Not much to report again. I did an underwhelming 25 minutes on the trainer, with the positive being that I felt no hip pain as I pedaled. I quit early due to respiratory issues, slight knee pain, and boredom.

This afternoon I will be going to get a massage to try to work out whatever kinks are in my hips, buttocks, and legs.

Headed to the Waschsalon this morning to knock out a bunch of dirty laundry that I wasn’t able to do in Florida, and have accumulated since returning home a week ago.

Wordle: four, my starter was CREST
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

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  1. Definitely feeling pain in the hip/buttock this morning. Stretching is in my near future.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3.

    The broadcast issues yesterday appear to be a faulty Macbook- and there was much rejoicing by the network team! We will test some more this morning.

    Started the prescribed anti-inflam this morning. There is an interaction warning about something else I take, so hopefully I don’t bleed out.

    Managed to weed whack most of the driveway, but the machine started acting up and I was done at the point, whether the work was completed or not. May be bad gas…

    Yesterday seemed to be an eating day- big lunch, big dinner, and ice cream for dessert. The scale showed it this morning.


  3. David says:

    Wordle in TWO for a second day in a row, other two games were clean.

    As I am wont to do, I learned enough about Python yesterday evening to be able to teach a one-hour Introduction to Python in Excel that has made its way around on the calendar for today. I had a couple hours of teeth gnashing and wondering what hell I had put myself into, particularly how the hell am I going go teach this? Thanks to perseverance, a strategic YouTube video choice and the wonders of ChatGPT I moved through a series of rookie mistakes at warp speed. I still have some things to pull together but I feel good.

    If you’re thinking why didn’t I plan ahead? I don’t even bother any at this age. On stuff like this my brain has two modes, Spongebob or Terminator. Terminator brain gets some serious shit done, but hangs back on engaging until whatever needs to be done is fully engulfed in flames. It’s truly ridiculous, but I have learned to accept it.

    I did play this one particularly close to the edge. If not for ChatGPT deciphering and debugging my rudimentary code I would have had to cancel an event for the first time due to lack of knowledge. Scheduling myself to teach stuff is a sure fire way to make myself keep learning new stuff! 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Nothing like being under the gun to inspire!! I hope you don’t have some smart ass in the front row (like me) to ask a question you can’t answer. Reminds me of a joke- the punchline being “that question is so dumb, I’m going to let my chauffer in the back row answer it!”

      • David says:

        I know that joke, it’s some urban lore about Einstein being under the weather one day and so Einstein’s chauffeur led his presentation for him while Einstein sat in the back. As the story goes, at some point the chauffeur was asked question he couldn’t answer, and said “That question is so dumb I’mg going to let my chauffuer on the back row answer it.” Of course, Snopes reports this is false, but it’s still a funny story.

        I on the other hand, am not worried. If a question comes up that I cannot answer, I’ll just say “let’s see what ChaptGPT has to say about that”, which is partly deflection, but honestly also a big part of the learning. Google searches on cutting edge concepts now feel absolutely neolithic. As I was working through my progression of understanding, when errors came up in Excel I just copied and pasted the offending code into ChatGPT without providing a prompt. It knew what I wanted and it would give me back a clean version of the code and explain the ticky nuances that I had missed.

    • Barb says:

      David- what word did you start with – maybe I’ll see if I’m as smart (aka lucky) as you today.

      • David says:

        BRICK. I did have to think about the full/partial matched letters for a couple of minutes in order to get it in 2, this one was not shooting fish in a barrel at all.

        • Barb says:

          BAM – got it in 2.
          the word came to me immediately.
          wow – I’m feeling lucky today.

          We will see if Connections makes me feel dumb.

    • Barb says:

      I started reading & thinking – why are you learning about snakes? 😉

      that’s how you know I am not a geek.

      • David says:

        LOL, it’s not like I particularly *want* to be learning this stuff, but I do want to stay relevant. And once I learn the material I can teach it for the other training providers that I work with, I can produce a recorded version that will generate royalties, and I can work it into future books. There is always a payoff, I just have to get over myself and keep learning.

  4. I seem to be on a different Wordle wavelength then y’all. I can’t seem to crack it in fewer than four recently.

    • David says:

      I do like the alliteration of “Wordle wavelength”. My Wordle mileage absolutely varies. A few weeks ago there was a period of time during which I couldn’t figure it out in less than 5 to save my life.

      • Steve says:

        I think we all need to start with the previous days answer and see how we do. That means we will have to remember it!!!

        • David says:

          That’s a super high bar, Steve. You do you. 😉 😉 😉

        • Jenka says:

          That’s funny, you all were talking about not knowing yesterday’s word so I looked it up. Anyone who read Little House on the Prairie would know PLAIT

          • Barb says:

            I watched Little House on the Prairie – I do not remember that word.

          • American man here: Little House on the Prairie not on my boyhood reading list.

            I didn’t learn the word PLAIT until I started learning about bread making.

          • Steve says:

            I was thinking pleat and plait is a synonym.

          • Jenka says:

            Barb, in the books they talked about plaiting their hair all the time. Probably didn’t make it to the screen.

          • David says:

            I knew PLAIT from the context of hair decades before I knew it in the context of bread. I can’t remember if I read the books, but I definitely watched Little House on the Prairie on TV.

  5. Jenka says:

    Yesterday was so buy at work I kept thinking it was Friday! With our glorious kid-free week we decided to go to Wahoo yesterday but it turned out it was closed for filming. So we went to Iberian Pig instead. Then home where we watched another episode of the Morning Show. I am really enjoying this show!

  6. Barb says:

    I’m insane
    work is slow, so I decided to clean the inside of the oven.
    (made a less a little while ago with something overflowing)

    the self cleaning mode doesn’t do the racks (you have to remove them) and they are the dirtiest part of the oven.
    What the hell – this is an expensive range.
    This is gonna take all day.

    But – the big farm sink for the win – the racks fit in it – so they are soaking

    • Barb says:

      the kitchen is very warm – its still cleaning – I need to look up how many hours this takes?
      And – cleaning the racks is a pain – I need something hard plastic to scrap – I think I might use a tire lever

    • David says:

      OMG, you made me laugh, Barb. I think the last time I cleaned my oven was when I was in college, because back then I would literally do *anything* other than study. 😉 I did learn long ago to put a sheet pan under anything potentially drippy, as Jenka suggested. I take it up a notch and put foil on the drip pan, so as to avoid having to scrub shit off of the pan.

  7. David says:

    Alrighty, the Python presentation has been sent off, just in time for me to teach at 2:00 today! I really like how it turned out.

    • Steve says:

      “Just In Time” teaching? Wow…

      • David says:

        Well, it is a perk of having written a content management system about 15 years ago that assembles my PowerPoints and supporting files from scratch and on demand. There’s that, and the fact that I’ve taught over 2200 webinars at this point, so I have a shit ton of muscle memory and past experience makes this possible.

        As an homage to Tom and Ray, well, it’s happened again, I have given yet another audience that appearance that I know what the hell I’m talking about. 😉 Seriously, though, the water wasn’t that deep today, I spent most of the webinar doing a lot of scene setting and drawing corrolaries between how to do things in Excel versus how to do them in Python.

  8. Feeling relaxed after massage. Decided not to chance aggravation by going to Pub.ix and dealing with people or having unwanted encounters, thus ruining it all.

    Out of respect for the masseuse I wore arm covers to hide the unsightly poison ivy marks on my arms.

  9. Barb says:

    oven is back together – that was way too much work, I’m buying more of the copper oven mats

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