Yesterday morning I baked another amazing zucchini bread, perhaps the last one for a while since all zucchini plants have been yanked from WLF. I have been tweaking a recipe I’ve used for years and have finally fine tuned to my taste. I’m not going to say this is “healthy” but it uses much less sugar than dictated by the original recipe, I use apple sauce instead of oil, and dried cranberries instead of raisins.

Today I am going back to Marietta to pick up my bicycle. Along the way I will stop at Total Wine to get my payment for the services rendered. I am going to *try* to go for a longish ride tomorrow morning to test it out, and to get in a ride.

Wordle: three, my starter was GRAIN
Connections: perfect, Blue > Green > Yellow > Purple

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  1. Sally says:

    Wordle fail. Connections: y, g, p, b.
    Instead of a walk in the woods with my Women of the Woods crew this morning, we are doing a yoga class. Need to leave here at 7 to get the store open and ready for the gals.
    Hot, humid run last night at Kennesaw. No rain for us.
    Happy Wednesday! Feel free to drop some of that bread off in Marietta! 🙂

  2. I got into something in WLF recently because a couple of spots on my forearms itch annoyingly. Even though it was hot and humid yesterday I wore long sleeves knowing that I’d be rummaging around weeds. Dunno.

  3. Lowe’s has removed the ability to scan your Lowe’s card via the Apple Wallet app. I never understand why companies continue to inconvenience their customers.

  4. Jenka says:

    I was chatting with my co-worker Ellen this morning and found out that she did half of BRAG and is doing RAGBRAI next week. I told her to look out for the Chattahooligans!

    The quiche was such a success with Finn I made another one last night. It’s an easy breakfast to feed him with eggs and protein. He’s so skinny we try to get calories into him!

    • Tell her if she wants to meet us, admittedly probably drinking, she should look for the huge, red BRAG tent by which we will be camping.

      Tomorrow I will describe the concoction that I made this morning. Stay tuned! 🙂

    • Sally says:

      So cool. I hope she meets up with us.

  5. Steve says:

    Good afternoon from Lincoln, NH. We drove up Mt Washington this morning. Really cool and amazing place. 55 degrees at the top with a steady 30 mph breeze. The cloids came down, but not really rain.

    On the way to South Woodstock, VT to look at horse country.

    Question for Jenka- what is the deal with Dunkin Donuts around here? Holy cow, its worse than Waffle House almost.

    Wordle in 4

    – FP

  6. Barb says:

    busy day – juggling work & the parents is a whole lot of busy –
    tomorrow I have to cover for a coworker too – we will see how that goes……..

    Allan survived tubing the Cartacay yesterday- was supposed to be Rohan & Mark – just the 3 of them. Then TJ said he was tubing – no one told Allan that – they didn’t have a tube or a life vest. So – off to Walmart – Luckily TJ didn’t get hurt – the river had a lot of debris – they need a river work party.

  7. Barb says:

    wordle in 3 – lucky 2nd guess Paulie

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