The threat of rain is really screwing up my week. First, it caused me to cancel my boondoggle for a Biscuits game, and last night I bailed on the Tuesday night ride because a green blob on the radar looked as if it was going to be covering Atlanta for the ride time. Phooey!

In protest, well not really, I slept until 7am. I turned off my alarm and unintentionally fell back asleep.

I have decided that today will be dedicated to cleaning and decluttering, with some coding practice later when I have done as much cleanup as I can.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was READY.

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 5.

    I realized last night I hadn’t been to a Games meeting since April! May was in Cali for a race, June was at the MC rally, or on the way back, and last month was Debbie’s crash. The good news is Stone Mountain is putting us on their marketing campaign. Why this has taken 50 years, I’m not sure, but we may be drinking from a fire hose. We shall see.

    The Iron Horse in Norcross is our pre-meeting meeting location and they are changing things up by having some happy hour specials. Fresh oysters (I had a half doz.) and Scotch eggs! For those not familiar, take a hard boiled egg, wrap in sausage and bread crumbs and bake/fry. A good bar food, for sure. We were pleased and they were tasty.

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. Apparently someone, not me, is a 1.5 Billionaire today. I didn’t play this week, but I hope that it is one of you who will claim the bounty. Have any of you been to Neptune Beach Florida recently?

    • Sally says:

      Wonder if I have a long lost relative that lives there!! I didn’t play this week either. Last week I bought 3 tickets and had zero correct numbers. Wordle in 4 today starting with Claim. Speaking of claims, I made a claim for my bike rack that some idiot ran into. I wasn’t going to but the insurance company called me….so I did. I get to fit sweaty cross country kids this morning in spikes. They are coming straight from practice. I can hardly wait.

  3. Sally says:

    Thought I posted something but I don’t see it now. So if this is a repost…ignore it. lol. I wonder if I have some long lost relative in Neptune Beach. I didn’t play the lottery this week either as last week I had ZERO correct numbers on 3 tickets. Wordle in 4 starting with CLAIM. Speaking of claims, I filed one for my bike rack that some idiot ran into. I wasn’t going to but the insurer for the truck that hit me…called me….so I filed one! :). I get to fit sweaty cross country kids in spikes this morning. They are coming straight from practice and will smell!! I can hardly wait.

  4. Jenka says:

    Went to the Iberian Pig last night for Date Night (TM). We have become friendly with the bartender there and he is a world traveler, so he’s very interesting to talk to.

    Tonight my designer is finally coming over to discuss design ideas for our bathroom and kitchen. Maybe this project will get done this year? Don’t hold your breath!

  5. Out making a neat (opposite of mess?) of WLF annex, which is the currently unused portion. Mostly cutting branches from fallen tree section, and piling them up for future chipping. Working up a great sweat, forgetting about my week; it’s quite satisfying.

    • Taking another break. I’d make a terrible migrant worker.

      Making big changes to WLF as I pull many of the indeterminate cherry tomato plants that have grown wildly this summer.

  6. Bob says:


    Well I got 2 numbers and the mega ball so I won like $10 but hey, it’s a start 🙂

  7. Boss Man said I could knock off at 12:30, so I have.

    Today was a good day, not “riding Cades Cove” nor “going to a Montgomery Biscuits game” good, but I was productive. I dealt with some of the fallen tree, cleared a lot of plants that were past their most fertile days, and harvested four winter squash — two candy roaster, two small butternut — and a surprise yellow squash. I also moved all of the rainwater caught the other day, using it all to water plants. I’m now ready for the next round of rain this week.

    Today’s decluttering item was easy to identify. I clumsily stepped on a plastic tray and cracked it, essentially turning it into trash.

    Now indoors, have showered, and am making lunch even though I am feeling very fat today.

  8. David says:

    OMFG. Cades Cove was EPIC. I went around the 11 mile loop 4 times and will go around one more time at dusk for a half-century. At one point I was looking at a mama bear 50 feet away, and then she went on the move, walked up to the trail, and was 8 feet away from me. Her cub watched from afar. She looked me over while I did my best to look VERY boring. The cub came up to the trail and then they moseyed on. I saw another bear from a safer distance chowing down on berries. There were tons of deer. I also saw a Jack Daniels, er, I mean a wild turkey.

    Cades Cove is perfect for distance riding. There’s bathroom halfway around the loop, which also passes by the parking lot, which makes it easy to replenish snacks and fluids. The trail is mostly shady. It is not flat though. I could totally see training and doing a century there next year.

    • David says:

      Oh, and Wordle fail. Apparently I’m a fighter.

    • I’m confused, Cades Cove is paved or mountain biking? From your history and from what I thought I heard you say it’s paved, but where does a trail with bears come in if that’s the case?

      • David says:

        Cades Cove is a one-lane paved loop. It is closed to cars on Wednesdays from May to September or something like that. The one lane nature of the road and lack of cars made it feel like a trail. And so now I know why the bear crossed the road…to get to the other side. 😉 I don’t know of any mountain bike trails there.

        • Thanks. That makes sense. Congrats on your efforts. I’m envious your trip was able to happen.

          • David says:

            Thanks, Paulie. I’ve had my eye on this trip for several years, so I was ready to do it right. I didn’t mention that I had to change a flat tire on my older road bike. I fortuitously had a tube and levers, but needed an allen wrench to get the front tire of the bike off. I borrowed one from someone near by, who waited patiently to begin their ride while I struggled with the tire but changed it successfully. This is huge step forward from not that long ago when I was unable to change a bike tire. I’ve gotten some practice since then. After the ride I stopped at a bike shop and got two new tubes and an allen wrench. My racing bike has a toolkit area in the frame, so I’ll replace the tube I used and put the allen wrench in there too. Thankfully my brother put my tire pump in the trunk when we were leaving, as I absolutely needed that for the flat and my daughter’s tires were low on air from her not having ridden in a while.

      • Barb says:

        this sounds like a blast – how far did the others ride?

        • David says:

          Both of my kids did the loop twice, so 22 miles. My brother did it twice as well. My friend Debra only did it once. Cades Cove is gorgeous, but usually completely clogged with cars, and the ability to spend a half a day riding without any cars felt like a massive gift. I made a contribution to the donations box at the end of my ride to express my appreciation.

    • Jenka says:

      Yay, you!

      • David says:

        Thank you, Jenka! Today was *so* good for my soul. And for everyone in my party. It was no easy feat getting two teenagers up and out the door in time to drive 40 minutes to make it to Cades Cove by 6:30 AM to secure an optimal parking space.

  9. Dipped my toe into the “make money via in-person survey” game, and after answering all questions was once again rejected. Frustrating, time to ignore them again.

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