The un-forecasted rain yesterday morning was too brief to do too much good for WLF. All it seemed to do was crank up the humidity.

I’ve paid BRAG the $300 fee for riding the school bus, so there are only two things of which I can think that will keep me from going to Iowa — death, or a cardiologist’s demand that I not go. I’m not expecting either, but you never know… My expensive consultation with my new PCP at Kaiser tomorrow morning is really just a prerequisite for me to visit a new cardiologist very soon. I don’t want to outlive my money, but I also don’t want to die before I’ve had the opportunity to spend nearly all of it.

My neighbor has informed me that the dead tree will be cut today. I will be an interested bystander watching, hoping that everything is done correctly.

I am going to keep an eye on the temperature later to determine whether or not I will go bike riding. I could use the exercise, but not if it’s brutally hot.

Wordle: three, my starter was RABID
Connections: perfect, Green > Yellow > Blue > Purple

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  1. Hmmm, had to quit Safari on my iPad and just lost all of the (sixty or so) tabs I had open. Oh well, I guess it’s okay to start with a clean slate every few years…

    • Bob says:

      Sixty tabs?!?! How do you even know what you have open? I’m a clean slate guy, shut down every night and start fresh every day. My ADHD would be in overdrive if I had that many tabs.

      • I’m guessing. I continue to add tabs, and many times for sites with recipes I leave open.

        • Barb says:

          I try to keep the tabs on my iPad to about 10 – but sometimes I totally lose them (& it bums me out when it happens, because there was something I wanted to go back to)

  2. Sally says:

    Going to be near 100 tomorrow and boy do we need some rain. But, I guess, on the bright side, I haven’t had to cut my grass!
    I too have paid my money to ride the school bus with a rag tag group of Chattahooligans. Someone should probably check my sanity. Pays your money, take your chances.
    Ran yesterday morning with Janice at the mountain and then a nice walk around the hood with Barb and Allan later that evening.
    My plans for how I get to the Peachtree Road Race are now back on the drawing board as my ride just told me he was backing out of running it and opting to do a long run instead. Does he not value tradition?
    Going to test my creek this morning and then possibly go into work just to do inventory.
    Wordle in 4. Connections: yellow, green, purple, blue.
    Strands will be an easy one for Bob.

    • Yeah, it’s hot hot hot. I ran the sprinklers again this morning for WLF, but the grass grows without any help. I suppose that some day I will have to test the hipster lawnmower after I “repaired” it following my pre-BRAG damage. This morning I had to refill the water trays that I have out for the birds, insects, and occasional squirrel.

      Woo Hoo! We are going to have a great time. (Wait, who typed that? What happened to me?)

      Good luck with your Peachtree plans. I gave up that tradition when my injuries took away my ability to run with any speed and consistency.

      Bob, even if you don’t play Strands you should today. Sally is 100% correct. Lol

    • Bob says:

      I don’t normally play Strands but did today. I think I solved it in 30 seconds 🙂

      Love that everybody is signing up for the crazy train BRAG bus!! Gonna be a great time!

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle FAIL!

    In the office only because we have a tech coming for a repair, then I’ll probably bail and head home- not so much because I’m still (a little) sick, but Debbie sounds like death.

    If you aren’t watching the current Netflix series on the TdF, you’re missing a good one. I get annoyed with the “radio tour” narration stating the obvious, but the in-car cameras and on the bus shots are worth it. There seems to be a lot of my favorite expletive as well. And then there’s the scenery… 2024 TdF starts Saturday!

    I think we ended with over a quarter inch of rain from the brief storm yesterday. I’ll take it.


    • A quarter of an inch would have been welcome. I doubt WLF received half of that.

      Since I made the decision to cancel, Nextflix = Can Not Watch
      Oh well. I am going to be make some more money saving decisions soon: I’m looking at you, Audible.

    • Just read that American Sepp Kuss will not be riding in the TdF this year due to contracting the COVID.

  4. Tree guys have arrived. Let the games begin!

    • Huh, first thing cut was a privet on my side of the fence. I suppose it gives them much better access to the dead tree. And if I am being honest, I have considered cutting the privet down myself so they sorta did me a favor.

      I almost wonder if I should be recording this for insurance purposes…

    • Some day I want to have a good landing area for wood chips in my front yard. Currently there is no was a truck can dump chips without hitting overhead lines, or covering my water meter/cutoff.

  5. I’d sooner starve than do what these people are doing. Holy shit!

    • Barb says:

      is this the 1st time you’ve watched tree guys?
      the climber guy(s) are always amazing.

      are you going to ask them for the mulch?

