Back in September when I bought the ticket to see The Get Up Kids and Manchester Orchestra perform at The Eastern I was elated. On Saturday night, the day of the show, I was tired and having foot pain, so on a potentially rainy night I skipped it. I hate missing shows for which I paid, but in the end I considered it the right thing for me to do.

With that out of the way, the rest of my weekend was good. I cooked a lot of food Friday, including roasting some squash and potatoes alongside a green bean casserole (this concoction didn’t make this year’s Thanksgiving dinner table, so I was missing it). I went to IKEA Saturday morning and bought all but one of the items on my list. I then met my buddies at Ideal Sports Bar Saturday afternoon for a few drinks and an early dinner. And yesterday, before putting in another hour on the trainer (thankfully my foot situation doesn’t seem to hamper pedaling), I started my reconfiguration/decluttering of a part of the basement while I listened to the million commercials which were shown throughout the snooze fest known as the Falcons v Jets football game.

On tap for today is WLF choring, doing research into what is wrong with me (this could take the rest of my life…), making some phone calls (re: my mother) to find out what the “next steps” are, and driving up to Marietta to have dinner and do some Survivor catch up with Barb.

Wordle: four, my starter was DRAKE
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

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  1. Sally says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with SANDY. Perfect Connections: Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple.

    Sorry to miss out on Survivor night. I will try to catch up in preparation of the finale.

    Spent the week-end at FDR State Park putting on the GUTS 19 and 40 mile trail races. Bob’s lovely wife and sister ran. I did not get to see them finish. Hope they had fun.

    I am waking up at the beach. Spending this week on St. George Island.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 4. I had 4 out of 5 letters in 2, but nothing in the right place. Connections in 4.

    For all the forecasted rain this weekend and all the preparations we made for the race, there was nothing of any consequence. Sadly, the rider counts were low- biggest field all weekend was 20 riders, but everyone enjoyed themselves and I think we can expect it to come back next year. They have had this race for a while, but not as a UCI C2 event.

    Friday afternoon I had lab work done prior to my physical this Friday. As I was starving when I left, I decided to try the new Miller’s Ale House, which was walking distance from the doctors’ office. I know this is a chain, but still good food and good beer. Their fish and chips were pretty good.

    Glad this is a WFH day, as I’m whipped after the weekend. We scored races from 8:30 (8:00 Saturday) until 5:15 with no actual breaks. Mentally draining.


    • Not much rain ITP either.

      Now that I signed up to Kaiser Permanente’s healthcare’s racket for 2024 I will have to investigate what is around their facilities. I’m pretty familiar with the 16th/Peachtree area but do not know about their other locations.

  3. David says:

    Alrighty then, back to the salt mine today. I had to stifle an overwhelming urge in Phoenix yesterday to skip the airport exit and head back to the Grand Canyon.

    Friday night’s work dinner far exceeded my expectations. It was at https://florasmarket.com which is a local gourmet food store and restaurant. Saturday’s work event was an international Excel competition attended by college kids from around the world. I bumbled my way through this time as reconssaiance, and have a game plan on how to add value next year by offering some Excel coaching to the students. They’re super smart kids, and some of their bad habits or lack of knowledge definitely cost them time during the 30 minute competitions. Saturday night’s dinner was in a hotel ballroom, I wisely chose the vegetarian meal (a stuffed poblano pepper) over the fish (reportedly dry) or steak (some folks didn’t finish theirs).

    Yesterday morning I got over myself and executed my plan to commune with the cacti at Saguaro National Park. I didn’t have long, but I made the most of the time I had. There’s an 8 mile one-way driving loop, so that took up most of my time, but I did hop out and take pictures multiple times. I also set a 15 minute timer and walked down a trail, turning back around when the timer went off. At the start of my mini hike I encountered a coyote. Fortunately he had left his Acme products and anvils at home, or was just keeping his powder dry.

    An uneventful, albeit sometimes bouncy ride back to ATL. Everything was going well with the MARTA ride home until it didn’t. Thanks to ADHD my brain is like Swiss cheese sometimes. I had learned from past experience to make sure I was on the proper platform to go Eastbound, but failed to pick up on MARTA single tracking and boarded a westbound train instead. I realized my mistake after the first stop and got off at Vine City, where I was the only person there. It felt like the damn Bermuda Triangle with at least two announcements for eastbound trains that were not there, and no mention of *any* eastbound trains in MARTA’s app. And they wonder why people don’t ride that piece of shit. As they say though, but way, there’s more. Once an eastbound train did arrive, I got focused on a text exchange about my dogs with my “wife” and missed the King Memorial Station. And of course at Inman Park-Reynoldstown, the fucking westbound train arrived at the same time as the eastbound. If I could have twinkled my nose to get to the other side…of course if I could do that I also wouldn’t be riding fucking MARTA. I put my damn phone in my pocket once the westbound train was approaching, so that I wouldn’t get fooled yet again.

