I’m doing the best I can with this annoying eyelid. If it doesn’t improve by Saturday I will attempt to get an appointment with a doctor at the clinic that did my chalazion procedure six years ago.

I absolutely love my AirBnB. I am staying in a tiny studio apartment which has almost everything I need, except for a microwave. With a storage shed to keep biking and gardening needs I could live in something this small, assuming that I will be living alone for the rest of my life.

It should be noted that this is not the first time I have been in Gainesville since I graduated from the University of Florida (with my second degree) in December 1991. I have passed through a few times and have spent a couple of days here once or twice for college recruiting. This town has changed, and continues to change drastically. Since I couldn’t check into my AirBnB until 3pm I drove around looking for my old apartments, and seeing what has changed; gone are the stalwarts of my era — Burrito Brothers, Skeeter’s Big Biscuits, Purple Porpoise, Leonardo’s By the Slice, Joe’s Deli, and more. As I mentioned yesterday I ate lunch and then found an open brewery as I waited out some of the rain.

I dodged a bullet yesterday. I went out for a walk and apparently accidentally turned on the dome lights in my car while getting my sunglasses. This is the second time I have done this. However, this time I was spared the hassle of calling AAA because the AirBnB proprietor sent me a message alerting me to this. As we say in the Wordle world, Phew.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was MUSIC.

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  1. Sadly I didn’t realize that the pizza place from which I ordered was also the one offering a 19% discount on Upside. I think it’s one of three restaurants here that are on Upside. By the time I realized the place had closed so I couldn’t submit to Upside for the rebate. I’ll try today but I don’t think that they will accept my purchase. Oh well.

    Due to the rain I have been binging Netflix like a kid with a sack of Halloween candy.

    • Barb says:

      Well bummer about Upside. I used it for gas a couple times on this trip so far. I need to look & see if any restaurants nearby look good.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 6! Started with TREAD

    Nothing much to report. It was raining almost all the way home yesterday, at least till I got to Newnan, then had sunshine to home. Odd.

    We are now supporting the Office of Employee Benefits, which is across the river from NYC. I’ll be going up at the end of July to upgrade a firewall. I still haven’t heard an explanation of why NY is no longer supporting them. It’s odd, but we don’t think it will be that much effort.

    I’ve been unable to find NBC’s broadcast schedule for the Tour, or what stages will be live on NBC. Peacock is going to piss me off, I’m sure.

    Physical with a new doc later today. A DO, not an MD. Interesting.

    And so what was the point of this vacation to Gainesville?


    • Interesting about NY.

      I subscribed to Peacock+ so I am hoping i will enjoy the TdF as I have in the past.

      A DO? I’m unfamiliar with that abbreviation.

      Gainesville: There is a focal event, which I referenced about a month ago and will recap tomorrow, or perhaps Monday. I also wanted to reminisce by walking around campus and taking (iPhone) photos this morning, but the rain has put a hard kibosh on that desire.

  3. Sally says:

    Wordle in 3 with EDITS. More rain in the forecast. At least it isn’t hot. And I too am curious as to this visit to Gainesville. Picked more beans from the garden. Need to freeze those. So far the tomatoes have survived any critter attacks but I’m keeping a close eye on them. My dog went home yesterday so kind of quiet around here. At least the Diadora Rep is buying breakfast this morning. :).

    • Yeah, forecast is for over an inch of rain during the next twelve hours, but may clear up a bit by early afternoon. I’ve contemplating driving to a place where the rain front won’t reach, for a short trip.

      I can’t wait to see the state of WLF when I return tomorrow.

      Well done on the Wordle.

      Free breakfast? nice…

    • steve says:

      Has Diadora always made running shoes? I only know their cycling shoes. I’m in need, and never one to mindlessly stick to a brand. My old Mizuno’s are worn slap out.

      • My first cycling shoes were Diadoras, but when the wore out I couldn’t find a replacement made by them,

        I do recall seeing Diadora running shoes, but have never worn any.

  4. Barb says:

    Nothing too exciting around here – Connie (& Tom on crutches) took mom to the doctor – no idea why she is getting so weak (other than the obvious old age & not doing much) but got info to get some in home PT set up.

    A local cousin stopped by, was going to a strawberry stand on our side of town & got us a big flat. They are TASTY strawberries, I see why he made a special trip. Rumor has it if plant the tops you may get a strawberry patch of your own someday – we may try that.

    Dinner was a strawberry spinach salad with some leftover steak added in.

    Today – my WI brother gets here, they check into a nearby AirBnB – let’s hope its big enough for everyone.

    • It must be larger than the one in which I sit. I’m serious when I say that, while this AirBnB wouldn’t be suitable for everyday, this size studio would be amazing for weekend getaways.

    • Debbie says:

      I just caught up on this week’s posts, and I’m sorry to hear your mom is feeling weak. My mom was freakishly strong until my dad passed and then she got very frail very quickly. Taking care of aging parents is hard on every level.

  5. David says:

    Wordle in 4 today starting with DRINK.

    I had a lovely walk this morning with my friend Augusta who showed me a nature preserve that wasn’t on my radar. https://www.oldgrowthforest.net/ga-lionel-hamptonbeecher-hills-nature-preserve She hasn’t been to the Doll’s Head Trail so I’ll return the favor the next time we meet up for a walk.

    I’m glad your trip is going well, Paulie. It really does help. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life alone, you’re gonna have to find a way to work on yourself. I am finding that we truly do project our inner selves outward. I can look back and see how I projected so much pain and anxiety on others. It is a blessing to be able to project kindness and empathy now. It all starts with us. That first therapist wasn’t a match. I’m going to generalize and say most therapists that get paid by insurance companies aren’t going to get you there. You need a therapist that has to earn their way and not rely on gravy train.

    • Been to a hash at that nature preserve. No one here is surprised to read that. 🙂

      Wishing the rain would stop so I could get out for a walk. Doesn’t appear that it’s going to stop anytime soon, unfortunately.

      FWIW: I paid 100% of my therapist fees.

      • David says:

        Fair enough. It often takes people a couple of times to find the right match. I am truly grateful that back in the day I found the perfect therapist for me on the first attempt. Granted a friend gave me a list of three choices. Food for thought, that’s all. I’ll just say that there’s no way I could have ever gotten free of myself without doing the work in therapy. I see a lot of parallels in your stuckness.

  6. This is ironic, I just received an email from the University of Florida asking me to “help keep UF as bright as the Florida sun”. Lol, if only I could see the sun today…

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 staying with BEAUS.

    It’s been a fairly quiet week for me. I’m loving my Monday-Tuesday work schedule. Mondays are insanely busy and Tuesdays are only slightly lighter. Now that I’m in the groove, I’m really enjoying it.

    Our herd will go back up to three next week. After 6 months on consignment, Mickey is coming home. He’s a quirky horse and the market has slowed done significantly, so I’m bringing him home to regroup. Now that’s he had 6 months of professional training, he may be perfect for me. If not, I’ll market him myself again in the fall. At least I’ll be assured I have something to ride. Phinney’s feet are an issue and he may not hold up for hunting.

    Fun that you’re spending a couple days in Gainesville. I haven’t been back to Athens for more than a quick visit to the vet school since I graduated in 1988. It would be fun to check out the changes. How is it that I’ve been out of college for 35 years and still occasionally have dreams about missing a test? Brains are funny things.

  8. Rain keeps falling. At least I didn’t drag of my cycling gear with me as I initially intended.

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