I’m hungry

Two of my favorite words found on restaurant menus are “breakfast anytime.” I love me some breakfast! Oddly, breakfast is the meal I eat the fewest times, most likely due to the fact that I am always hell-bent on getting into work early. I have always dreamed of calling 8am meetings at a local breakfast establishment forcing my employees to share in my love of the day’s earliest meal.

Breakfast restaurants such as Waffle House and IHOP also violate my rule “Thou Shall Not Eat At Chain Restaurants.” Atlanta has its fair share of non-chain breakfast joints such as The Flying Biscuit, The Majestic Diner, and The Silver Skillet, but these places are usually far too crowded come the weekend to satisfy my “I would like to eat NOW because I am hungry NOW” lifestyle.

Damn, now I’m even more hungry…
Paul [eatl/ga]

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