What a weird day of weather yesterday, it seemed as if the rain could never be convinced to leave.

After puttering in WLF, then eating lunch, I drove up to the Perimeter Mall area and met my buddies for a few beverages. I stopped into the Goodwill up there and finally found a clean copy of “The Usual Suspects” on DVD. I suppose that one night this weekend I will fire up the DVD player and give it a watch.

I’ll be headed back up north again today to have dinner with ITP Readers Barb and Sal, and watch some Survivor.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending my annual Georgia Tech baseball game. Thankfully it looks like the weather will be nice for that. On Sunday I may try to take my bike out for a little ride to test my hip, and ensure that it’s in proper working order for Spring Tune Up.

Wordle: four, my starter was CHAIR
Connections: perfect, Blue > Purple > Green > Yellow

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  1. Sally says:

    It was a crazy weather day for sure. Jasper went home last night. Lonely here this morning. Heading into work early this morning to get things ready for the big sale. Dinner and Survivor tonight.

    Wordle in 6! YIKES. Started with COULD. I’m not “complaining” mind you. 1 mistake in Connections: Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green. Strands was a breeze once you get started.

    Week-end weather looks great. Group run on Saturday. Hoping to ride on Sunday. Probably the Silver Comet so I don’t have to deal with cars. Just small children and squirrels. Probably should do some yard work too.

  2. Trying to connect accounts in two banks, and things not going well. I waited three days for Bank A to make two small trial deposits at Bank B. When finally done, I went to verify the amounts and Bank A declared failure, so now I am starting the process all over again. Ugh.

  3. Bob says:

    Can’t believe STU is next weekend! My camper is still winterized and under its cover, I have some work to do this weekend.
    HOA meeting last night and it went almost an hour over. It’s like these people have never been in a meeting and don’t know how to stick to an agenda. I was pissed when I left.
    Tennis match Saturday and ATL United game Sunday, somewhere in there I need to get in yard work, camper work, and a bike ride.
    Bowling tonight and I think I may have Laura hooked, we may be joining another league starting next month. 3 person teams on Wednesday nights, should be fun!

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5 and im not complaining either, Sal.

    Stopped at the chiro on the way home, and since Debbie had a meeting, stopped at Taco Mac for a beer and dinner. Masters on the big screen!

    There will be a bike ride, a scooter ride, and chores today. Tomorrow is a work day, but not too long.

    – FP

    • At which Taco Mac did you stop?

      I finished my night at The Taco Mac Chapter Room (nee The Fred) on Roswell Road. My dinner was Asian cauliflower, with a beer, watching the end of the first round of The Masters.

      • Funny side note: on my TM Beer History they put an x in front of the locations which no longer exist, so some of my beers were consumed at “xDecatur” and some at “xEast/West Connector”. I’m still trying to remember where the latter was located. Also surprised that I apparently never drank at the former locations at CNN Center, nor Piedmont Road.

  5. Steve says:

    The TM in Newnan is in the main shopping district and not far from the chiro.

    We are down to 5 cats, as a nice lady and her daughter picked up a pair of the kitten trio. That last one may make a good barn cat.

  6. David says:

    No word games yet today due to a protracted conversation with someone with which I did not want to have a protracted conversation. Oh well. TGIF.

    The salt mine has been beating my body to a pulp this week, so I started the morning with an epsom salt bath. It definitely helped me naviagate the unwanted conversation.

  7. Well, it’s official. My first five sunflower transplants are now dead. 🙁

  8. Steve says:

    Failbook says it’s TJ’s birthday. Barb, you have been reminded.

  9. Jenka says:

    Hello from the Skyclub on Concourse B of Hartsfield Jackson International Airport! I have never seen the Skyclub this busy. Not a single empty seat. Having dinner with one of my lifelong friends tonight, tomorrow will be family time with my dad and brother. My brother’s getting divorced after 20 years of marriage, it’s a rough one.

    • Barb says:

      B – Is that the one right when you get off the escalator?
      It always has a line – everytime I’ve walked past it

      • Jenka says:

        Yes! It’s the best one, in my opinion. Apparently everyone else feels the same. But they have mac ‘n’ cheese so I’m happy!

  10. Listening to the Smartless podcast which dropped last Monday. They are talking to Don Cheadle, and they referenced Atlanta a lot in the beginning.

  11. Barb says:

    busy, busy day – Lindsay is out & I have to think too hard about her freight.
    I need some breakfast, but now its lunch

  12. While puttering I had a fortuitous meeting with my mailman. He didn’t realize my mail hold ended, and was kind enough to fetch the mail which was being held. Wee!

  13. Barb says:

    Blue – yelllow – green – purple
    took me a minute to get the green category.

    Wordle is 4, I had 2 words for the 3rd guess – guessed wrong

    • David says:

      Shit, I see why I was avoiding Wordle. Most of the alphabet is eliminated and I only have the 3rd and 4th letters in place, and no clue what to try next. I’ll just let that marinate.

  14. Jenka says:

    At Hartford! Now to drive up to MA.

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