I was very productive yesterday morning, but after lunch the only feather that I could put in my hat was making a new recipe from a cookbook using my InstantPot. Last night I made a pot of vegetarian Borracho beans. For dinner I ate a bowl of beans served over rice. The beans themselves are rather bland (read “I will add a lot more spicing in future attempts”), but may make a nice filling for a lunch burrito today.

I am going to channel my inner Lurker today be identifying items that need to be exiled from the ITP Estate.

Fingers crossed that the pattern of predicted rain being wrong continues today so that I can get a few BRAG training miles tonight.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was WIRED.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: didn’t want to know today, so I skipped my weigh-in.

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32 Responses to 2023-05-16

  1. Intended to make an early Lowe’s and Target run this morning, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to go. I have made coffee and a lovely egg sandwich for breakfast, however.

    And it may have happened again… The other morning I saw a robin building a nest under my deck. However, I think she also saw me, and considered me a threat since I have not seen her since. Sad.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 5 and should have been 4 if I was paying more attention.

    In repairing the AC in the car, I rendered the horn unusable. Debbie has found great amusement in my honking the non-working horn. Our fist stop on running errands yesterday was the NAPA to pick up the new relay and once getting home, installed it so I could have a horn again.

    Starting the truck shopping process… prices, as you could guess, are not in our favor, but we need to be ready as my Mazda may die at any time- not that it’s showing any signs. Zoom zoom.


  3. Finally got around to making some sugar water and filling a newly-cleaned and sterilized feeder. Let the hummingbirds commence to eating!

  4. Jens Voigt said “Scheiß kalt, oder?” to one of the riders. Essentially that translates to “Shit cold, no? LOL

  5. David says:

    Good deal on banishing items from the ITP Estate. I removed some items from a now long disused art cabinet in my kitchen. Velcro cable ties and more large binder clips arrived yesterday so that I can tame the depths below my sitting desk. The key to success is to remove at least one thing every day. You’ll be shocked how quickly space starts to materialize. And how much stuff you’ve become inured to that you’ll never use.

    I started Wordle with CLOUD. My second guess matched four letters, none of them in the correct spot. But I know two spots where one letter does not go. So, I’m letting it marinate.

  6. Jenka says:

    I too am inspired by Lurker and have been thinking about getting rid of one thing per day. Thinking about it is easier than doing it, though.

  7. Just went out to WLF and saw the robin sitting in her nest, so I have not scared her away. Woot.

    • News to me, and somewhat confusing. These two women bought keys to unbolt cars cheaper than the booting companies? How do they get contacted for service, social media? If this were going on in the northeast, or Chicago, these two might go “missing” at some point for ducking with the wrong people…

      • steve says:

        I’m guessing a direct ping from social media will conjure them up.

        I’m a little concerned that they are not just acting as a “charity” and asking for donations if they unlock. Granted, the whole boot system is sketchy AF.

    • David says:

      I have. Capitalism at work!

  8. Humidity is less than 50% but damn it’s hot outside. I’m almost hoping rain moves in within the next three hours to cancel my ride.

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