      • Steve says:

        Be careful what you ask for- you may get more than you could EVER use.

      • No, but this is the first time it’s been this close to my house. I paid guys to take down the big ass dead pine tree and a bunch of privet in 2020, which created the beginnings of WLF. I’ve never seen people tackle a tree this tall however. The dead tree is easily sixty feet tall?

        I have no place for them to dump the chipping. There are too many power lines, trees, and utility items in my front yard.

    • Trying to decide if I should be neighborly and offer some money to my neighbors for this. It benefits us both, them more than me, and the tree is on their property. However no one has ever offered to help me out financially when I had similar work done…

    • Bob says:

      I could watch tree guys work all day. Climbing skills, rope skills, cutting skills, just amazing. I would 100% rather watch them than any sportball game.

      • Haha, I’m sure you would. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t either. I have virtual skin in this game and am trying to figure out how they will take down the sections which hang over my property. They better be taking down the sections that hang over my property too!

    • I wish I knew what type of tree this is/was. I’m sure the chain saws used by these guys have sharp blades, and it has to work really hard to get through the limbs.

      • Steve says:

        Ask them! Now I’m curious.

        You can go down a large Youtube hole watching guys take down trees- AMHIK.

        Which reminds me I have big chunks of long downed tree to slice up before either burning or sending to the landfill. I need to sharpen my big saw’s chains.

      • Barb says:

        there’s always 1 guy (probably not working as hard) that speaks English. Ask him.

        Got anything else for them to do? You might get a deal since they are there.

        My tree mulch guy can dump it almost anywhere, you never know. Or – dump in your driveway – that will make you get a great sweaty workout fast to get it out of the way.

        • The power and phone lines come in over the driveway and are very low. I don’t dare risk having a dump truck leave its load.

          I have some small jobs, and as I’ve mentioned below I took a business card from the boss.

    • This tree removal is going to allow a lot more morning and early afternoon sunlight into WLF. Soon I will have run out of excuses as to why my garden doesn’t produce as well as it should.

      I’ve taken a business card for future considerations.

  6. Barb says:

    Allan is back at the airport doing bike work today, I think all the parts he ordered are almost all installed. But -they didn’t bring over some of the bikes that are kept elsewhere, so it won’t be an all day thing. (he just called me)

    Tonight we are going to the Smyrna Wine Market wine club tasting for Annette & Mark. (they were out of town, but managed to get covid after a cruise, so they are at home & can’t go)
    We get to taste I think 8 different wines & have to pick 4 bottles (can be 4 different ones, 2 & 2 or whatever)

  7. Almost all of the high up limbs have been removed. We are down to the final three. Then, there is a huge trunk, which I don’t know how much of that will be taken away. This tree may have predated Bothe of the houses which it eventually endangered.

  8. Wow, that was an exciting drop. I’m not sure everyone was on the same page for that large section of limb/trunk as it went straight to the ground.

  9. The change in sunshine pattern may convince me to move my compost station to a different location in WLF. Where it stands today may turn into six to eight feet of valuable growing space.

  10. And that’s the ballgame folks! The enormous trunk was just felled. Thankfully no one nor property was hurt or damaged.

  11. Jenka says:

    Exciting about the tree, Paulie! We are about to take down two trees (I mentioned this earlier this month) and we’re not asking the neighbor to help pay even though they benefit greatly. It’s on our property so it’s our responsibility. If that makes you feel better.

    Hello from the Skyclub in B concourse at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson international airport! Off to Denver today for a nerdy work conference. Going with a co-worker and there will also be a large Emory contingent.

  12. A little bit of damage to my chain link fence. Think I can repair it, when it’s not boiling hot outside. Earliest possible time, Thursday morning.

    • Barb says:

      we have repaired chain link fence many times due to branches – Allan has gotten pretty good at it.

      Free Firehouse Sub for Allan – today’s special is names that start with “A”.
      He also get a free drink for being a firefighter – so his part of lunch was covered.

      • Nice (about the sub and drink). The fence seems as if it will be easily repaired. The collar which holds the top tubes together needs to be put back on, and then I need to get some wire to stretch and attach the chain link to the top tubes. Were it not so GD hot when I discovered this, it would already be done.

  13. I just received a notification from Kaiser Permanente telling me that my premium payment will be processed on 6/20/2024. They are not instilling a whole lot of confidence regarding their competence.

    • Steve says:

      Wait. An email? That’s a bad sign on a couple levels. That the software would send it after the fact and that they don’t know that the software is sending it late.

      • They just changed payment systems. Again, this is not a vote of confidence. My credit card shows a payment was made on 6/20, so if they try to screw me I will present that fact to them.

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