On my way back to Atlanta. As I am not in a great rush I have decided to once again return via I-95 -> I-20. It helps that the ITP Estate is so close to I-20.

Yesterday was a chill day spent lounging around the community pool to which the Raleigh Royalty are members.

I am bringing some collard green starter plants home with me, and hoping to plant them into WLF this week. I purchased six plants at the State Farmers Market for a whopping $3.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was RELAY.

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  1. Sally says:

    It was a beautiful week-end. I hope fall wants to stay a bit. Wordle in 2 using TRACE. No mistakes in Connections. Tuesday is my regular day off but I am working today. We are short staffed like every other business out there so if you know anyone that needs a job, send them over. GUTS run tonight with beer and pizza afterwards. It was my first time riding on the Yonah Preserve MTB trails. The trails were fun and non technical. It was fun hanging with the gang afterwards. Trying to find a place open with food was another story. Either not open or over crowded with no staff. I spent Sunday on the lake paddling around. My silly girl Wilma went home yesterday. Quiet in the house this morning. I did manage to cut my grass and do my laundry.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 4. Nice work on the deuce, Sal. I had a string of 3’s get squashed on Sunday, but the streak is still alive at almost 60.

    A good weekend with some longer rides- 20 on Sunday and 26 yesterday. I feel 2 day in a row riding, but I needed it badly.

    We finished “Suits” last night. Now we need something else as engaging.

    I keep looking at the SBL website for the tick sheet for the rides on Saturday but they only have last years routes. They may be doing that on purpose to keep out the party crashers, but I’m still curious as I can always use new routes.

    Travel safe.


  3. Stopped at a Bojangles for breakfast in Fayetteville, NC. Was planning to do a traditional Biscuitville stop, but construction on I-40 confused me and I missed the exit. Oh well…

  4. David says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with ROAST. I forgot about Wordle on Saturday and blew whatever meager streak I had. I’m closing in on being back to doing the main NYT crosswords on the day that they drop.

    I bought a ticket of for a play called English for September 16 at the Alliance Theater. It won a Pulitzer prize and in short is about language and being misunderstood. I asked around and couldn’t find any interest so I’m going on my own.

    I’ll be free of the 6th book by this Friday. I’m lurching my way to the finish. Then begins the sprint on the 7th book, for which I’m already behind, but I am purposefully not working on two books at the same time this year. I learned my lesson last year. The 7th book is on Excel, and won’t be such a chore as this QuickBooks Online book has been. However, I do think I have the QBO book finally positioned so that going forward I can make minor changes. Book writing is nice work when you can get it once you get it to that stage. This title has just taken a lot longer to get to that point than I expected.

  5. Jenka says:

    A great long weekend doing absolutely nothing. I did manage to make and cleanup dinner every night, but otherwise slept as long as we wanted, watched sports on the ipad, and, most importantly, didn’t have to go anywhere. I feel much better!

    • Barb says:

      I bet it was awesome. After the weekend I had, I need some down time.
      We had talked about going to Oppenheimer for $6 movie night tonight, but we may do nothing. It will be a game time decision.

      • Jenka says:

        Yeah, we’ve just had something to do Every. Single. Day. for months, maybe a year. I needed some downtime!

        Now we’ve got dinner reservations tonight, tomorrow our design guy is coming over to talk about the kitchen/bath, dinner reservations Thursday, etc… Ugh.

  6. Barb says:

    Busy fun weekend up at Lake Keowee –
    This was a group of Parrothead friends I started being friends with in the 90s. Hearing Jimmy Buffett died Friday night hit some of them really hard – it was good a group of us were together. We spent way too much time in the water – I did manage to not get sunburned, but I might have a slight tan on my pasty white freckled skin. Allan says I have more freckles. We ate too much & drink too much of course as well. I really need to get some exercise today.

    • steve says:

      Saturday was hard. I can’t claim to be a Parrothead, but more just a fan. Another icon of our youth dying just reminds us that life is short.

    • Jenka says:

      Did you camp, or what?

      I saw your pics and thought to myself, “I would be burnt to a CRISP.”

  7. Barb says:

    Wordle in 3
    Connections – no mistakes. But – the 4th category I would have never got in a million years – so glad the other 3 I could figure out.

  8. steve says:

    Actually working today!! Broke a sweat while I was unpacking and staging 8 Cisco switches. I love doing this sort of thing, as I just plug in my headphones and go about it. This is the first shipment of 24 total, so some of my weekends will be booked up too. yippee.

  9. Hello from a Burger King alongside I-20 where I am eating my last Impossible Whopper because BK has completely fucked them up. For some reason I didn’t order meat at Bojangles this morning so I decided to keep the non-meat streak alive.

  10. Eight hour journey, start to finish.

    Thought I had stepped in animal shit since my carport smelled after I walked around WLF for a second. Turns out some inconsiderate dog owner dropped a bag of shit into my herbie curbie while I was away and it has fermented since. Some people… I found this out as I was throwing away the chocolate mints that I absentmindedly left in the car so they completely melted into a mess.

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