You have to be a special kind of crazy to be a roofer in Florida. I had an uncle who was a roofer in Florida, and I’ll never understand how he managed.

After seven days of fairly intense exercise, I am going into my third day of sloth hood. To be fair, Sunday and today are mostly due to driving for over seven hours, and yesterday was just too damn hot for me to go outside.

I hit the road at 3:15am, and am posting about three hours later from a Waffle House in Lake City, Florida. Yes, I will be napping later…

Wordle: five, my starter was SPANK
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Blue > Green > Purple

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4.

    Is your comment about roofers because it would be hot?

    After work yesterday, I puttered around the barn hanging the new fly traps. The flies still had interest in the old ones, but they seemed to be less effective. The flies are particularly bad this year and we don’t know why. Not horse flies (oddly) but regular old house flies.

    I also tried to troubleshoot the joystick on the front end loader on the tractor. I found the manufacturer, so will go that route. Perhaps they sell a rebuild kit.

    It was a nice evening last night, but I took Paulie’s lead and was on the sloth program. I have no good excuse like I was driving.

    Games meeting tonight.


  2. Steve says:

    Connections fail. Stupid game…

  3. Jenka says:

    We went to Ocean Wave for dinner last night because we had a hankerin’ for sushi. Watched two episodes of The Morning Show.

    Week two of the elevator being down at work; we are replacing the elevator and it’s down for 12 weeks. 90% of the people in my office suite moved to offices on the first floor over the summer, but I didn’t see the point. I just walk up four flights of stairs and it’s fine.

  4. Buc-ee’s! I’m ready to be home…

  5. Bob says:

    Last night was bike cleaning and that’s about it. Bike was pretty nasty so took me a little longer than normal to clean it up. I think my initial flat was from a leaky valve so re-sealed it and added more stans, hopefully that will take care of it. There WILL be a ride tonight.
    Bowling tomorrow, Ramble Thursday, tennis match Friday so back to normal crazy 🙂

    BTW Paulie, I received the RAGBRAI bracelets yesterday so we are now official! I’ll get with Franklin to get more details about the bus ride.

    • Jenka says:

      Is Iowa hillier or flatter than GA? I assume flatter, but you never know.

      • Southern Iowa (where RAGBRAI will be this year) is hilly, but they are rolling hills. From what I remember and have researched the hills are far friendlier than North Georgia hills, and on par with what we rode in Middle Georgia for BRAG.

      • Barb says:

        Iowa is a lot of rolling hills – its rarely flat.
        After riding in Georgia- everyone should be just fine .

  6. Barb says:

    Exciting times here – bought a little touch lamp for next to dad’s bed, trying to get an easy on & off, with a low wattage that would work for a night light.
    The bulb was too bright, so a trip to Menards this morning & we will see if this new one will work.
    The old night light – that was in the outlet (down low by the floorboard) Dad is obsessed with turning it off in the mornings, & fell a couple weeks ago. So – trying to find the next best alternative. Most regular night lights that go on automatically when it gets dark will not work for him, he needs to see it on.
    Like I said – exciting times.

    Mom’s next assessment is Thursday – will they (as in insurance) kick her out, or really, will we have to start paying for the place. I think we have most of the stuff we need here to use if we bring her home – we will see.

    • Jenka says:

      Sounds like she needs the care they provide at the place. Is it too expensive? I hate how they gouge infirm old people and families.

      • Barb says:

        its about $350/day. Not sure what they “add on” after that base price.
        My brother really wants to bring her home, so we will see. Maybe after a few weeks he will figure out it isn’t feasible. Who knows…..
        Plus, with my Dad, getting them in the same place will mean less headaches & juggling.
        The Home health people are an option too.
        We really need to sit down & do some math.

  7. And home…

    Took me nearly eight hours, stopping only twice. I drive around the speed limit for most of the trip, so I don’t understand why it took quite so long.

    Nonetheless, relieved.

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