It was an interesting, and somewhat expensive weekend.

As expected the Braves game cost me an arm and a leg. I certainly wasn’t expecting parking to cost us $40, for which I paid half. Hell, that wasn’t even the most expensive lot I saw advertised; that honor goes to The Boy Scouts who must have earned their “Price Gouging” badge by charging $60 to park in their lot. And then I drank beer and ate food…

I stayed in Athens on Saturday night. That was perhaps the only good decision I made that day. The hotel at which I stayed was three miles from downtown, and because I am feeling fat and cheap these days I decided to walk (and sweat) to Creature Comforts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I did not have my drivers license with me when I arrived at the brewery! A call to the hotel confirmed that I left it at the front desk when I checked in. Ugh, so much for saving money as I then had to call a Lyft to take me back to the hotel and a return trip downtown because I would have been damned if I walked the three miles in that heat twice. I did make the walk (stagger) again sometime after 10pm after consuming way too much beer and two slices of pizza.

When the walk on which I was going to go yesterday was canceled due to Davey’s injury I thought that I might tour some breweries that I either have not been to, or have not been to in awhile. That thought changed when I awoke with a hangover from too much consumption on Saturday night.

I registered for BRAG Spring Tune Up yesterday.

What is the opposite of the Midas Touch? Whatever it is called, I have it. This weekend all of the teams for which I root — Green Bay Packers, Florida Gators, Werder Bremen, and New York Jets — lost. On top of that I sat amidst loud UGA fans as they came back to win a game they very well could have lost. Maybe I should start rooting for the Atlanta Braves and UGA to bring their programs back down to earth?

I failed to solve today’s Wordle; my starter today was SHARE. Apparently my anti-Midas Touch is more powerful than I imagined.

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  1. Sally says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with LARGE. One mistake in Connections. Look at WEE signing up for STU already. I have a conflict next year but will probably register for STU. It was a beautiful evening Saturday for the ASO concert in the park. Sunday I rode to Rockmart and back. Did some laundry, went grocery shopping and met Slim for dinner. Hope Travis had fun at his homecoming dance. I haven’t seen any pictures yet. And the best news is that Strider found a furever home. That makes me so happy.

    • The wallet was already opened… And, I’m not so secretly hoping that I will have as good as a time next year as I had this year.

      I’m currently struggling physically. Still having some respiratory issues, and my back continues to hurt. Is wisdom linked to pain, because if it is I am rather wise these days. Cautiously believing that I can partake in tomorrow’s ride. I will send up an early morning flare if I have to bail.

      Thought I might get a Strider, baseball player not dog, bobble head on Friday night but didn’t try to enter the park in time. My buddy Hank said he saw one of the bobble heads on eBay listed for $60. Wow. Yea for your Strider!

      • Sally says:

        I have dog sitting duties end of October so doubt I’ll be doing Franklin’s ride. I am hoping you’ll be fine for tomorrow’s ride. Always better with company. Go as far as you can/want. Going to be gorgeous weather.

    • David says:

      Good luck on your ride tomorrow, Sally. I love the Florence Road to Rockmart route. I am jonesing to ride beyond Rockmart again. I just need life to slow down a bit so that I can pull that off.

  2. Was looking into Franklin’s Athens to Savannah road ride at the end of October. I am 99% sure that I will pass, but it sounds fun (and difficult). Can’t believe Franklin is trying to rent out a Snooze Box room for $900 for this ride. I think his entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him when he invested in that concept.

  3. Watching an episode of “To Tell the Truth” from 1977. This episode has an imposter with Atlanta ties, and a woman coach for the New York Islanders so it’s right up my alley.

  4. David says:

    Great weekend overall. Friday night was Cello and Chakras, a restorative yoga class at Dancing Dogs (Barb, their space is gorgeous) with Jenn, who has been my Thai massage therapist for several years now. This was my first time taking one of her public classes.

    Saturday morning I took my daughter to Utopia on Boulevard, which offers $55 massages. We both needed it, and she wants to go back again.

