I am a very clean person. I’d say that I am OCD, but having never been diagnosed, nor being a doctor myself, I will stop shy of declaring myself so. Even being of this mindset, there are a few things I wish that I could make/keep dirty.

  • Football – I attended the Lions v. Falcons game today inside the Georgia Dome. It was fun, even in home-team defeat, but the game inside a dome is far too clean. Football is meant to be played outside on grass and dirt field, not indoors on a faux-grass surface.
  • Contacts (formerly known as Phone Books) – I have yet to reach the age where this task is predicated by the death of friends. Tonight’s task will be to eliminate the names (memory?) of women who have informed me that I am not “The One.” Regardless of the reason, I really hate the finality of this task.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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