Happy 4th of July, all! I’m sure you want to know what I am doing today. 😉

I may be, or may have been, out for a shortish bike ride, twenty or so miles, this morning.

This afternoon I will be meeting up with my drinking buddies, and then heading over to Hank’s new digs for dinner. I’m not a big fireworks person, so if I don’t see any, then that’s okay by me.

Wordle: five, my starter was STOKE
Connections: perfect, Blue > Green > Yellow > Purple

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3 Responses to 2024-07-04

  1. I can’t figure out if I think this new animation used to break down Cavendish’s win yesterday on Peacock is amazing or ridiculous.

  2. After a morning working, and getting frustrated with my weed whacker, in WLF my Bell is full from two WLF ears of corn (steamed in microwave) and a tomato sandwich made with two tomatoes also picked from WLF.

  3. Steve says:

    I just want the record to show I did check in on you today, but just barely.

    Wordle in 4.


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