    Saturday night was Chicago (the band, not the musical) at Chastain. I haven’t been in Chastain for 20 years, so it felt like a bit of time travel. I lived a mile from the venue for 10 years, but once we moved away it was deemed “too far” by someone who will remain nameless. It was an excellent evening to see a concert outside. and Chicago absolutely brought it. After the first song my companion said “I feel like I’m in a giant elevator” but the band won her over and by the end we were dancing, and by we, I am including myself, I actually danced with someone for the first time in my life. I literally couldn’t before, but I continue to left the blocks that have held be back in life.

    Sunday started with the monthly meditation and qi gong class (Paulie, join me next month, it’s free and adjacent to the EAV post office, first Sunday of each month). I got back in the pool yesterday for the first time since June and swam a 1/2 mile.

    I’ve been on serious work overload lately and definitely felt it this weekend. During the down times I had both days I seriously slumped and had to force myself to get moving again.

    • Wonderful to read. *high five*

      • David says:

        Thank you, Paulie. It’s both a massive milestone and also a huge thorn out of my side and my brain, for that matter!

    • David says:

      Oh, Wordle in 5 starting with QUIRK. No fucking clue on Connections.

      • Weird, I nailed the Connections, but obviously failed in Wordle. I was rather slow with the Mini Crossword as well, having to suss out a lot of answers that were not immediately apparent to me.

        I have a “theory” about Wordle that I will reveal in tomorrow’s post.

        • steve says:

          Connections fail. My theory on Connections is you need to be good at crosswords, or at least that part of your brain needs to be lit. I am not. Sometime I see it, and I’ll see it after the answer is revealed…

          David, good for you on dancing. I find most people who “don’t dance” are just blocking themselves, for whatever reason.

          • David says:

            You are absolutely right. I think it’s more nuanced than just blocking themselves, in my experience it’s a matter of being blocked for whatever reason, and until you do the work to undo the block(s) then away you go, not dancing or other similar activities. Thank you for the kind thought.

    • I will be unavailable this coming Sunday, as well as the first Sunday of next month. I will join some time in the future.

  5. steve says:

    Wordle in 5 with 2 whiffs for my first 2 guesses.

    Back from Pensacola by 11 yesterday. After the Naval Aviation Museum on Friday, we did Ft. Pickens and a driving tour Saturday and since Debbie wasn’t sleeping well in the hotel bed, she was up before the sunrise yesterday and we were home by 11.

    There was mowing yesterday and we borrowed a friends disc so we could plant grass seed later next week. He loaded it into our truck, but when I got home, my tractor didn’t have the umph to unload it. I took one row of discs off and was able to get it off. It will work fine with just one row.

    Covid booster and flu shot scheduled this afternoon.


    • Have to hand it to the Quality Inn in Athens, the bed was new and comfortable. As an added bonus I got to see some young coed swimmers from the University of South Carolina at the breakfast area. Holy shit I am old. However, I internally applauded the young woman who chatted with the old(er than me) man sitting behind her, using the utmost respect and calling him sir constantly. Manners like that seem to be fading.

  6. Cleared a bunch of weeds surrounding a small tray containing water. Don’t think the little green tree frog appreciated my “improvements”.

  7. Jenka says:

    Monthly faculty meeting this morning, glad that’s over. First real one of the year.

    I did almost nothing this weekend and I was glad about it. Friday we went to Kevin Rathbun Steak with friends and had a great dinner. Saturday we went to the Albert for lunch, but otherwise I did not leave the house Saturday or Sunday. Yesterday I made a potato and cheese casserole that came out fine flavor-wise, but the consistency was a bit off. I shredded the potatoes and they came out too soft. Should have cubed them. Oh well, it was still a delicious bowl of cheesy potatoes.

  8. Barb says:

    busy day – Connie is here – so its chaos – but her helping is great.
    Flying home tomorrow morning.
    maybe I’ll have a free minute later, but probably not.

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