    On Friday I mentioned snagging presale tickets to a Night with William H. Macy, which was to include a screening of Fargo. I got an email Friday night saying said event was cancelled. No surprise, there, I knew that was a risk. I figure someone didn’t do their homework on securing the airing rights. Oh well.

    The IKEA in Phoenix is directly adjacent to an interstate. The parking lot was slap full. I could not think of a single item that I would need to procure from said store.

    • David says:

      Wordle in 5, no misses on Connections, Mini in 34.

    • steve says:

      It sounds like a great trip. And as for weekends and MARTA, it’s always a crapshoot as to when they are actually working on things. When I was a regular in the before times, you could pretty much set your watch by them. Seriously.

      • David says:

        Yes, I was a regular back in the 90s when I went to Georgia State. I also knew exactly where to stand on the platform to have a door open in front of me.

    • Bob says:

      The nerd in me says that an Excel competition would be fun to watch. I can only imagine the formulas they come up with to solve problems. I really need to read your book, I use Excel daily and always end up fumbling through getting what I need done.
      You are right about MARTA, it is great until it isn’t and when it isn’t it is fucking miserable. Only problem is MARTA being great is only about 40% of the time.

      • David says:

        Text me and I’ll tell you how to book a free 15 minute meeting with me so that you can show me where you’re struggling. This is a standing offer I make to webinar attendees (hardly anyone takes me up on it). It helps me in my work to see where people get stuck or frustrated in Excel. It’s easy for me to get tunnel vision, because I just “know”, so I like seeing real-life situations that are beyond my control. 🙂

    • Wow, event cancelled? I wonder if Betsy has seen that, because she told me on Saturday she was going to attend.

  4. Barb says:

    I’m at Walgreens waiting to get my flu shot & Covid booster.

    Weekend was long & exhausting- but very fun.
    Big party Saturday night went well- everyone had fun.
    Stayed up way too late with over night house guests drinking Cava.
    I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I might Sunday morning, but I was dragging. I don’t stay up until 2am anymore.

  5. Bob says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with TRACE. Connections was perfect, thankfully purple was my last group as I would have never got it.

    Saturday was a lazy day, but took the dog to big creek for a hike when it stopped raining. We had a movie night and showed Travis Better off Dead which is one of my all time favorite movies. I think he enjoyed it.
    Sunday was yard work then a beer triangle ride with the hooligans in the afternoon. Beautiful day to be outside.

  6. Slow choring this morning, in part because I am overdressed. Silly me didn’t get out much this weekend so though it might be chilly today.

    • steve says:

      It was chilly at 0630 when I stepped out to retrieve my coffee cup. I’m not hearing the dogs complain much about wanting to come back inside, so it must be OK.

  7. Barb says:

    I totally matched Paulie on this one –
    Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

    Wordle in 4 – I can live with that

  8. Jenka says:

    Monthly faculty meeting this morning, that is the last one for the rest of this calendar year. My weekend was really quiet. Friday we went to dinner with Sarah and Elayne at A Mano; it’s where they wanted to go so we went twice in one week. Saturday we did a bunch of errands including taking glass to recycling and going to Lowe’s. Yesterday we did nothing, which was glorious. There was lots of football this weekend.

  9. Once again some down owner through a shit bag into my garbage can. I noticed this minutes after the garbage truck pulled away. I’m not a big enough asshole to throw it into someone else’s garbage can, so I am going to have to walk to a city trash can to dispose of it. I’m certainly not bringing into my house to stew until I throw my trash out next Monday…

    • David says:

      You roll your green city provided trash can inside your house?

      • No, but as is evidenced by the fact the shit bag was at the bottom of my bin, the CoA does a lousy job at ensuring the bim is empty. Therefore the shit bag would come into the house. Problem solved, I walked it to the trash can at Brownwood Park, even though my feet bother me today.

      • David says:

        I am so confused. I guess you’re saying that you have a different bin from what the city provides that you bring in the house. I’ve always parked my “herbie curbie” in my backyard, and so it doesn’t matter what lurks at the bottom.

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