the argument is settled, but I’m right. ????

  3. David says:

    I barely kept myself ALIVE in Wordle, made it by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. Mini in 55. Barb, you totally have a shot.

    Kudos, Paulie for crushing Wordle today.

  4. Barb says:

    Back from returning & shopping at Target (grocery option saved a 2nd stop). Then to Kohls to return Amazon PJs for Dad that were way too big. I know it’s a huge waste of products, but I love the Amazon return system. (and – it created a new business of buying crates of returns & seeing what people can resell – or the crazy dig a deal stores) .

    Mattress in out on the front stoop, now I see my bed skirt is supposed to deliver today – the question now is – do we wait to uncrate the mattress so I don’t have to try to lift it to put on the bed skirt? (I also have the mattress protector to try to get on the mattress – but it is here already).

    I have such an exciting life here in Iowa.

  5. Repotted a bunch of tomato and pepper seedlings, which means they will most likely be dead in a week. 🙁

    Planted a whole bunch of beans in hopes that I can replant them without killing them in a couple of weeks.

  6. One of the things that still baffles me is how useless it is to do a reverse telephone number look up. Every once in a while I receive calls from numbers not in my contacts and have no way of knowing who is calling me.

    • Bob says:

      99.999% of those calls are from a scam call center Paulie. If somebody is trying to get a hold of you then a message would be left. I always ignore calls not in my address book.

      • Agreed. This one had the same area code as my mother, so when they called a second time I answered. It was her phone company, who came out two days earlier than the appointment I scheduled. At least they claim to have found, and fixed, the problem.

  7. David says:

    It’s taken me a few days of picking it up and setting it down, but I have prevailed over a bunch of SQL queries and vastly improved the performance of a tool that I use daily. I feel like I have a chain saw now, instead of a sharpened stone. 😉 There has been much teeth gnashing and hair pulling to get here, but I have prevailed. In my case it was a matter of finding the right tool for the job, which is sometimes difficult when one is self-taught.

  8. HamWithCam says:

    From the Joys of Home Ownership department:
    I just had two of our HVAC units serviced, and a total of 4 pounds R-22 refrigerant added.

    FYI: symptom was the unit was freezing up, no air coming out of the vents despite TSTAT calling for air. HVAC 101, coil froze up, so no air flow, low refrigerant, add gas.

    We checked our other main unit while the HVAC tech was onsite, it was a bit low as well, so we topped it off.

    FYI, a jug of R-22 refrigerant is around $1,700 wholesale, 30 pounds to a jug. What’s that, $57/pound? <– wholesale. I'm guessing a residential HVAC tech would do the old "the government makes us charge you $XXX/pound…" Uh-huh.

    Hopefully, this sets us up for the Summer.
    My gut tells me it's going to be a hot one.

    Get those HVAC units serviced now, and beat the rush.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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