Hello, July.

With the sale of the Florida house complete this begs the question “When will I visit Florida again?” , and my answer is “I have no idea.”. I am not a beach goer, and with my mother gone Florida has little to draw me, especially since I have gone there no fewer than six times in the past year. There are many other states, cities, breweries I wish to visit, so it’s time to start checking those off my list.

I’m continuing to monitor the plumbing repair Hank and I did on Friday; so far, so good. In the end we wound up cutting the elbow from the intake, and installing a new elbow, stub pipe, and cutoff valve. A new cutoff valve was needed because the one we installed a month ago seemed to have damaged threads and still let some water seep through. I swear that someone should design a house which allows for easy plumbing and electrical repairs. How hard would it be to install an access panel under a sink, especially when there is a vanity which will would cover such a convenience?

On Friday I had a new visitor to the WLF water trays that I have out for birds (and squirrels) to use for bathing and drinking.
Bird Bath

The Tour de France has begun, but unfortunately this year NBC/Peacock has decided not to offer the International (read “commercial free”) broadcast. So, I will have to suffer with the commercial breaks this year, because you all know just how much I love commercials especially during an election year.

Wordle: five, my starter was TRUNK
Connections: two mistakes, X > X > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

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  1. Sally says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with FANCY. Once I again, I guessed one word from each category on my first guess in Connections. Clean after that: yellow, green, blue, purple.

    Spent the week-end in Hiawassee. Cathy and Bob are excellent hosts. Great food, drink and company. GUTS put on a training run at Jack Rabbit. A couple of the local running clubs from up that way joined us. It was so humid but everyone had fun. Luckily the lake is right there.

    Been watching the track and field Olympic Trials. It’s been crazy with so many records going down. It has been fun to watch.

    Dogsitting Mia and Emma this week.

    • Nice.

      I lost interest in the Olympics some time ago. I think it happened when I realized that the network(s) dedicated so much time on events dominated by the US and constantly interrupted action by showing of “background stories” about athletes.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3! A good day for my starting word.

    I would so prefer the Eurosport announcers, but I guess it’s Bobke and Phil. Christian on the scooter is interesting, but the others are a waste. And who had 2 straight French stage winners?? No one, that’s who!! You can FF past the commercials, but you have to be speed watching.

    I rode (finally) yesterday and felt as bad as expected. So much crap in my lungs still. Only 11 miles, but it was something.

    Watched “Oppenheimer” Saturday evening. I enjoyed it- Debbie thought it was an hour too long. I could see that.

    On to stage 3. Glad Cav didn’t get time cut on stage one.


    • Good on you for getting out on the bike. I used the TdF and heat as excuses not to ride.

      Just spent three hours sweating in WLF. I ate many tiny tomatoes to keep me going as I did whatever cleanup and manual labor that I could before giving up. Just showered and drank a large glass of cold water to bring my core temperature down.

  3. I am amazed how much more morning sun WLF receives thanks to the removal of the large dead tree and the privet tree taken out to facilitate the removal of the large dead tree.

    Today’s WLF “haul”
    – four ripe smaller tomatoes
    – three ripe medium tomatoes
    – three ripening large tomatoes (before the critters eat them)
    – one small zucchini
    – five beautiful jalapeño peppers
    – one beautiful hot banana pepper

  4. Jenka says:

    Happy Monday! I had a very quiet weekend. The most interesting thing was that I made a quiche. Normal work week this week, with the exception of the 4th of July.

  5. Steve says:

    You ain’t missing anything on today’s stage. Finally someone went off the front, but it’s a suicide mission.

    Homegrown peppers sound pretty good.

    • It seemed that today’s stage is one which only need to be watched as they get close to the end.

      I have had good luck with the two plants I bought from Lowe’s earlier this year.

      I’m keeping an eye on my corn and expect to eat some in the near future.

  6. Apparently Martin Mull died a few days ago. It says a lot about my avoidance of the news that I heard about this via the suggestion of videos of him on YouTube.

  7. Jenka says:

    I did Sally’s thing on Connections and my first guess had one from each category (probably the same red herring!) then it was perfect: green > yellow > blue > purple.

    Strands perfect, no whiffs or hints.

  8. Barb says:

    BUSY MORNING – but – maybe I’ll get caught up to play games soon.

    Busy enough weekend –
    Shrimp & grits at home Friday night – came out pretty freakin good.
    Saturday – laid the hash trail with Davey – but then had to leave to go to the Braves game with Enema, Pantywaste & Butt Sucker. Very fun to catch up with them, and Delta 360 seats for the win, Liz & I only lasted 2 innings outside – the AC was the way to go.

    Sunday we did a morning walk – damn it was humid, then lunch with some friends. By the time we got home, we decided to just stay inside, thought about going to someone’s pool, but decided we didn’t even have that much effort.
    Watched Pixar movie Inside Out – I keep hearing a lot about Inside Out 2, so figured maybe I should watch the 1st one. It was a cute Pixar movie.

    • Via Ass We Go’s Strava I saw that you were a hare on Saturday.

      I guess yesterday was also Bastard Day for Black Sheep given the names of the hares I saw for it? Sorry I missed that… Not!

      It was an uncomfortably hot weekend, I’m not sure I could have enjoyed hashing. Being outside walking on Saturday morning before the heat arrived was enough for me.

    • Jenka says:

      Those seats looked awesome! Don’t blame you at all for going into the AC, that’s half the reason why I usually get club seats or I will melt. I am a delicate flower, don’tcha know.

      • Barb says:

        I’ve gotten spoiled, there will be no live baseball for me unless the weather isn’t hot – or there is AC involved. I don’t like baseball enough to suffer in the heat.

        • I don’t go out in the crippling heat much, which is why my WLF work has ended before 11am in recent times.

          I have been sitting in front of fans inside the ITP Estate for weeks!

  9. Kinda amazed that no one has mentioned the photo today. How often does one see a red tailed hawk land so closely and use a tray of water for drinking and soaking its talons?

  10. Bob says:

    Cool Hawk, it is rare to get wildlife photos that close.

    Good times so far in Florida, drive down was normal with Ocala being a shit show as usual 🙂 Boating and wake surfing Saturday and Sunday, water park today and golfing tomorrow. Going to be a miserably hot round (the things we do for our kids) but will be fun. Beach day Wednesday, looking forward to that.

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